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4. 4 Introduction Samsung (Founded in 1938, The South Korean multinational conglomerate company) the leaders in many industries has become another achiever in the smart phones. Samsung is the 7th Most Valued Brand in the world. Its Mobiles has highest market share (21.4%) in world mobile industry (Source: IDC, Aug 2015). “Inspire the world, create the future”, is the mission statement for Samsung's vision for the coming years. Its mission is to provide the world new technology and innovation by being the creative master and inspire the world and create the future”. With this vision, Samsung commits to inspire its communities by taking advantage of its USP's and creative ideas and innovative product line with unique technology. Samsung hopes to contribute a better world and rich experience for all. Also as part of its vision, Samsung has a plan to reach $400 billion in revenue and be classified as worlds' top five brands in 5 years. Samsung's mission is to create its brand and becoming the leader in the industry. Why Samsung Galaxy S6 On April 2015, it launched its Samsung Galaxy S6 as its flagship mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most prestige product in Samsung. It has received orders of more than the predicted demand of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S6 has facilitated boost the market share of Android during three months of its launch. Samsung as a company predicts market needs and demands so that it can drive the brand towards long-term value-creation. The branding strategy and the communication tools used to market Galaxy S6 is unique and worth analyzing. Vision of the project Understanding the Samsung's Communication Strategy and contributing creative inputs for building better brand equity for Galaxy S6.

5. 5 BRAND EXISTING COMMUNICATION PLAN COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVE Samsung Galaxy S6 aims to increase its market share by establishing an image of prestigious brand of smartphones . Furthermore, it also targets customer loyalty and customer retension. TARGETED AUDIENCE & LIFESTYLE Geographic Demographic Psychographic Country: Worldwide Gender: Male and female Social status: Upper Class and Upper middle class Region: Urban Occupation: Businessmen and young professionals Lifestyle: modern fashion, quick life speed, and pursue science & technology POSITIONING OF GALAXY LINE As far as the positioning strategy is concerned, Samsung does it largely by adopting product attributes technique whilst focusing on the Galaxy\'s primary features and how they could be integrated into the user experience. Furthermore, Samsung would also position its product by price. Despite the fact that the phone would be expensive, the goal would be to show that the product is worthy of it and the customer would have a good value for money. BUDGET Resonance Judgement | Feelings Performance | Imagenary Saliance

6. 6 Samsung leaves aside 5 to 6% of their entire budget to the Samsung Galaxy line. The advertising technique that they would employ is payout planning which is defined as the ratio of advertising dollars over their market share. Samsung having a large market share can dedicate more budgets towards advertising and hopefully can further increase their market share. COMPETITORS (FIGURE OF MARKET SHARE) Apple IPhone6 and HTC one are the strongest competitors in this market segmentation and Samsung Galaxy S6 is at the direct competition with these brand names. IPhone 6 as its main rival in terms of product cost. While iPhone has taken the highest market share in this segmentation, Samsung Galaxy S6 tries to do its efforts in taking more market share from iPhone. Above that Samsung creates its own competition by launching each time an improved version with unique selling point and by leaving behind its other models. When compared with IPhone 6, Galaxy s6 has more features to the buyer with improved look, bigger screen (iphone6 4.7”, Galaxy s6 5.1”), more storage (iphone616 gb, Galaxy s6 32 gb), cam quality (iphone6 8mp, Galaxy s6 16 mp) and with more colour options where apple stays with 2 Samsung has 4 colours. It tops the lists with its new design. USP AND SUSTAINABLE COMPETITION OF GALAXY S6 It's a combination of flawlessly beautiful crafted glass and solid precision-cut metal. The appealing look of Samsung galaxy S6 gazes the eyes of the buyer that makes them buy only after seeing it. The 16 mp camera captures the instant crispier and clearer images and provides amazing shots even in low light. Long battery life is again an addition to its specs. 10 minutes of charging can give a 4 hours of usage, which means one time charging can let you watch a full 3 hours movie. For this next generation, Galaxy s6 has a next generation processor, 3D gaming or heavyweight multi-tasking is an add-on. Ultimate power efficiency is a plus. In Addition for the first time Samsung has introduced the wireless charging options means no additional cover or accessories are needed when charging with wireless charging pads. Galaxy S6 is compatible with two main wireless charging standards (WPC and PMA). The new S Voice recognizes your voice commands right away, and launches apps in seconds a one Shot Command which helps in simplifying the routine for individuals. Another unique feature has been introduced by Samsung Galaxy s6, here, you can make the payment with no hassles as it's fast, secure and convenient. You can also sync your TV and can share content across screens. Likewise Samsung galaxy s6 other luring features i.e. mobile security from virus and hacking, apps for your fitness, gaming, various themes for your screen etc.

