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Practical Test


1. You will require answering directly under each question above.

2. Text formatting & neat presentation of this document along with the answers will give you additional points during test evaluation

3. You will be timed from the moment this test reaches your inbox. Reply to the email quickly by attaching this sheet along with your answers

4. Your evaluation will be based upon Logic & Reasoning, Content, Comprehension, Prompt thinking, Creativity, Browsing Skills & Basic Math

5. There is no right or wrong answer – The test is created exclusively to learn if you are the right candidate for Mindstorm. Kindly do not leave any questions unanswered


You are free to use the Internet!

You are free to answer, hook or by crook!

All the Best!


1. You are carrying all your interview application documents along with identity proofs & are currently having lunch at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai (Approx 40 mins from our Office). The HR of Mindstorm calls you & asks you to drop all documents you shared during the interview process along with identity proofs at our Malad Office within the next 20 mins. How would you do it? What will you ask/tell the HR

- My objective of the conversation with the HR will be to reason him/her out. I would begin by explaining my situation, and will politely ask for 20 more minutes' grace. I will then leave the restaurant immediately, while still on the call with the HR, and try to reach Malad as fast as possible. On arrival, I will express my apologies, and submit all the required documents.

2. You are managing ‘Angel Broking', a financial brand & there appears to be no special promotions. What would you update on the Brand Page for that day?

- In such a case, I will try and work around interactive posts related to finance, with the objective to increase page interaction.

3. You manage the Brand Page of a 5 Star property in Mumbai. You have to promote the Bengali Food Festival running at the Hotel on Monday, Customized Cakes Offering on Tuesday, Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner on Wednesday, High Tea session on Thursday, Weekend Karaoke Nights on Friday, Sunday Brunch on Saturday & a generalized update on Sunday. Write all the 7 updates below which are limited to 140 letters each.

- Relish some of the scrumptious & succulent creations from our chef to celebrate the taste & aroma of Bengali cuisine. #BengalFoodFestival

- Indulge your fondness for cakes as you bite into the delectable customised cakes by our chef. Call 123 for reservations. #CakeUpYourTuesdays

- Dig into the scrumptious turkey with us on this Thanksgiving to express gratitude to your loved ones\' with luxury at XYZ. #HappyThanksgiving

- Enter into the exclusive world of #XYZHighTeaSession, and let our chefs take you on a scrumptious journey of beautiful cuisines.

- Sing to your heart\'s content, applaud to encourage, bring out the best of yourself this Friday because it\'s time for #WeekendKaraokeNights!

- Enjoy a great Sunday with a laid back #SundayBrunch at Hotel XYZ. Reserve your table to relish the taste of flavoursome little pies.

- This Sunday enjoy the evening scenes with a delicious Indian meal by the Sea or relax with your favourite drink with a novel in hand! #TheXYZLife

4. Fleur burger costs about $10,000 & is the Worlds most expensive burger. It is created at one of the finest restaurants in the world called ‘La Pain'. If you were the Digital Marketing Manager for their Brand Page, How would you write content in 140 Characters? (Tip: Use a combination of Image & Description to create your ‘Content Update' of 140 characters)

Image: (A picture of the Burger with just 3 words on it & the brand logo) Zesty | Meaty | Savory

Update Copy: Indulge in the magnificent taste of meaty burger to delight your taste buds like never before. Visit for culinary bliss!

5. Ms. Sarah Palin stood to become the Vice President of America. If she did become the VP, she would have become the 1st woman to take such a responsibility. If you were to create a headline for this news piece in a way that your readers read it & share it, what would your headline be?

- Sarah Palin, first woman to become the Vice President of America

- America's first woman Vice President – Sarah Palin

- Sarah Palin makes it as the first woman Vice President of America

- Sarah Palin, an extraordinary woman, is America's first woman Vice President!

6. If 10 people like the update you shared on behalf of a brand on Facebook, an approximate of 200 people would have seen the update. If 25 people like your post, about 500 people would have seen your update. If 50 people like your post, about 1000 people would have seen your update if 100 people like your post, about 3000 people who have seen your update. If 175 people like your post, what is the approximate visibility in terms of users reached for that update?

- If 175 people like the brand's post, then the approximate reach should be around 5200.

7. You manage a brand who's prime objective is After Sales Support via Twitter. The client's team requires the customer contact number or complaint number to solve any problem at the earliest. Requesting contact numbers from customers in social media publicly is avoided by the brand to protect customer's privacy. However a brand can request customers their contact number via a private message. A brand's customer came to seek help on an issue of delayed delivery at 11pm in the night. Your notification bar on your smartphone blinks to alert you. What is your course of action?

-  I will reply to the concerned person asking him/her to check their Private Message box. Simultaneously, I will make sure I drop in a message asking for the customer's contact details along with the complaint / complaint number. On receiving the same, I will reply back saying, ‘Your request has been proceeded, and someone from the technical department will get in touch with you ASAP.' After doing the same, I will share across the customer details along with the complaint / the complaint number to the respective client representative.

Level II

8. You are managing an Electronic Retailer's Brand Page & one of the customers has vented out his frustration on the brand page, what is your course of action?

- Understand the frustration, and try to find an appropriate solution to the same. If the problem/frustration is false, I will notify the concerned client, and ask for a solution to the same.

9. You are managing a ‘Brand' Page on Facebook (Not ‘Place' Page). What is the total number of Page likes in a week if PTAT on Facebook is 21,375 & Post Likes are 8435, Shares are 57 & Comments are 70? Also what is the average number of Page Likes per day?

- The number of page likes in the given week are around 12,813. The average likes per day in the given week are around 1830.

10. Describe a justifiable situation when organic reach is higher than Paid reach

- Organic reach can be higher than the paid reach when the content posted is trending over the social media platforms. For instance, posting something interesting / innovative on Christmas about Christmas can ensure we get better organic post reach than paid reach. Also, in rare cases, posting on off-peak hours gets more reach, than on peak hours.

11. If you are to ensure a brand, which has a follower count of, 400 on Twitter generate 1,000,000 impressions in 2 days, how would you do it? Describe the process in detail along with tactics employed – quantitative & qualitative. The brand has no additional budget for such activity

- Considering we get 54 impressions per tweet with 400 followers, if we tweet 18,520 times in 2 days, we are bound to reach the target of 1,000,000 impressions.

- We can try following the below steps to increase our impressions organically.

a. Based on the earlier stats, we can tweet at the times we get the most reach.

b. Tweet frequently to increase the chances to be seen.

c. Tweet content that has high chance of getting shared or replied to.

d. Encourage people to retweet your tweet by using phrases like ‘ RT if you agree.'

e. Use hashtags that are trending / hashtags that are popular in most of the tweets.

Practical Test (II)

1. Find the best web-based (don't need download) Comprehension/ Grammar editor software?

- Grammarly & Ginger Software

2. What according to you is the best web-based (don't need download) photo editing software?

- Photo Editor by

3. Where can you find copyright free images?


4. Pick the best creative you can find on the Internet ‘Karaoke Night' that has a dimension above 500 pixels in width

- This link has the creative:

- The size of the creative is 974*667

5. Pick the best creative you can find on the Internet ‘iPhone 6' that has a dimension above 500 pixels in width

- This image has the creative:$JPG12Column$

- The size of the creative is 1270*1101

6. Pick the best creative you can find on the Internet for ‘Commercial Office Spaces' that has a dimension above 500 pixels in width


- The size of this creative is 613*790

7. Find one FREE Email Tracking Chrome Plugin that helps the sender track emails that are opened by the recipient.

- Yesware Email Tracking

- Link:

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