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Global beauty made in Brazil

The Behavioral Management Systems headquartered in Atlanta ought to have done much in better preparing Paula Kobe for her new job in Brazil. The management of the firm in Atlanta should have made a reconnaissance or research of the nature of their clientele in Brazil and informed Paula before sending her there for it is evident some of them prefer their consultants to get dressed in miniskirts before signing contracts. The Atlanta headquarters and any other employer should adopt a sexual harassment policy that will shield their employees from such heinous acts. This system should include training of supervisors, managers and even co-workers on sexual harassment. Employees should be informed of their rights to disallow and disengage in sexual harassment and a clear cut procedure on how to report such advances whatsoever made to them. Managers, on the other hand, should also be trained at least annually on how to handle such complaints should they arise and to be always warned not to be involved in workplace harassment of any sort. The policy should also outline a proper legal framework that should be followed in a case of workplace sexual harassment (Zileli 3).

The Atlanta office ought to have done all these and presented to Paula Kobe before sending her to consult in Brazil. It would also have helped if she knew whom to turn to in case she encountered any challenges at her workplace seeing that she was to go to an entirely foreign place. For the company is liable for any harassment, sexually or not, advanced upon its employees, by not addressing the problem, it is worsening the problem.

Despite the lack of proper preparedness, the Atlanta office was not wrong to have sent her to Brazil. Every organization is on learning, and this one would provide them with more know-how of them market in Brazil, the nature of their clientele and how to please them, even providing a platform to evaluate their employees including managers and supervisors especially those at their Brazilian office.

The Brazilian management should have done a little more in helping Paula cope with her new environment through a thorough induction process that would have improved her understanding not only how the company functions in the Brazilian market but also what the Brazilian market would have needed or rather ‘wanted' from her. By studying the characteristics of her clientele, she would have been better placed on avoiding sexual harassment while going about her consultancy. Like any other employee, the Brazilian management should also have adopted an anti-harassment policy that would stipulate the procedure for reporting sexual harassment advances and not be victimized and also provide for a legal action for offenders. There should also have been a regular employee and supervisor training on sexual harassment to minimize the chances them occurring if any at all (Rarick 2).

The United States standards on sexual harassment are very clear. It is unlawful. Any harassment at workplace based on gender, race, and even sex is illegal, and offenders should get prosecuted. In Brazil, sexual harassment has been rampant especially against members of the human female species in many forms of institution. However, the Brazilian government still upholds its standards that harassment of sexual nature is criminal and offenders may face up to 2years in jail if proven guilty. It is general understanding, however, that this law is not seriously implemented back in Brazil.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits the provision of payments to a foreign government or officials to solicit for benefits in businesses. It is, therefore, unlawful to bribe another government or official in that matter with the intention of gaining an advantage in a particular industry or market. Anyone who, in his/her capacity stands in for a firm to make such payments is considered to have committed  Federal offense. This is, however, a challenge in developing economies where for business to flourish, corruption has become the norm. Large business firms in most developing economies have fallen prey to crime and use it as a vehicle to navigate to the top. It is quite challenging to set up a company and operate in such a business market and at the same time observe the foreign corrupt practices act (“Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” 1).

Nevertheless, working in this market and still avoid indulgence in bribery for material gain is feasible. One ought to maintain transparency in business dealings between firms and public officials both local and foreign, employ a regular independent external auditing of the company\'s financial statement every fiscal year. These two factors will help put the firm in check, limiting any illegal payments to other businesses and significantly reducing average rate of bribery but still being competitive int the market bolstered by a corruption-free record.

Global retail has been a future market strategy for many firms in this century. Large companies that have boasted of rich local support and profits now want to move to a global market, that is, sell internationally. E-marketing is now an important platform for global retail involving online sales improving from the in-store purchases.

Global retail, however, does not come without baggage. There are mountains of challenges facing this part of business. One of the challenges in expanding market worldwide is the intricacies that accompany cultural variation. Various communities around the world accord different cultural importance at unique products and services. Some consumers may prefer buying their products from a store like it has been traditional while others might prefer online purchases, like the Chinese consumers, for instance, prefer mainly online purchases.

Another longstanding barrier to global retail is the language barrier. Poor communication between buyer and seller cannot achieve business. Across the globe, there are various styles and forms of expression by diverse communities.  Translation has however not been sufficient to cure the problem as phrases or slogans used by companies can be translated to mean an entirely different thing in different languages. For instance, KFC's slogan of ‘finger-licking-good' translated into Chinese as ‘eat your fingers off'  causing slow penetration into the Chinese market. Firms, therefore, while going global, have to understand how to communicate with customers from foreign places, design websites configured with various languages and translations (Mai 3).

Retailers in the global market also have to consider different laws of countries while selling abroad. They have to consider taxes, regulations governing the movement of goods into a particular country and shipping costs as well and to compute this into their anticipated returns and be straight with a consumer upfront with all these details in place. This helps to avoid incurring further expenses on the consumer or themselves when shipping the product to the customer overseas.

Direct selling is a model of business in which a seller and a buyer meet and have a one on one interaction that culminates into a successful purchase of the product. This usually occurs away from the retail premises and is advantageous in that it provides a proper environment for a buyer to elaborate on his products to the client and at the same time understanding the customer's preferences. The client can test and try the product or service right in front of the seller.

Natura, a Brazilian-based beauty product company, looking to venture into the Russian market has much to consider. Importantly is the bureaucratic obstacles that face the business market in Russia especially regulations on foreign-based companies. Natura should also review laws governing counterfeiting, and poor product quality in other countries they look to venture into otherwise their products will lose the beauty touch they have enjoyed in Brazil. Competition from other companies is another vital consideration to be taken up by Natura in its global venture. In Countries with many beauty businesses that enjoy local support, it will be hard to sail through (Jones and De Phino 17).

Natura, being a direct selling firm should also consider diversifying their business strategies to include online sales and at the same time provide educational material on their products online on a well-designed website.

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