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Introduction Of essence is the use of enhancement drugs in highs schools? This is the question anyone could ask owing to the current situation that is being witnessed in the schools. Most of the students have opted for the use of these drugs without serious consideration of what the side effects of these drugs are. Additionally, these sometimes don't bring about quality education instead they just reduce the anxiety in the body and make one cope with the tense environment.  Some of the students do get involved in experiments with the use of various performance enhancement drugs and this is aimed at enabling them to easily manage the situation at hand and cut down on the anxiety they could be facing. Anxiety has always been a major cause of interfering with the normal education of children; anxiety makes the mind unsettled and may bring about fear for studies. For some students, its pressure that enables them to succeed or to rank competitively with the rest of the students. One of the contributing factors to the immense pressure that is being witnessed with the students has been the fact that most are forced into pressure when teachers or the parents start comparing them with each other. Those who may have scored very low may be forced to start using these drugs for the purpose of enhancing their performance for them to be comparable with the others. As such contributing to the high amounts for the use of enhancement drugs among the teenagers. With the use of enhancement drugs for the purpose of sport improvement and also for education enhancement comes handy as a major ethical concern to the society. This is an issue the general society needs to be very concerned about as it continues to pose a threat to the young generation that could end being made up of zombie like human beings always dependent on the use of drugs. These drugs are commonly present within the United States and many teens from various countries have opted to set aside some money for which they can use for purposed of purchase of these drugs from them. According to Kirk Johnson, “ As a consequence of the intense marketing being witnessed in the market, this has contributed to the rapid rise in the sales of performance enhancement drugs with more companies starting their production.” (Johnson, 19).  Other companies have devised ways through which they can make the drug such that they will be unnoticeable through being placed under the tongue. Their marketing all over the internet has made the teens view the enhancers as a way for them to solve their academic problems hence the continued demand for these drugs by the same teenagers (Kirk, 21). This essay shall capture details on the excessive use of these drugs, how they students obtain them and the negative impact they have on their health. It has turned out to be a drug dependent society; students cannot do anything without the use of enhanced drugs? This has been thee big question in various platforms, schools, the governments and even the general society. There is an impending threat on the future of education and sports as more and more people seek the use of these drugs. Students have opted to go the shortcut way in which they can easily improve their academic performance and sports performance through the use of drugs. This trend has interfered with the production of quality individuals and is setting wrong pace for the future. According to Kirk, “ the use of enhancing drugs raises major ethical concerns ”. These are questions that we as the society need to ask ourselves. Is this what we want for the future of our children? Unless the world is willing to come abode and address the issue at hand, we could be headed on the wrong path of history setting a wrong trend for our children. Body To improve on their education and sports performance, the teenagers have opted to use the performance enhancers. The undue pressure from their friends has been the cause of this excessive use of these drugs. Teenagers are least interested on posting exceptional results to the public; their main concern is for them to fit into some group of users. Those teenagers that already make use of these drugs; this is what has been termed as peer pressure. These kids are always very ready to adopt very in genuine methods for the purpose of ensuring that anything they are doing both class work and sports is a success. Sports has been the worst hit with the continued rising levels for the use of the drug, more teens are resulting to the use of the drug. Those that participate in the sports are the ones that are said to be using the enhancers most to boost their performance. Research shows that most of them do make use of the nutritional supplements for the purpose of enhancing their body for better performance and greater energy amounts. Well, it's important to note that despite the use of these enhancers, it has been identified that they have almost similar negative as those from drug use. Some of the enhancers further incorporate the steroids which present a very dangerous trend for our sportsmen. According to Gwen Knapp, he does mention, “ Supplements use has been connected to the deaths of several athletes and scholars who exceeded the recommended dosages or mixed the intake of the supplements with other preblockedions ” (Knapp, 1). Further in her explanation, she states that the supplements are always readily available and at a low price hence justifying the reason for the ease of access by the students in high school and college. Knapp opts that this could be given the same treatment as the other drugs that are completely banned so as to save the high schools and the colleges which could be headed on the wrong path. There are various side effects that have been associated with the use of performance enhancers. It's important that this information is shared widely so that the users can understand the risk to which they are exposing themselves to. According to