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The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the critical evaluation of the value of Creativity using four theories and showing the significance of theories and their benefit to organizations. Furthermore, link between Creativity & Innovation is explained. Value of Creativity & Innovation in marketing is demonstrated later. identify and elaborate the importance of creativity in respect to the growth of then business.

    The current systems of doing business requires creativity and innovation to keep in track with the changing business transactions. With the world being viewed as the global village, it has been greatly been attributed by the quest of the entrepreneurs to embrace creativity in the business. To start with creativity can be defined as the use of imaginations or ideas to produce quality and artistic work. Innovation on the other hand is process of introducing something new unique from others in the market (Rozik, 2002). This is pegged to building of the already existing ideas by finding other ways of solving the problems. It has been associated with providing of the answers to most of the pressing issues in the society. Creativity go hand in hand with innovation.  We can therefore define innovation as the act of creating new things or ideas which have not been existence before. The two are compliment of each other and their combination can results to excellent outcome.

    Application of the two have seen the growth and development of most of the organization enabling them to stay ahead of the competitors. Business organization which have incorporated creativity in the work place have come up with various ways to handle the organizational hurdles which leave most of the companies in desolate condition. With the improved use of the two, it creates a good platform where the companies can be able to advertise their products and even attract more customers (Bulkeley et al., 2009). The tricky market requires right thinking and studying the current market by doing a serious evaluation and making succinct decisions. The report was written owing to the concern of the marketing manager identifying a gap in the creativity of the operations of the company.

Theories of creativity and their values

Creativity theories are good basis which enable people to study and incorporates the ideas of the theorist in the organization. They create a good basis under which the employees can emulate to start solving issue in a major structured manner rather than relying purely on their thinking. Embracing the ideas of other people is a good practice which can be used as a gauge and redefine the goals of the organization (Goldenberg et al., 2002). Without understanding the basic theories of creativity, it could be hard to face the difficult situations which are sometimes experienced the work place.  The value of this theories are explained in the following paragraphs giving the linkage with the place of work. They are guiding factors towards making outright and correct ideas which are needed to sustain in the changing global market.

⎫ Psychoanalytical Theory of creative thinking

    Embedding creativity in the organization portrays appreciation of the current form of business. When this theory is fully taken into practice, more benefits are experienced in the organization than it can be fathomed. The effect is that the employees grows professionally as well as their personal traits develops. People are able to make their own decisions without waiting for the guidance from the top management reducing the time wastage. The consequence of this is that high quality products are tailored as well as increasing the supply of goods and services. Creating a culture in the business where it is favorable to business functioning is a marketing strategy by itself. The image of the business will be greatly improved.  This can be achieved if the management is ready to allow creativity in the organization or else, the business will not realize the benefits of creativity and innovation.

    This theory was developed by Freud and Jung. They are the proposers of the theory and argues that the circumstances and the environment in which someone is passed through influences his or her creativity. According to this theorist, when one is passed through a difficult situation, he or she is able to think hard and ideally comes up with a solution of the problem (Hendrix et al., 2010). The problem evokes the emotions of the person and looks for means in which to alienate from the same. Placing this in our context, you find that it has a great influence in the business situation. It can have as many positive implications when clearly and well involved in the business set up. One of the value which this theory can bring if well applied is that it will help the organization to grow as a whole. When people are exposed to harsh and challenging conditions, they understand that nothing comes easy (Rozik, 2002). They will be forced to work hard and deliver quality work in order for them to be remunerated. Consequently, the organization will grow tremendously with time.

    Secondly, the environment created in the business organization influences the way people think and handle their issue. By allowing the workers to solve their own problems without much indulgence from the management has given them an upper hand in developing their careers. An employee who constantly seeks to consult from the colleagues before engaging the senior management on the issue stands a better chance to grow in terms of professional and even the personality (Runco, 2007). Such a scenario whereby the employees are given chance to solve their problems helps them to understand some of the ethics which are crucial in any organizational structure.

