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Much we talked about creating and monetizing websites and blogs, ways to make efficient and effective money, and other interesting methods to schedule a strong and stark presence on the internet, but never addressed the sites selling strategy and blogs as a way to make money. Some people create online projects in order to market the past 2 or 3 months, and there are those who build solid, robust and high-quality projects, and one day put the possibility of selling them for a tidy sum of money.

However, selling a website or blog and actually make money is for many a utopia. The lack of strategy to achieve entice potential buyers makes you miss real opportunities to make money and perhaps go for a new project, more interesting, more framed with the author's knowledge, or simply get nothing.

There is also a high possibility of your site or blog to be profitable at the moment, which is invariably the result of their dedication and commitment, and has a strong community and own value, a customer base and loyal readers, an authoritarian profile with the search engines, and perhaps, sufficient income to make you your own boss.

However, selling a website or blog is not an easy task, let alone when it recognizes the real value of the work. There are still very few professionals with an interest / ability to invest several thousand euros on websites and blogs, and the current market, both in Portugal and Brazil, suffers from some unreality. But ... using the right strategies, you may be able to fit a good amount of money, which surely will look to the future with good eyes!


Your website or blog has some of its features in trouble? Something needs to be arranged to work in full? If yes, then this is the perfect time for you soluccionar this problem. Before you put your website or blog in the sales market, make sure that all features are working in full, that the project is properly optimized for search engines, and that all his qualities and skills are visible. As when someone wants to sell a house, it is important that everything is really fantastic, neat and clean!


For anyone who is potentially interested in acquiring your website or blog, the numbers are one of the best ways to learn in practice if the business is an asset or not. Therefore, it is important that you collect all the figures relating to your project:

monthly income;

monthly expenses;

income sources (show the sales data of advertising, AdSense, etc.)

number of customers in the database

number of monthly unique visitors;

number of pages read monthly;

number of RSS subscribers;

number of subscribers in the Newsletter;

number of followers on Twitter;

number of published articles and comments;



How it is that you should set the price of your project, which by the way is even profitable at this point? We have seen various formulas for calculating the value of sites and blogs, including: 2X the amount of annual earnings, 1oX the amount of monthly income of the project, and so on However, note that your website or blog only really worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it. And this amount may well not be the amount you had calculated / idealized, or the proposal may not fit into any specific formula.

For the same reason, it is important that you set a minimum price and a maximum price for your site or blog. After that, there are several interesting approaches that you can do in order to get it sells. Please note also, that the professionals in your area will be able to certainly recognize the value of your project more easily than a mere curious internet.


If you directly contact companies or professionals to offer you the purchase of your project, whether you participate in purchasing markets and selling sites for auction, it is extremely important that you have with him a Press Release submission of sale. This press release should contain all the information and images for the first 3 points that we highlighted earlier, and should work basically like your sales page on the Internet, that is, the more attractive and provocative it is, the greater will be the highlight you will get to potentially interested parties.


A first step and if you want to maintain the anonymity of your sale, you can start by searching and directly contact their larger competitors. Today, virtually all Web sites and blogs have a contact page. Schedule an email with your Press Release and contact those same competitors directly, in order to show their interest in the marketing of your website and blog. Present immediately all the data that we talked about and wait for an answer.


Its your website or blog talks about nutrition tips, health and food, search Google for these terms and keywords and start making direct contacts with companies working in the same market niche. This can be carried out simultaneously with point No.5, for example. If perchance begin receiving proposals or contacts in order to further examine your offer, you will have with various stakeholders and it allows you to play in his favor and in favor of values ​​that you envisioned for your sale.


Although virtually nil at the moment, there are still some markets buying and selling websites and blogs on the Internet. In Portugal may register in More Traffic Forum in Brazil can subscribe to the Webmasters Online forum and international projects, you can use the buying and selling Flippa market.

All these proposals are feasible for those looking to sell a website or blog on the Internet. However, it is important that when you put your project for sale, remember to have completed at least the first four points of this article. and arrange your blog, collect all statistical data can play in favor of the sale, set a minimum and maximum price and prepare your Press Release / sales page for later published in discussion forums that we recommended, for example.


The likelihood of you to sell your website or blog to someone who does not know is too big. While it may seem an extremely professional person in their approach or written or by phone, you can never be sure to be dealing with someone you trust, at least until proven otherwise.

If you want to protect yourself from fraud, put your agreement in writing. This contract may be flexible and adaptable to your needs and the buyer. For example, you can set that 50% of the purchase price is paid precisely the time of purchase, and the final 50% is paid after successfully migrate your project to the buyer's server.

Keep a backup of your website or blog on your server and not send the access keys to the administrative panel before securing the second and final payment is successfully made. Taking into account that there is no regulation for the marketing of websites and blogs on the internet, always make sure you have money in your bank account before you hand over your work to someone unknown to you perfectly.


This is certainly a big selling point. Wake up to the buyer that you remain available as a consultant for future problems and possible strategies which it wishes to adopt. This makes the buyer feel relatively safe that can put the questions and / or suggestions for the future.

The only cost that you have to play this role, it will be your time. Sell ​​a website or blog requires a strategy and quality planning, and also some previous security, on pain of being deceived by someone who does not make the slightest idea who. You worked hard to make your website or blog what it is today. Always make sure you get in return what it deserves.

And if the proposal does not suit at first sight, I always have the idea that new proposals will come up tomorrow and then ...


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