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Thanks to the development of site-building technology, you no longer need to spend so much to have a good website. There are solutions that will allow even being a novice in technology, you can create a website easily - without having to program a line of code to it - or get a website at an affordable price. So you do not necessarily need to make a website creation course to be able to start creating your professional digital presence. Now, how much it is a website may depend on some factors that I will show you below.

When thinking in creating websites, you as an entrepreneur, you have to decide:

Yourself will make your site, or

Will hire a professional or agency to create your site.

We can estimate the average price of a professional website from:

DIY - R $ 0 - R $ 600

Hire a Professional - R $ 1,000 - R $ 5,000

Now, regardless of their decision when creating a website, or how much it costs to make a website, there are two basic costs that you will always have the site: (1) Site Domain and (2) A Server Hosting.

Already we can say that if you are looking for a free website, will not find many details about it here. Honestly, it's not something I recommend for people who take seriously their site. I will soon give more details about creating free websites.

My goal here is to show you how much a site, how much it costs to make a website yourself and how much a site hiring someone to create a website for your company. Because creating a website for your business, rather than rent it, you can have full control over your site.

Moreover, we do not need to mention that the cost of creating a website is infinitely smaller than starting an offline business, is not it?

Domains & Hosting

Currently there are thousands of companies that can host your website and register your domain, it even has caused some indecision in many people who can not decide with so many options.

Currently and in most cases, the average costs are in the range of R $ 10 to R $ 40 annually for domains, and from about US $ 30 a month for hosting. In fact, you can get to cost much less than these, and get free domains with hosting providers, depending on the plan you will hire.

You can start with cheaper packages - Shared Hosting - and later, gradually increasing the resources - VPS and Dedicated Servers.

You want to register your domain and host quickly? Click here.

Programs for Web Design

If you know HTML, you do not necessarily need a program (software) to create a website. Now if you do not know HTML and CSS, you do not need to learn and build your website from scratch (It would be nice, but not really necessary). Currently there is no need to program one line of code - except in specific cases - not to create a website from scratch because there are amazing options CMSs calls, which are content management systems, but also platforms or "programs" for creation of sites, such as WordPress.


WordPress is completely free, and through any hosting panel you can install it with a few clicks. WordPress is open source, which means you can move the will and add functionality via plugins. Plugins are code snippets designed to add features and functionality to WordPress. For example, if you wanted to add a complete system of e-commerce on your site, you need only install a plugin.

If you want to learn how to create websites using WordPress, here is a series of videos.

Logo creation

Not directly related to the site price, but can be included, if you need, it is to create a logo. Because if you do not have a logo for your site, you will need a - this is ideal, but not required. It would be better to be a professional logo, do not you think? So, it can cost you between R $ 100 and R $ 1,000, depending on who you will hire to create it.

That is to say that you will also find options for a very cheap logo online, but will surely look like a cheap logo. You will have to decide again, since it is the image of your company on the internet.

logo Design

Color guide for Emotion and famous logos

Web Design costs

When we talk about Web Design, we are talking about the look of the site, layout, on the theme of WordPress, about customizing the site following the identity of your business, or image you want to pass to the public. So, how much it costs to create a custom site?

Even though the installed WordPress, you can have costs related to the customization of your website. Of course, you can use a free theme, but may not be interesting, as we will see more ahead. Basically, if you want to make a professional website, you will choose one of the following options:

Buy a Premium Theme: R $ 50-200

Hire a rookie Information: R $ 300-600

Professional Information: R $ 600-1200

Hiring a Web Design Agency: R $ 1200-2000

Free themes

WordPress, as well as other CMS (Joomla, Drupal, etc.) offer the possibility you install free themes, in fact, in its official directories they offer thousands of free themes created by the entire development community.

Now, one thing you should keep in mind: There will be no support for these free themes. This means that if you have problems with them, with your site if your site breaks, stops working, or anything else that the issue may cause, is at your own risk.

You can find the best free themes here on the official WordPress directory.

Premium themes

Unlike the free themes, premium themes will support in case you need either to solve layout problems, compatibility, etc. Themes of Premium costs can vary greatly depending on the provider / developer. But overall, premium themes do not cost much, since it will not be created specifically for you, and therefore will not be as customized.

The best premium themes, you will find on Theme Forest.

A theme created for you

If you decide to hire a web designer, professional or agency, you may have a moderate price site, since you just need someone to customize your site. How much is a site well depend exclusively on who you're hiring to create a custom theme for your site.

