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An Introduction

Career plans are made every day. They assist in having smooth stages while moving up the ladder career wise. It has been established that people who make their career plans early in life have been able to achieve good results. They are not affected by the immediate changes in their field of professional.  Planning provides benefits for one to identify their either strengths or weaknesses. The reason for planning is to make sure that all the potential you have are exhausted. And in the process, any individual who makes career plans are able to project the future and they become relevant in the field and whatever may happen they are not surprised or they do not get instant setbacks career wise since they may have been anticipated. My professional interest is in marketing. In this paper, I will discuss the methodologies of these field as follows.

Discussion and Analysis

The dream job under this marketing profession is marketing executive. The job description of this executive marketing is that they promote products, services and they also provide the strategies used for marketing purposes. The main aspect that they are involved with in this job is the idea of public relations. They research and identify markets that they convince of what products they provide and create new markets. Marketing executives are also involved in very many aspects of the chains that the products they provide goes through. For instance, they are involved in the design of the product, they are also involved in the organization of events of the companies just to mention but a few. Most of the job that this profession is involved in is quite wide simply because it is very crucial to the company. It is quite evident that their jobs are quite stretched out depending on the size of the firm involved.

The job is fun simply because it involves working in close relations with people. There is the element of meeting with the people and also in the process communicating with the people. After a long time spent meeting the people and talking to them about the product there are a lot of effects that may be realized in either long term or short term period. When these activities are carried out in the market there aim is to try to bring on board very many more customers to increase their sales which consequently improves their revenues and profits which is always the goal of every company.

  The tasks that are assigned to this kind of professions are quite outlined out very well for instance; a marketing executive is tasked to do the following; making of the materials that are used in promotions, creating and designing the budget about marketing, sometimes they are required to create events and also to attend other events that might have been organized by other people, they are also tasked to take care of the press needs, this happens when the press wants people to answer some burning questions that might be existing, the most common and important one is that they are also tasked with conducting researches on the available market of their commodities or products, finally they are also responsible for the evaluation of the campaign strategies that may have been proposed or that they want to use in doing their campaign programmes.  This job as it has been evidently being seen it requires the presence of good skills since it involves direct handling of the public through interactions. The following are skills that are required to handle this kind of job; creative thinking, communication skills, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, attention to details and also problem solving skills.

The career planning methodology about this career is as follows for me:

The first step is to know what I want and how I wish to proceed to offer of what I already know. I will establish the factors that are more important to my career. I will create a picture where I present my priorities and the interests I have at heart in trying to accomplish what I wish to accomplish in this career path. The reason for this is so that I am not able to get stuck whatsoever. I will outline the skills that are required to conquer all the career obstacles that I may face in this job. After that what will follow is the identification of the things that motivates me in trying to achieve the goals I have already set so that I can keep on reminding myself of what I am up against as I try to build my career.

The next step will be to gather the information of what is out there in the real world of employment. The information will include what the market or the nature of the work is all about. The same information collected should also include roughly the number of opportunities out there in a given period of time.

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