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7p of services marketing for AirAsia

7p is the element of the service marketing mix. 7p includes product, place, promotion, price, people, physical environment and process. 5p of service marketing for AirAsia use to elaborate are place, promotion, people, physical environment and process. Other 2p is use to compare with the Malindo Air Airline company.


Distribution or the placement is the important part. Must position and distribute the product in the place that accessible for the potential buyers. Place must be understand about the target market because it will efficient distribution and positioning channel that directly speak in the market. The distribution strategies include the exclusive distribution, franchising, selective distribution and intensive distribution.

AirAsia Company

AirAsia based in Malaysia and some of the part of world. AirAsia will also concentrating the online booking market. The next achievement for the AirAsia is to extent the service at all the worlds that include their flights with growing rapidly. In this grown rapidly will increase the good prestige for the reach of the consumer is high. The time of the flight will have more choice for the traveler to choose whether which time they can book ticket and fly to other place. Sometime the time will not available for customer to book the ticket because some people will flight to other place at the time and book the ticket at the time.

AirAsia have the airports and terminal for the customer to travel. It is located in many countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Laos, Macao and other countries.

Difference destination have difference airport to let people easy to go the nearly airport to travel. In Malaysia, AirAsia have flight 15 destinations for traveler such as Langkawi, Miri, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Alor Setar, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Labuan, Sandakan, Tawau, Kota Bharu, Johor Babru, Bintulu, Kuala Terengganu and Sibu.

The 3 Distribution of the place are internet booking, authorized travel agent and reservations and sales office. Direct booking in internet is the one criterion for the efficient low-cost airline. It will not include the commissions and credit to travel agents and the cost of processing tickets. The internet booking have provide many languages that involve English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. The reservations and sales offices are available and town center for the convenience to the customer to walk in. Authorized travel agents is the AirAsia will introduced direct engine to the agents. Agents make the direct payment via the virtual AirAsia credit card. AirAsia improve the customer service as constantly look for the way to improve their service and rise to save for the guest. AirAsia have many languages that easy people to communicate or internet booking the ticket

Finally, the research that found is the majority of respondent that satisfied level in the part of the place. It has 2 point of that had the same rating as the most satisfied. The customer will book ticket in the AirAsia's website and the payment through the credit card. Other is AirAsia has many destination available for the customer travel and it have many check in counters are available for customer. The research found the AirAsia counters are providing good counter service. Nowadays AirAsia offer convenience in buying seat by the logging and it no more any phone call or no more queuing for booking tickets.


Now promotions become the critical factor in the service marketing mix. The service is very easy to duplicated and because it generally the brand which set the service apart from the counterpart. That why there are more of the companies will promote their product to the customer. Because the competition in the service is very high and promotion is necessary to survive. The company will promote the product to attract people to buy their product.

AirAsia Company

AirAsia is using the accessibility promotion in which the consumer is allowing to obtain the product promotion with minimal interference by receiving the emails. AirAsia promote the cheaper flights depending on every week or every month. AirAsia will send out the emails to notify the customer to subscribe to their services. AirAsia will update it about the on-going promotion of the cheaper flights. AirAsia also do the advertisement, internet marketing and billboard advertising. Example, it will promote in television or website advertising to make people know their promotion.

AirAsia always promote the cheaper price for the traveler such as the advertising in 4 Jan until 30 Jun 2016, AirAsia provide RM39 for customer booking the ticket and the destinations are fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu, Macau, Pattaya, Chongqing, Koh Samui, Busan and Perth. It can early to booking for the ticket. Other promotion is 300 million guests flown and 3 million seats on sale. It travel from 15 Feb until 31 Aug 2016 and fly from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi, Yogyakarta, Pattaya, Male, Ho Chi Minh City, Busan, Taipei and Tokyo and other. The price will be base fare from RM 3. This promotion have term and condition so people can know the detail information in it.

The recommendation of AirAsia has quite good strategy and the marketing mix since they offer their services in the relation to the mission statement. Some of the people will things this will be recommend helping them to produce more income.

Form the research that found in the internet or feedback, the majority is satisfied level in the part of promotion. The most satisfaction of the promotion is the special festival or event and frequent advertisement. Other is promotion for booking ticket that includes hotel room. Finally the promotion of condition are accuracy and easy to understand.  Most of the customer will look for the promotion before travel because they know AirAsia will promote their product during holiday or festival such as Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas Day, Hari Raya and other. More promotion will attract more people and create awareness of AirAsia presence and what the services they provide.