7. 7 BRAND ELEMENTS For Samsung Galaxy S6, all of the six criteria for good brand elements are essential. Because Samsung Galaxy S6 will be sold globally and it want to be the No.1 choice of its target customers, and Samsung is one of the most famous brands in the world. The tagline used by Samsung for Galaxy S6 -“Next is now”, meaning that the future is already here makes fun of Apple's promotional fan-boy aspect. It shows that it is ridiculous to wait for long hours in a queue for a phone that is solely based on its brand. The Apple iPhone 4s was hyped about so much by their fans but was almost a disappointment when it was nearly the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 4. The phone also is personalized so that the user can make it applicable to their life and use it to benefit their own lifestyle. Samsung\'s advertisement focuses primarily on slice-of-life advertising. This takes a snapshot of the user\'s life and shows how the phone can be incorporated into that life. While adopting this method, the message also shows demonstrations of the product and how the product is being used. Simultaneously, the commercial would also be informing the potential consumer about the product through these demonstrations. Packaging is also known as a 5th P of Marketing. If the package is well designed and continues to carry out the message, the consumer will feel better about purchasing that product. The package would focus less on the carriers and more on Samsung\'s line. EXSISTING DIFFERENT TOOLS& CHANNELS & MEDIA OVERVIEW Brand Element Memorable Meaningful Transferable Adaptable Protectable Likeable

8. 8 Before Galaxy S6 launched at market, Samsung had begun their marketing campaign. As a big international company like Samsung, they took many tools, different channels and media to promote their latest product. You can see their advertisements including videos and pictures all of your country, and their supported some films, like Avengers 2, which is a product placement. Furthermore, their latest campaign outside Apple stores is also a very interesting strategy. They took abundant marketing campaigns globally. Their advertisements showed in almost all of traditional tools like TV, newspaper, what's more, you can see many billboards and posters all over the city, like the metro station and some landmark buildings. They also introduced the Showcase Shelters at some bus stops in Netherland (in 15 different locations) with the press- button, passers could take a sneak preview of the smartphone. These showcase shelters created a huge fan following and was a successful campaign as they attracted a lot of consumers by showing them the latest technology Samsung uses. It was a good start of the campaign to promote its “Next is Now” motto. In Bangladesh, Samsung in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank, introduced a campaign of exchange offer. The idea behind to allow their customer to buy this new technology on credit at the same time get a discount on their old phones. On top if the customer carries Standard Charted credit cards they get a 10% cashback with 12 EMI offers. Moreover, Samsung took many non-traditional tools and channels. For example, in China, Galaxy S6 has several endorsements including pop-star, writer and athlete, which enhanced their influence among all of these fields and reduced the risk of celebrity endorsement.