   With the increased desire to dominate the market, it is essential for the organization to adopt the method of posing challenges to the workers with the intention to grow them rather than to torture them. It should therefore be done in a manner which is friendly instead of subjecting them to unnecessary torture. They will grow emotionally and even manage the properties of the organization with little supervision (Tan, 2007). The organization will benefit from quality input from the employees who will find ways to solve their issues in a less tedious manner. The overall change will be identified easily since the continued growth of the business will be evident.

⎫ Behavioristic theory

The theory asserts that creativity is learnt from other people. From the argument of the theorist, they base their stand on the fact that one can be influenced by another person to be creative. It is not an internal thing but it puts more emphasis on the outward behavior depicted by the people. The behavior of other employees significantly impact the way other employees will behave. If the culture of the organization is strongly based on creativity and gathering new ideas, the new employees will respond by delivering quality services as well. According to this theory, much is learnt through embracing what others are doing (Tobe, 2012).

   This theory asserts the need for the organization to ensure they create good culture which portrays good image from outside. With that, people will get into the trend of what was inculcated in the organization. Moreover, the employees will grow each other. You find that an employee who has been consist been finding solutions to the problems in the organization will teach others to follow suit (Vartanian et al., 2013). The resultant effect is that they will end up creating a pool of experts and creative thinkers who can sit and discuss important matters concerning the organization. Additionally, the professional performance of the employees will be improved. Behaviorism is great strength on the side of the business. It is associated with the accuracy of the data and stands strong in ensuring that the work done is perfect. As alluded earlier, this theory tries to concur with the teamwork. It solely relies on the individual colleagues to guide the rest in helping them gets the analytical and critical skills which are required in the business. The handling of information and the rate at which information is processed speed up the activities of the business helping it to stay ahead and in business arena (Hendrix et al., 2010). A crucial theory to add in any organization since it helps the workers to have the notion of developing one another. Un-unified work experience results to poor delivery and sometime results to lose of essential assets of the organization.

⎫ Humanistic creativity theory

This theory was put across by Maslow. According to him, he believes that creativity is nurtured and is based on genes. He confirms that for one to creative, he or she must possess the right training which will assist the person to make decisions which are valid. He further disagree with the rest of the theorists who believes that creativity can be influential (Tan, 2007).  In consequence, he says that the process of creativity has stages from primary to secondary stage and has to be sequential. This theory puts across the importance of appreciating the influence that the education has in developing the creativity skills.

   It ensures that people can have the right skills in the professions which they practice in. basing to the theory said, one gets to be creative by continued learning process. One has to feed the mind with the right data in order to be able to engage in creative thinking (Bulkeley et al., 2009). Otherwise, the solutions arrived at will be unrealistic since without education, much of the ideas will be untested. This helps the organization to have candidates who are qualified for the task applied for. Instances of incompetenciies will be eliminated improving the output of the company.

   The employees will also feel in the right professions and will deliver their services without fear. Untrained employees feel insecure to deliver tasks and always will not deliver well. To avoid such situations, the only way the organizations can do is to ensure proper placement is done. Vacancies in the organizations should be filled with the candidate who meets the requirement (Goldenberg et al., 2002).  Humanistic theory has been in practice in most of the organizations where quality is the guiding factor. More seriousness is taken when selecting the employees to avoid duplication of work or even allocating the job to the incompetent person. If the basis of this theory is well understood, the organization will have greater profits and grow its workers mentally.

⎫ Addiction theory

Put across by Collins and Lapp. According to this theory, it asserts that addiction to some activities such as drinking alcohol can necessitate the creative ideas. This comes in the sense that as addicts tries to fight the addiction, he or she finds something to do in order to alleviate from the alcohol. The argument placed here is that what triggers the creativity is not alcohol, but that desire to avoid the activity of drinking (Rozik, 2002). We find that in work place, we have people who are addicted to different drugs. Some are known for serious alcohol taking while others have some activities which waste their precious time which could be used to generate helpful ideas. The employees are the important assets for any business. They require to well taken care of and valued in the business to enhance better performance. If the business organizations such as Precur appreciate the theory put across, it can gain more from the employees who can generate more ideas to grow it.