Services process is the way in the service was delivered to end of the customers. Example of the two good companies is McDonalds and Fedex. These two companies that are thrive on their quick service and the reason why they can do this in their confidence on their processes. In addition to this, the demand of the service will may make them to deliver optimally without the loss in quality. Thereby the process of the service company in providing the product is very importance for them. It also is the critical component, critical component in the service blueprint, wherein the establishing the service before the company determines actually what should be the process of the service product achieving the end of customer.

AirAsia Company

For the process, AirAsia have the good management team so AirAsia can manage their customer service very good. As a matter of fact, the customer's complaints will often dealt within 1 to 24 hours. This is the way that AirAsia show how serious they are and they will come to take care of their customers. AirAsia have the more process information in the website.

The simple processes or steps that make customers can successfully board to the flight on the time:

-First, customers must be arriving early at the airport at least 2 hours before flight so customers will not in a rush.

-Check in baggage security scanning will be the next processes or step. If customers have bag to check in, must be make sure to perform security scanning, obtain the security sticker then proceed to bag drop-off counter.

-Customers need to check in to get their boarding pass.

-Travel document check is for the international flight particularly go to Australia. Customer must go to the counter to present their passport before the boarding pass is valid.

-When immigration, the customers must be allocate at least 15 to 30 minutes because the line will be long. So customers should be ready boarding pass and passport or the ID.

-After the immigration, customers need to perform another security counter to scan the bags to carry on board. Remove the electrical appliances such as laptop, tablets and smart phone because it must be scan separately. You also must comply the weight is not exceed 7 kg and the size dimensions.

-When finish the hand carried baggage scanning, make sure customers in the right departure gate. It will close 20 minutes before the departure time.

Customer must follow the processes and steps before flight to other place because without this step will make all customer confuse where they want to check in.

The majority of the respondent that the research found in this process is in satisfied level. The information of the schedule, destination on the AirAsia's website, fast check in process, suitability of the flight schedule, depart and arrive on time and get the baggage quickly is the most satisfaction. On the feedback of customer, they will complaint the schedule and AirAsia will take this feedback to improve.


People are the one element of the service marketing mix. People determine the service. If have the IT company, your software engineers will define you. If have the restaurant, your chef and service staff will defines you. In the service marketing, people can make or smash an organization. Thereby nowadays many companies will include into especially getting the staff that train in the interpersonal skills and service with the focus all along customer satisfaction. As the matter of fact, now many companies have to go through confidence to show that the staff is better the other.

AirAsia Company

The people in AirAsia, it is well known for them choosing the correct people for the correct job. They are very specific for their job description than other low cost airline. AirAsia will hire people that they only think it is suitable and the person's capabilities such as they need the people who can handle many flights that will happen. When choosing the people that will capable for the job.

The people that choose AirAsia to flight are family, business man, the people who like to travel and other. Some people will look for the comment that is in the AirAsia's website or other website about the AirAsia information. The people will see how the better service or product that AirAsia provide.

The research will found the majority of respondent in the people of satisfied level. The considering in each of the people, the research will found the two points in same rating are more satisfied. It is booking ticket via AirAsia's website and the payment through credit card. Other will be the destination and the check in counters that is available.

Physical Environment

This important element in the service marketing mix is physical environment. The service is intangible in the nature. The better customer experience tangible element is delivered with this service. Example for the physical environment is like restaurants have many tables and chairs, good food, the ambient lighting and the song along with good seating arrangement. They also want to serve the good food to the customer. The physical environment also use difference thing in service marketing such as the government hospital and private hospital. The private hospital will have the grand offices and the well staff's dress. But some government hospital will not have this. So this physical environment will act as the differentiator.

AirAsia Company

AirAsia is very famous with their logo on the aircraft and inside the aircraft. AirAsia will detail about their logo to been seen, so that the place almost in everywhere on the aircraft and also the business centers. AirAsia provide the physical environment such as the food, air stewards, seat and other to customer.

The ambience of service marketing environment is the result of interaction between the people and the physical environment. This entail ambience deign and the atmosphere design which will affect people through the creation of the physical entirety.

From the total example of the research found is the majority of respondent is the physical environment that moderately satisfied level for each part. In the considering of the part of physical environment is satisfied in the part of space of storage compartment and the demonstrate the emergency instrument, seat position and comfort of cabin seat respectively and other.

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