9. 9 MEDIA: TRADITIONAL TOOLS Samsung focuses on several different types of media using their marketing message. Their overall message is to be consistent throughout the different outlets of media. By using different types of media, their goal is to be able to increase their reach i.e. the count of the audience seeing their advertisements and frequency i.e. the no. of times people view the same. In this manner, Samsung is able to better segment their audience and reach their target audience specifically. Samsung also uses traditional media such as television, radio, and print advertisements incorporating them in new ways. TELEVISION Television, while not as powerful as before, is still used heavily in the marketing mix. Advertisements are given 30 seconds to stream their product and its usage. The introduction of DVRs have given consumers the ability to fast forward through commercials. Samsung uses more entertaining commercials at instances when their target audience would most likely be watchin. Since younger people generally get home from school or work in the mid-afternoon, watch prime-time TV at night, and often stay up late, those would be the main hours when Samsung advertises. Samsung would keep away from early morning, rush hour, and daytime television because young users are generally not awake or at home during those times. Samsung also advertises during popular TV shows that their target audience is likely to watch. These shows consists of prime-time television shows, reality shows, sports, and late-night comedy. One of the newer innovations that is used to combat fast-forwarding through commercials are On-Demand channels. When cable networks give users the opportunity to watch some of their favorite shows at any point, the fast-forward feature is often disabled as a trade-off for choosing what to watch and when. Samsung would use that medium as well to ensure their commercials are viewed. Furthermore, Samsung also pays for their products to be used within television shows and movies by using product integration. While the effects of product

10. 10 integration do not translate to immediate sales, it does create a more favorable brand attitude towards the product if used by characters that viewers identify with. RADIO Radio is used to focus the message to consumers locally. Samsung uses radio to reach users on their way to work or any other time when they are travelling by car. Furthermore, Samsung reaches their young audiences by playing their commercials on radio stations that youngsters are more likely to listen to. Samsung advertises through Pandora and other sites to ensure their advertisements go heard by those with free accounts. PRINT MEDIA Magazines are used to further segment Samsung\'s target audience. They tend to be divided by gender. Women are more likely to read fashion, make- up, women\'s health, women\'s lifestyle and gossip magazines. Men are more likely to read magazines focused on sports, men\'s health, men\'s lifestyle, men\'s fashion, and those that show provocative pictures of women. Some people keep magazines and share them with their friends, increasing reach. Newspapers are used to reach a national or a local audience. Samsung puts local ads out in local newspapers to enhance their reach. OTHER INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION TOOLS INTERNET

11. 11 Samsung utilizes the internet in various ways. By managing a website, users can go directly to it to find news and information about the product. Samsung also advertises on other websites such as news websites and search engines. They also play their advertisements in videos that play on YouTube and Hulu, which users can no longer skip. Facebook is used to build a community through message boards or feedback with comments and messages. Twitter users can follow the Samsung Twitter pages for updates about their phone or to provide feedback. WEBSITE Samsung\'s website is a place where consumers can go to find out more information about Samsung\'s products. Samsung\'s website also provides the information that consumers are looking for and provides a good navigational flow from page to page. The website also provides an easy way for Samsung to sell their product. Their website includes a homepage, the Galaxy line, individual pages for each phone model, store locator, an online community, help & support, and a reward zone. HOME PAGE Samsung's homepage is visually appealing and helps the consumer obtain the information he is looking for. He can play a video advertisement for a featured phone. The home page also has links to all their other product pages. GALAXY LINE The Galaxy Line page features all the phones that are on the Galaxy Line. This eliminates any sort of confusion that can be caused by a consumer being unsure if a Samsung phone had the Galaxy quality or not. Samsung organizes this page by providing filters to manage the products. These filters are based on carrier, how new the phone is, what types of features the phone has, and based on price. STORE LOCATOR