It is worth remembering that hiring someone you should make sure that this theme is responsive, which will fit perfectly on the screen of any device. Should preferably follow some trend as Design Studio, Retina-Ready, etc. Here are 10 trends for creating websites in 2015.

There are several ways to test if your site is responsive, the simplest is to open your site on your cell or reduce the browser window and see if the site fit adequately maintaining good usability. If possible, make sure you test the theme loading and other important points.

Here are some test tools:

A website to test if the Theme / website is responsive - Click Here!

Google tool that tests the compatibility with mobile devices - Click Here!

3 important tools test: Page Speed ​​(Google), GTmetrix and Pingdom.

web design

e-Commerces & Shopping Carts

How much is a website e-commerce? If you plan to have or create a virtual store costs may rise slightly. In fact, having an e-commerce system is already possible from the installation of plugins in the WordPress, but the costs of hosting, design and other features associated with the e-Commerce can raise the price of the site. Costs can rise because you should need more hosting features, security and other features.

There are also solutions that we call hosted virtual store, as is the case with M3Shop. You pay only a small monthly fee to have your virtual store. It does not require advanced settings and no technical knowledge.

If you want to create your own virtual store, but lower costs if you have a simple e-commerce that does not need its own shopping cart, you can use Payment Gateways (Paypal, PagSeguro, BCash, etc.) to generate buttons you must enter on the product page or service.

Extra features

How much is a website with extra features? If you need specific features, and these features are not found in plugins, you need someone to develop. This will have a variable cost because it depends solely on your needs.

We offer web development affordable packages.


How much is a website with integration? You can make some additions to no cost, provided you know what you're doing, such as Google Analytics Tools Google Webmaster, integration with social media, and much achieved using pluginss. However, there are some components that can generate one-off costs and recurrent costs. For example, if you want to integrate your website with an email marketing service (or autoresponder), you will have a cost for this service, instead of integration itself, but the service itself.

If your site generates business for your company will be worth investing in some services to generate more leads, more sales, etc.

If you use a tool and want to integrate it into your site, you can also do this through APIs, if the application offers. This will reduce their development cost or save the development of specific / customized solutions. See more here!


Every website needs to recurring maintenance, especially the CMS like WordPress.

The technologies are always tested to the limit, but in many cases have vulnerabilities that, if not corrected, can cause many problems for you. The servers themselves are constantly updating their structures and it may be that your site pass to no longer be compatible with all these updates after a certain time.

Where a technology is updated, especially when dealing with web development, correction points are shown, therefore, vulnerabilities are further exposed. So just find that your site is not updated to know exactly where to attack - Simple as that!

This maintenance can be done by you, provided you know how to do them, or you can hire a professional who, in most cases, will charge a monthly fee to keep your site updated and secure.

Big companies

A large company may need many complex features database, multi-lingual, multi-user and other specific features. Therefore, the website price for these cases can cost more than the R $ 5,000 - R $ 10,000.

Conclusion - How much is a website

It is difficult to determine how much a site. websites prices can vary greatly depending on your needs. All sites have fixed costs (recurring), only costs, and variable according to the features you want to implement.

The websites we develop cost between R $ 1,200 and R $ 12,000 to most companies. This great price range is because companies have different sizes and needs. A small business, hiring the M3 Digital Marketing, would cost about US $ 1500-3000 on average to develop your site.

You want to know the precise value? Contact us now!

Here are some of the characteristics of the sites we develop.

Why hire someone to develop?

The reasons involve time, money and practicality. But they can go beyond that if you are serious with your business and believes the site is an important complement to it. Here are 7 reasons to hire an agency.

Ask yourself if it's not smart to keep focused on your business, optimizing your time to improve it, rather than trying to create a website that can not adequately represent your company on the internet.

You should also ask:

Do I really be able to do everything yourself?

Can I pay only for specific resources?

It is recommended that you have at least partial control of your own site. Generally, here in M3 Digital Marketing, our customers have registered domain and hosting contracted in their own name. Still receives all data for total control of the site.

 What is the best for you?

You want to create a personal site for a hobby, a shop, etc, it is simple to create it, you can even try to create the site, since there is so much so associated liability.

It's more complex than that, it will be part of the digital marketing campaign for your business, or will reveal the image of your business against the market? Then consider M3 request a Free Consultation.

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