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Zoomcar, the self-drive rental company, has launched its service in Chandigarh, today.

Chandigarh was a natural choice for the launch, as the city has a large percentage of young professionals and university students. Chandigarh is surrounded by many exotic locations, means that people can use the service for a quick getaway with their friends and families," said Greg Moran, Co-founder of Zoomcar.

Zoomcar is offering a special 20% discount for first time customers in Chandigarh and will also have free doorstep delivery services for a limited time.

Following Chandigarh, Zoomcar will be expanding to another 15 to 20 cities in the coming year and will also be adding new cars to its existing fleet of over 2,000 to meet the increasing demand for self-drive rental, said a press release.

The car rental company already has a presence in Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi- NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

(1) Entrepreneurs are born not made - is not true concept

In the world of competition, business can only grow by the efforts, good ideas, hard work and innovations done by the good entrepreneurs. The ability, willingness and capacity to develop by entrepreneurs can bring the business at its higher level. Now the question arise is who is an entrepreneur – he is that person, who manages, operates and organizes business by taking the risks and initiative. Today the business can only be successful by the ability and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs in a positive way by proper planning. When we see an individual practicing new and unique ideas along with strategic and focused practices this means he has the skill of not only starting and managing the business but also generating growth. This is what we call is an Entrepreneur'.

A risk taker is a born entrepreneur since he has the inherent quality and talent to understand the relationship between money, market and business. He knows the advantage of calculated risk taking –hence it is often said Entrepreneurs are born not made. The effect or influence of entrepreneurs is both on social and economic level. Successful entrepreneurs have the quality of positive spirit; driving force, give priority to work and interpersonal skills. All the qualities are not inherent some can be possessed by training and experience and it include four characters.       





1. Visionary

2. Organizational ability

3. Sense of social responsibility

4. Courage

Entrepreneurs are those people, who build the enterprise and take the risks, tolerate ambiguity and ability to deal with uncertainty and bring new technology in the business and bring it at the top position. Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be inherent or can be achieved by great skills and efforts. When a person is not born as an entrepreneur he can start their own business by their entrepreneurship qualities. The success of the business depends upon the responsibility that he holds for his work. His willingness to become an entrepreneur and expects to do something will be helpful to pick up and learn the traits of business then they will be able to build a business and raise some money. Training and education programs will also be helpful for entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses. Thus entrepreneurs is not a skill and ability that anyone is born with, and it is the one that you can definitely learn in the world. This perception is according to those who do not born with the skills of entrepreneurship and does not has any existing business of their own.

It is said that entrepreneurs are born not made it might be true to some extent as the ability of entrepreneurship is inherent / innate.

 Entrepreneur is a person who is having his own business/ organization whether it is inherited business or self created. Every person born with the some capability to run the business and this capability helps the person to climb high and grows the business at its top position. His strong self- confidence is good evidence and helpful to made an entrepreneur of any organization. Being a successful and skillful entrepreneurs it involves a greater role of an individual's inherent qualities, characters and personality as compared to formal education received in schools or collages.

Entrepreneurs can be born as well as made – It is not necessary that all entrepreneurs have a family or ancestral business. They work hard and establish their own business by their own strength, willingness, capability and hard work.

For living the life of an entrepreneur and for establishing the business, entrepreneurs must have five major traits and qualities. These are as follows:

1. Salesmanship

2. An independent spirit

3. Patience

4. Responsibility

5. Knowledge of consumers.



It is necessary for every entrepreneur to have the ability to sell something for running the business at any and every step. Whether entrepreneur are born or made in both conditions a successful entrepreneur finds solutions in the difficulties because of having special collection of skills possessed by him. That results in increase in productivity growth.


An entrepreneurs is born when a man and an idea come together to create, face risk by new ideas, new innovations that results in major development. Survival instinct is the key factor of an entrepreneur. This comes from having confidence in your self and belief in your actions and decisions. The instinct of the survival cannot be taught you either have it or you don't. Some people believe that entrepreneur are born not made is not the right perception if people is not born as an entrepreneur he can acquired the knowledge of entrepreneurship on the basis of his skills, ability and willingness. Not every one is a born entrepreneur the acquisition of skills and bent of mind for business can make many a successful growth stories.

An entrepreneur is a kind of genius who is born not made.

It has been concluded and agreed upon from many researches that no one is born as an entrepreneur however most of us have the potential of becoming entrepreneur. In reality whether someone becomes an entrepreneur he has the choices that he makes and the surroundings he lives in. having said this there are a certain quality which get honed according to the people or situations one encounters. All the traits of entrepreneur i.e. dynamic leader, take initiatives, creative and need to achieve, resourceful, energetic and diligent; responsive to suggestions and problem solving skills are most important whether they are born as an entrepreneur or made as an entrepreneur. It is also concluded that people like Bill Gates, Steve jobs and Warren Buffet are not born as an entrepreneur they become an entrepreneur after their hard work and skills and made their business big to bigger on their capability. Because after having skills and experiences they had knew how to bring success and up gradation in the business. Thus entrepreneurs are both born or made.  Time and experiences in business make a person a good entrepreneur.   


