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 Addiction And Addictive Behaviors Or, Attitudes

The characteristics are more or less common among variety of addictive behaviors. All the addicts will become obsessed totally by the thinking process of the substance or the operation(activity) and will make a way to it or find it out. And will indulge himself in all those activities or taking those substances. The withdrawal side effects or symptoms would be mostly same and are restlessness, suicidal thought,craving etc. Loosing control on own self and being careless of any consequences that might occur for the action or behavior that an addict possess are almost common in all the addicts mentality, other than drugs and alcohols there are many addictions or addictive behaviors that normally are not in focus or does not appear like addiction to normal people and society.

Lose Of Appetite Feelings :

Its kind of an addiction,in which the person gets conscious more about his diet and gets a false belief that he/she is too fat and should limit the diet.

Regardless of the fact that he is normal in weight among the others. The belief on what those person do this kind of behaviors is that,diet can cause them a good fit and beautiful look and appearance by making themselves thin and not over weight or size. The show bad impression for foods and might neglect through away and even can be allergic too.

As a result it will cause malnutrition,diseases, hormonal imbalance and edema like diseases.

Among the anorexics,most of them are female. Female are mostly beauty conscious and for being too much active in their work ,and progress in their life and to feel more promising and etc, they want to be fit always.

Compulsive Or, Irresistible Eating:

It is kind of an addiction, in which the addict is always busy with foods.Over eating and frequent or constant craving for foods. The addict might show interest in foods regardless of the taste.Just for addiction he might eat various kinds of foods for different tastes and even keeping the subject(taste) away from the action.Hungriness, that is not the fact that drives the addict for this kind of behaviors. Compulsive eating can surely cause obesity and inability to move and walk properly.

Going tendency to casino for gambling:

Gambling is a severe and devastating addiction.People like to earn or get more by doing the less. This kind of addicts are normally of lower middle class or middle class families.Normally with the tendency to get rich and the pleasure or joy of getting more by putting the less for it.It leads to failure at the end as because when someone gambles and win or lose he normally possess the same and in case more interest then before and if by any chance earns a lot then,thinks of more earning by putting more money,but this doesn't come out with a good and risk free outcome.

Thus can be frustrating and devastating that takes to severe acts like suicide or murder etc.

Working More/Over Working:

Work means progress and development and that ultimately makes the reputation and value.People in modern society and developing countries,always praise hard work and demand hard work ,thus all of the people go after that thing. People believe being productive ,studious and hard working can bring much progress and money,stability in life.Thus this has become a common philosophy. In spite of the fact that hard work and dedication always give a great and fruitful outcome,that underlying reason or fact is addiction.

Addiction to technology (Such as Computer/Internet):

In this era, Computer and internet is a daily need of a person. Whatever and however we do,we must do it through the computer and internet for the portability,ease of operation and facility. Rather than that it has become an addictive process or behavior. Through internet,one can connect to the virtual reality of unseen friends,unseen people and can see the unseen by the help of internet, where there is no objection or limitation to his work or findings and reaching.  As the computer and internet works on total control of the user,it feels great to the user.Thus can make addict.

Addiction to sexuality and love:

Love and the emotion/feel which is attached to it,feels good to sad,lonely people and also to the normal people also.Love leads to intimacy like sex but in some cases by involving in sexual behaviors or activity dramatically gives joy,happiness and pleasure to some people,those are addict of love,sex and all those things.

Shopping Or, Marketing:

Shopping is an addiction, in case a funny addiction, as it might sound funny to all. Its one kind of impulse control disorder. People purchase things for their satisfaction rather than their needs in this kind of addiction,Amount and collection rather than necessity means a lot to them.Another side of this addiction is loneliness.Which causes to married women, often their husbands are out for job and they are alone home and thus find out a solution to drive away the loneliness.

Addiction to video Or, Game:

Game is often a way to drive away boring and pass the boring time. But now a days its an addiction also , for men and young boys,teen boys.

Fantasy lover teen boys and men and adventure lovers do always find a pleasure and joy to play games all day long. And dives into the world of virtual and fantasy.

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