12. 12 The store locator shows different types of stores that market the Galaxy line. The recommended stores include the carrier stores and stores that have all brands such as Best Buy and Radio Shack. It also includes the prices that these stores are offering the different phone models. The store locator is also used to find phone repair stores. SAMSUNG BRAND ARCHITECTURE AND BRAND STRATEGY Samsung Galaxy Series shadows a Line extension strategy for the Galaxy Series. Line extension has image carryover effect and spillover effect from advertising. Communication investments are efficiently used to market more products. The marketing of the entire Galaxy S series is emphasized on Television commercial advertisements to get the spillover effect. Samsung Galaxy S6 makes use of the tagline “Next is Now”. The tagline signifies that the product would cater to the needs of the future. It also would signify that the brand is innovative, consumer friendly and markets good products. CREATING RED OCEAN TO BLUE OCEAN IN MEDIA In addition to TV and magazines, Samsung has used other forms of Competitive media. They use the Internet through their website which features all of their Galaxy S6. They have a couple of Facebook and Twitter pages that give information about their products. Samsung\'s advertisements are also played heavily through video sites such as YouTube. However, we haven't seen Samsung Galaxy S6 being actively involved on the e-commerce platform nor have they focused on customer retention through Internet. The eventual goal would be to incorporate Samsung Galaxy 6 into the life of its target audience such that these users would become brand-loyal to the Samsung Galaxy line and in the process, would anticipate the arrival of the next model, Samsung Galaxy S7 that would be Up-next. The Galaxy logo appears on several places such as t-shirts and that becomes a status symbol for the brand. The objectives to accomplish these goals would be to make Samsung the market leader. This could be done by increasing the sales of Samsung, whilst on the other hand decreasing that of Apple\'s. Another, objective could be to encourage repeat

13. 13 purchases so that consumers are constantly upgrading their old Galaxy phone with a new Galaxy phone. This would create a loyal fan base of the Galaxy line. The final objective is to make the Galaxy brand a cultural symbol.

14. 14 BRANDING STRATEGIES Samsung reaches its goals and objectives by showing how the Galaxy line can be incorporated into the user\'s life. This is done with cerebral and emotional appeals. The cerebral side shows features and the value whereas the emotional side demonstrates the manner in which those features connect the user with their values by exhibiting how the phone already fits in with their life and their core values. Samsung Galaxy S6 follows a Line extension of this amazing series. MARKETING MESSAGE The message has designed to keep current users who appreciate their phone and its powerful specifications. The advertisements keep them from bemoaning their purchases and encouraging purchasing that phone when they are due for their next upgrade. Samsung modifies its message to obtain new users by concentrating on how it turns into their exclusive lifestyle. Samsung will accomplish this by using the multi-line extension approach that features the characteristics about the Galaxy S series that are significant in the consumer\'s life. BRANDING The Galaxy line is a brand extension of Samsung's mobile brand. Samsung wants to build brand equity by differentiating their Galaxy line from other brand manufacturers. When consumers think of Samsung, they want them to think of quality and specifications and hence, they build the brand up according to the consumer's lifestyle and features. Samsung incorporates a graphic element of a galaxy to their visual brand logo so that it could more easily be recalled by customers. Product Life Cycle

15. 15 Currently Samsung Galaxy S6 is in the Growth Stage. In this stage the Samsung keep established price point and continue to regulate the price, supply, and demand of the product as a result of consumer acceptance. Companies will look to marketing research and gather consumer statistics to understand consumer behavior, buying patterns, and to determine how the product can be transformed to meet customer needs and extend the life cycle of the product. Samsung Galaxy S5 has reached the maturity stage and will soon start declining sharply as soon as Galaxy S7 is launched. Samsung Galaxy S6 has more colors and more mobile content to increase the product life cycle. However, there has been a drip in the sales of S6 after the launch of IPhone 6S. Samsung Smartphones has a shorter product cycles as it has multiple product launches to the similar target audience. Thus, the Samsung's product has greater market cannibalization. Market cannibalization is when sales of one particular product decreases due to the launch of another product from the same company i.e. Samsung. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S6 impacts the sale of other series of Galaxy S Series like S5, S4 and S3. Thus, the introduction of the new product in the series should be considered after evaluating the product life cycle in depth.