   On the side of the employees, they would reshape in terms of their personality improving their service delivery. Engaging the employees in activities which will make them busy and forget the weird behavior will bring a slot of insightful input into the company. This can be done by involving particular activities which are essential for the growth of the organization (Tan, 2007). For example, the management can delegate part of the work to employees such as suggesting the improvement which should be made to the business. Such a task will involve them and find no time to waste. Moreover, setting of tight deadlines to accomplishment of the tasks allocated will curb the wastage of time (Hendrix et al., 2010). By doing so, potential of the employees will be tapped and be utilized in the right manner. This is where the addiction theory takes into play and assist to rectify the behavior of the people. The interesting bit is that it rectify the traits and at the same time building the organization and personal branding.

   The four theories that have been discussed have a greater role in the organization set up of any, kind. Creative thinking is required in day to day operations of the business. This has been attributed by the changing way of conducting businesses. People are valuing the basics of the creativity theories since they set the pace in solving conflicts in the organization. Furthermore, understanding these theories assist the management to improve the skills of the employees probably by organizing seminars or even paying for refresher courses. Creativity is the core of business sustainability in the market place (Runco, 2007). Failure to swim in the creativity world might render a business obsolete. The global technological advancement has made it an essential characteristic for any organization to have a strong bench of experts who can views ideas in a more philosophical manner than the surface observations.

Link between the four theories and their benefits to organization  

Well, the four theories which have been discussed have a significant role in the organization if the employees and the management get exposed to them. They all cover the personality part of the human being and all of them concur on one fact. They agree that the working environment have a direct impact on the output received by the organization.  They give rich information regarding creativity and innovation which the business requires in order to thrive in the business world. With psychoanalytical dealing with environment exposed to, behavioristic on the adapted behavior, humanistic on learnt skills and addiction on certain addictive behavior, the four can be applied to bring creativity in the organization. When the four are combined, they help the organization to have a team of experts who can create new products which beats the competitors in the market. With this, the organization experiences growth in all dimensions and hence makes more profit. Moreover, the organization dominates the market due to unique products.  

Link between Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation have been used interchangeably in the current world of business. There has not been a clear distinction between the two words because you find that one cannot occur without the other. However, these two words are not synonymous. Some people normally say that you have to be creative in order to be innovative. Other will argues that without one have has to be innovative to be creative (Vartanian et al., 2013). Both perspectives are okay. There exist no clear cut to give a distinction between creativity and innovation. It has to be understood that every person has the potential to be creative. It is beyond the normal thinking that a creative person makes the artistic thing and is perfect in things like painting, drawing and others. For sure, it supersedes that level. Every person was born with a certain degree of creativity in such a way that he or she can be able to ascertain what is good and bad. This is the kind of creativity we are interested on. The process of attaining innovation or creativity has to be linked to either one of it.

    If we look at a case study of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Company. He came up with a noble idea of creating new things which could not be perceived by any other person in the business. Coming up with an iPhone was an idea which depicted a well thought move. We classify him as creative for making a breakthrough in that area. As an organization, apple can be described as innovative. This is due to the rate at which they produce products with desirable characteristics and readily acceptable by the customers.  With the clarification of then two concepts, the two terms cannot be separated and have to work together.

Value of creativity and innovation in marketing

Creativity has more benefits when it comes to marketing of the products of the company. As it has been said earlier, creativity enhance production of high quality products. These products are easily acceptable by the customers and makes it easy for the company to sell it products to more customers. High quality products is a strategy to market the products since customers spread the good news regarding then product (Bulkeley et al., 2009).

   The organization gains more customers in consequence. Additionally, the image of the company is well branded in the image of the people. If the company has created a good name in the market, the cost of marketing will be very low compared to the competitors. This lowers the operating cost and hence makes more profit (Rozik, 2002). To evaluate the performance of creativity in the market, the customers feedback can be evaluated.


In conclusion, failure to put processes that supports creativity in the organization, creativity will virtually be of no use. Systems have to be there to support the same in order to achieve the desired results. It is difficult to attain an innovative organization if creativity is not nurtured. Understanding the relationship between creativity and innovation, followed by unleashing creativity capital results to success of an organization. The slogan is Liberate Creativity, allow innovation flow.


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