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How much is my domain?

November 18, 2015 in Selling, Help

Each area is different in its own way, which makes it difficult to simply put a price. We provide some tips and tricks to get a better view on how to set a price for their domains. Here are some of the most important factors that will help you determine these values:


EMD (its acronym in English: Exact Match Domain), translated into Portuguese would be Perfect Match Domains. It refers to when a domain corresponding to an exact product or service. The value of a domain is usually higher in these cases, compared to the value of non-existing words or word combinations. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Domains 2-4 letters or numbers, can sometimes be valuable as they may be acronyms or abbreviations of international companies.

ccTLD vs. gTLD

Country Code Top Level Domains (the acronym in English: ccTLD) x Generic Top Level Domains (the acronym in English: gTLD) or in other words, the extent of his domain. A gTLD domain is most of the time, a domain extension 2 letters used for countries. For example, .com for Portugal, .it for Italy and .com to Brazil.

The gTLD is a top-level domain that does not belong to a country. An example of four well-known extensions are .org, .net, .info. and, of course, the most valuable and used worldwide, .com. The name is derived from the word trade, which was the initial goal of the extension. Today, all companies operating on a global, commercial or non-commercial, "need" of a .com domain to do business. This means that the .com domains may be astronomically expensive. If you happen to have a domain that is a unique English keywords with the .com extension, you may be sitting on a gold mine!

The second most expensive domain is the ccTLD extensions of type (the acronym in English: Country Code Top Level Domains). The most valuable Country Code Top Level Domains are domains that contain a commercially viable keyword in the native language, combined with the extension of that country. As "" (Soccer in Spanish) or "" (Soccer in Italian).

Click here if you are wondering which ccTLD are used worldwide.


short domains, under scores are more valuable than long fields. The shorter and less complex the domain is, the easier it is to recognize it and remember it!


Bote your domain at the top of the rankings by valuable keywords and use frequently! In general, it is easier for domains with keywords to be ranked in Google, since the site's content is appropriate and straightforward. Often, domains with keywords represent a particular product or service, making it quite clear to the public what is being offered. Click here to go to the Google Keyword Planner.

TIP: There is no need to focus on specific numbers that Google Keyword Planner gives you in terms of how many times people search for certain keywords. The search frequency often has very little to do with the actual price of a domain. For example, the keyword "football" is more often sought than "safe", but has more market value The reason behind this difference lies in the ease of marketing and promotion of this domain that refers very specifically to the product, and the market size of the insurance industry.


organic search or organic traffic describes when people directly type in the domain name into your browser's address bar. These people are looking specifically for a domain or product that your domain is. Many organic research indicates that there is great interest in the field or product. This indicator raises the price for that particular domain.


The purchase and sale of a domain follows the principle of supply and demand. If the supply is high and demand is low, you probably will not win a lot of money with your domain. On the other hand, you can get a high valuation, if you are one of the few vendors in a specific market! Take a look at our inventory, if you want to see how unique are their domains!


CPC means cost per click. Another major indicator of how much your domain is worth looking at the CPC rate. How much does it cost to advertise on Google AdWords with the word (s) (s) that contains your domain? The price of your domain will be higher when there is more competition and the cost per click is high.


The commercial value of a domain is becoming increasingly important. The basis of this commercial value lies in the ease of their dominance in building brands. This feature refers to whether it is easy to pronounce and to remember. These elements are important to find out how suitable is the domain to a new company. There are very few areas with ease of building brands, which are short and catchy, without necessarily having a specific meaning. Another indication of commercial value to the areas is in the context of the keywords included in the field. The area is a business, service or high-value product? If so, it increases the value of the domain.


    A domain is like a piece of land and he can have his own history. Try to search the internet to find some historical data on similar domains, or use search as or to find historical data. Setting a price for your domains is no easy task and the buyer is often dependent on its estimate. Its flexibility with the price can give the buyer greater leeway in the negotiation process. Have you taken a look at Undeveloped? Here you can find all parked domains and their respective prices, if provided by the seller.

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