16. 16 NEW COMMUNICATION TOOLS With the intergration of old tools the following are few communication tools samsung can use :  GUERRILLA AND AMBUSH MARKETING Samsung Can Effectively use Guerrilla Marketing to increase recognition of the logo and its product. It can be targeted in the cities where 4G will be released. Samsung could give away apparel with the Samsung Galaxy Logo on it. These items include shirts, hats, stickers, pillows and blankets. For Example: Samsung sent a team of representatives to parade outside the Regent Street Apple Store with promotional flags advertising the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ ( They distributed pillows and blankets to all Apple customers who were waiting outside the Apple Store to see the New IPhone 6S. The pillows and blankets had tags #nextisnew and was in blue color. Such application of Guerrilla Marketing can be done often. This creates a brand impact on the minds of the viewers, employees, and also gives an opportunity to have free media publicity. Thus, a small creative act like this can create a BIG Impact on the brand.

17. 17 SPONSORED CONSUMERS AND DATABASE Sponsored Consumers are helpful to the campaigns because Samsung has reached these consumers who have become fans of the product and genuinely enjoy using the phones and can hopefully convince others to do the same. Using its database and finding people based on age (in target audience) and purchase history, these sponsored consumers can be asked to share their story through a variety of media. These include television commercials, trade shows, radio, and social networking. These sponsored consumers can be rewarded with more points in the reward program and be given free guerilla marketing apparel as well. Thus, this is a great tool for integrated marketing that can leverage all media activities. The database can be used to further customize whom the phone is marketed to. We can get information when people sign up for new phones through the lengthy process. The information that Samsung would connect would be names, contact information such as phone number, email address, and address. If they sign up online, Samsung can track how many times the logged on or checked in on the site. This database would also keep track of the purchases with a transaction history. Using this information, Samsung can further customize their marketing plan to further segmented groups. They can send information about accessories to new customers to encourage them to keep purchasing Samsung products. TRADE SHOWS AND IN-STORE PROMOTION Trade shows can create excitement for many new phones. Many phone reviewers come to trade shows to see what the trends are in mobile devices and see what

18. 18 phones will be coming out in the near future. These trade shows would be a good venue to reach consumers who are specifically in the market for the phone. Even if they are not looking to purchase a phone at that time, they may be looking just to get educated about which phone they want. If Samsung can rise above the competition and create a unique, high quality phone, then it may be more noticed. The phone may also reach consumers who already purchased a Samsung but are looking just to confirm that they made the right decision and are still happy. Even for those who did not attend the show, many phone reviewers post these videos on YouTube so that consumers at home can get a glimpse of future phones. The in-store advertising would have posters and video advertisements of the product. This would help reach an audience that they may not have reached through any of their other advertisements. The most important part of the in-store promotion would be a demo product. This would allow the consumer to see and use the product. This can further solidify the consumer\'s mind so that they know that they will not have a problem using this phone or convince consumers that they would enjoy this phone. It shows consumers first hand how the product can be used and the powerful specifications.

19. 19 Other Non-Traditionaltools for Integration with TraditionalTools  Product placement - Since the popularity of TV serials / series are becoming more and more popular among the new generation, e.g. Netflix TV series in India and Europe and South Korea culture increases, more and more Korean dramas, TV series, even movies have been spread world-widely, Samsung can use the product placement option in the following years in order to gain more popularity. People likes to follow their ideals yet can be attracted. More and more scenes could show up with the characters using with Samsung smartphones hinting that the intimacy of handoffs in daily life.  Buzz marketing - Samsung has an opportunity to use buzz marketing through posting to the ‘unboxing' articles in blogs. Introduction of product is also important. Bloggers can indicate why buyers should choose Samsung and differentiate themselves from other competitors. It can also instruct buyers to understand which product by the We can further make a video clip by testing mobile devices. With the demonstration of Samsung galaxy S6, the company can win confidence by existing consumers and attract more new consumers.  E-marketing – Creative emails with relevant content and specifying the target audience can be useful. A campaign that can deliver the right information to the respective customer.  Online advertising - Samsung can conduct small video clips of commoners using their smartphones and sharing their experiences/ feedbacks and air it on internet platform such as YouTube. Free upload to the platform can save enormous amount of advertisement fee. Besides, YouTube has big market share of online viewer market. It's a good channel to access massive viewers and potential customers. Another strategy to go on online marketing is