(2) Entrepreneur Education

Entrepreneurship is the main stream for the growing and successful business. The features of entrepreneurship develop the continuous innovation and creativity. All features of entrepreneurs are gained by the education. Education has a lasting influence on the people, who wants to become an entrepreneur. In India it is more degree oriented rather than employment. For the skills of entrepreneurship entrepreneur education is required. Entrepreneur education is different from business education. Entrepreneur education is not a new concept it is 30 years old concept. This concept is very important for acquiring the knowledge about entrepreneurship that will be helpful for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Some people said that it could be learned and taught; the skills that is required for becoming an entrepreneur is inherent. Thus it is the combination of education, business and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur education is a powerful tool for understanding market research, negotiation technique and business planning. It prepares the people to become responsible and be able to take risks by which goals of the company can be achieved. Entrepreneurship education is for all levels of students' i.e. elementary students, senior students and university level students. Entrepreneur education prepares the generation to succeed in the business by their entrepreneurship qualities and skills. Higher the growth of the business depends upon the entrepreneur education. When a person acquired the entrepreneur education many job opportunities comes in his way of employment. Entrepreneur education is a life long learning process. On the basis of entrepreneur education an entrepreneur can start his own business and run it at its highest level by his expertise and manage his own business and to take advantage of all opportunities. Entrepreneur quality is not only limited to innovation but also involves the experiences. Experience is the main factor of success for entrepreneurs, on the basis of experiences entrepreneur can easily tackle the problems and find solutions efficiently and effectively.

Without the knowledge of entrepreneur education a person cannot become successful entrepreneur. An educated entrepreneur can find solution in every difficulty because of acquiring special collection of skills possessed by him. In an

Entrepreneurship at every step fruitful idea is required so that goals of the company would easily be achieved. There are some sources for entrepreneur

Education as academic journals, newsletters, government publications, conferences, news periodicals, books about entrepreneurship etc. Colleges and universities at all levels of students organize programs. Entrepreneur education programs highlights the three features these are as follows:

1. Foundations of education

2. Business essentials

3. Entrepreneurial management of knowledge



Thus entrepreneur education has a positive effect on the learners at all levels in an entrepreneurship. All the programs generate great knowledge, create an enthusiasm and experiences that is necessary to increase capital provide important outcomesi.e. beneficial in learner's life. Entrepreneur education is developmental process. It motivates students to learn. The fact is that students need to learn skills for starting and running a business. After acquiring the skills of entrepreneurship students explore and experiment with the various business ideas. Entrepreneur education programs offer the seminars and workshops for educating the students for business.

Entrepreneur education is helpful in developing good support skills –Economic understanding, marketing, management, communications, interpersonal skills and abilities and finance skills etc. Entrepreneur education also includes the skill – building programs/ courses in leadership, creative thinking, new product development, and new innovation etc. An entrepreneur must have significant element of risk, control and reward. Entrepreneurship creates new venture that is always growth – oriented (economic growth) and it generates employment at all levels / types of business whether the business is small, medium and large. Traits and features of entrepreneurship are fundamental for development. Entrepreneur education is a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs that offer in – depth courses that are designed and led –by accomplished entrepreneur, investors, mentors and educators. Successful entrepreneurs design the basic building block of capitalism.

Knowledge is not only the matter of success in entrepreneurship but the network of individuals with whom he is connected also plays a dominant role in entrepreneurs education programs that is organized should emphasize individual activities over group activities. Knowledge is not inborn it is only acquired from education (knowledge for financial statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet) all are persuade only by education. By acquiring entrepreneur education an entrepreneur makes the right decision for his business and runs better. Students must be prepared in every situation whether it is unstructured and uncertain nature of entrepreneurial environment. Entrepreneur education is not limited to students it also involves the entrepreneur educators. The main target of the entrepreneur educators is to teach the students with full knowledge and awareness and the most important must be ready for experiences with new tools. Now a time many schools and colleges are accountable to invest in technology for boosting student achievement.

Education of Founder of zoom cars David Back and Greg Moran, met while learning at the University of Pennsylvania, where both moved on from in 2007. While Back learned at Harvard Law School and Moran took a shot at vitality financing ventures. The pair likewise went ahead to Business College with full grants, Moran at the University of Southern California and Back at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University.     6.


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