Steven who states that, “ Even if steroid use may increase an athlete's endurance or the student's performance, it also has its side effects ” (Ungerleider, 12). In the current generation, the manufacturers have always devised mechanisms and methods through which the steroids can be prepared and passed to the users. Some come in the form of sweets, chewing gum; some can be rubbed on the skin with some being vaccinated. This has raised a challenge on the efforts to prevent the use of these drugs due to the complications associated with the identification process on how they are passed to the teenagers. Some of the side effects that have been identified include rise in tumour levels, poor body performance and interference to the behaviour of a person. For the side of men, they could end up affecting the sperm count, poor testicle performance and sometimes can lead to erectile dysfunction condition. The women also have associated negative impacts associated with the excessive use of these enhancers; there voice may be interfered with such that they could have a hoarse voice. Additionally, their body could change to take a manly shape with the body covered with hairs.  The question has always been on the reason to why the scholars of the current day seem to be better than those of the past. Today, scholars seem to be making more inventions compared to the inventions that were made in the past. Does this mean that the scholars of today are better performers? In his article, Olivier strongly prohibits the use of drugs for purposes of enhancing performance. In her words, “ Athletes and scholars should be prohibited from taking performance-enhancing substances as the substances can harm those who use them ” (Olivier, 4). It should be recognised that the use of these drugs is illegal and should be given the same treatment as the narcotics. The use of drug enhancers is purely ethically wrong and should not be accepted, it has led to the disruption and interference of careers. It has always caused the in interference to the moral principles of people and education continues to go down the ditch which represents a bad indicator. Jack, a professional further outlines the efforts that have been made by colleges in the prevention of the use of these drugs.  Colleges have successfully cut down on the use of these enhancers by a great extent which is a positive indicator that the use of performance enhancers can be reduced successfully. “ The college level has been pretty successful in preventing the use of the drugs ” (Copeland, 1). Jack further claims that with the continuous testing efforts by NCAA, this has helped to cut down on the amount of steroids that get to high schools and colleges. NCAA has also continued to help to reduce the currency that is used in the purchase of drugs; instead this has been channelled for the right academic purposes. With the banning of these pills, this has a direct contribution on the reduction of the use of these drugs (Copeland, 16).  Unfortunately, a section of experts have openly shown their support for the use of these drugs. They have number of reasons for their support for the use of these drugs and they believe these drugs should be legalized and allowed in school. One of the professionals, Barnard believes that the legalizing of performance enhancers will be positive indicator to the performance in both education and sports. Back in history, one of the great performers Mark Gwire won a number of medals to the point he was very much admired by the rest of the people. The fact that he admitted for the use of drugs all the time he was doing sports is the basis of the argument by Barnard. Some of the doctors have strongly offered their support for the use of the drug enhancers as they believe that the side effects are very small and banning the use is not justified at all. Given the argument that has been given by the opposition side, I still strongly believe that enhancers are not suitable and they should be stopped. It has been a root cause to the destruction of various careers especially in athletics. At the same time, it has destroyed the education of most of the teenagers that have already opted to use these drugs to enhance their education. Conclusion In athletics, they have always maintained that the use of enhancers is not allowed and this has led to a number of athletes being suspended due to the same. One can only be allowed to participate in such events if only they have not taken these enhancers that have continuously received repulsion from various international bodies such as FIFA and IAAF. The use of drugs could end up causing disruption to the ethical conduct to professional games. Athletes should have a clearly defined objective on whether they want to succeed in their profession while they pose a danger to their bodies, or whether they want to do it following the genuine procedures.   Works Cited Copeland, Jack L. \" Testing for Steroids Has Been Effective at the College Level.\" Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale Group. 2006. San Joaquin Delta College Library, Stockton, CA. 11 Dec. 2007 Johnson, Kirk. \"Performance-Enhancing Substances Raise Serious Ethical Questions for Athletes.\" Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale Group. 2006. San Joaquin Delta College Library, Stockton, CA. 28 Nov. 2007  Knapp, Gwen. \"Performance-Enhancing Dietary Supplements Are Dangerous.\" Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale Group. 2006. San Joaquin Delta College Library, Stockton, CA. 5 Dec. 2007 Olivier, Steve. \"Banning Performance-Enhancing Drugs is Justified. \" Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale Group. 2006. San Joaquin Delta College Library, Stockton, CA. 28 Nov. 2007 < >. Ungerleider, Steven. \" Steroids Are Dangerous .\" Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale Group. 2006. San Joaquin Delta College Library, Stockton, CA. 28 Nov. 2007

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