20. 20 cooperate with the platform. Since there is around five to 10 seconds lead time in the beginning of video play on YouTube, show up a short teaser may be a good idea to provoke viewers' interest.  Sponsoring events: As the market for Samsung Galaxy s6 is very niche, Samsung can put in money in sponsoring some events like Fashion shows or Awards ceremony which directly attract the live spectators, active participants, media followers.  Viral marketing: Its another way of creating a buzz “word or mouth” but on internet. Making an animated short video/ or awareness video and putting it online has become a new trend. There are many such marekitng campaigns has become a viral HIT e.g GoPro, Hero in Action  Online contests and sweepstakes: Through online contests and sweepstakes, Samsung can set up a series of campaign such a helping Samsung to figure out their To put in nutshells, there are more and more communication tools emerge and have the possibility in commercial usage. twitter, Facebook, snapshot may be great tools to interact with potential customers; however, everything is a double-edged sword. The usage of communication tools have pros and cons. Samsung Galaxy S6 is regarded as high class product. Misuse of communication tools can lead a negative image on the product. Over-publicity may also make Samsung Galaxy S6 looks cheap. How Samsung conduct the tools properly and prevent from over-exposure is an art of communication. Impact Of Integration of New with Old Tools After discussing communication tools we have examine why we have to communicate with customers. Basically, Marketing communications are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers - directly or indirectly - about the product and brands that they sell. In a sense, It represents the ‘voice' of the band and means by which it can establish relationships with consumers. How do we increase brand knowledge and differentiate from other competitors are two main goals of communications. Marketing communications activities contribute to brand equity by creating awareness of the brand, linking the right associations to the brand image in customers' memory, eliciting positive judgments or feelings, and facilitating connection between customers and brand. Though Samsung has conducted various communication tools, it has to emphasis the importance of good integration in both traditional tools and non-traditional tools. Integrating communication tools can leverage Samsung's brand equity.

21. 21 Why we have to integrate traditional and nontraditional marketing tools? Since every customer have different touching point to know about the brand. For example, Samsung has to integrate its communications tools with its consumer's journey. In traditional communication tools, when Samsung's potential customer after looking the advertisement on TV, even from the billboard on the way going home, they may want to see further information about Samsung Galaxy S6. They may check the forums online, perhaps reading some comments and opinions through their social medias, then went to the real stores for consulting about the products. During the whole customer journey, consumers keep absorbing information about how the brand is. Integration of Communication Tools and Media builds greater brand equity. It helps to establish differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing. Integration of traditional and non-traditional tools creates high level of awareness, favorable, and unique brand associations in memory of the consumers. No matter in advertising, sales promotion, events or experiences, every brand contact delivers an impression that can strengthen or weaken a customer's view of the brand. Each communication tool should be integrated to deliver a consistent message and achieve the strategic positioning. Conclusion Samsung is the market leader in the Smartphone Era. In order to continue to be on the top it has to use creative tools as mentioned in the report and integrate them well. Samsung should test the effectiveness of their commercials before they actually launch. They could do this with Internet testing, sending the video to a few randomly selected audience members and asking them to rate it. In post-production evaluation, if there is an increase in sales, Samsung must determine if it was caused by the advertising or by other factors. Samsung can evaluate quickly over the Internet with page views. For banner advertisements they can use dwell-rate and dwell-time that specify how many times and how long they were on the website. It can also test how many consumers clicked onto the website from a banner. Samsung can test the effectiveness of their campaign by also seeing how close they were to their objectives. Samsung Galaxy S6 has to increase its awareness, perceived quality, associations and loyalty. We are confident that with the tools explained in the report, Samsung can achieve its objectives.

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