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Healthy eating during Financial Crisis

You can follow some guidelines and still buy healthy foods, instead of spending due to the crisis, to a diet of potato chips, cheese, pasta, burgers and hot dogs.

Make your own coffee at home, buy fruits and vegetables of the season, and occasionally replace meat with protein alternatives such as eggs and beans sources, and although it seems an easy, cheap and very tempting solution, stay away from food chains quick. Photography can be very attractive but does not compensate for the lack of nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables

"Buy fresh food is too expensive." Wrong. In fact, buying fruits and vegetables of the season is quite economical. Take the opportunity to buy some food in large quantities, you can also save on the "quantity discount"

If they are not in season, you can buy canned fruits or vegetables at very affordable rates. Enjoy and check out supermarkets' own brands, as the quality is assured as much lower prices. These canned foods are still fresh, so the nutritional quality remains almost entirely.

One of the best ways to get fresh fruits and vegetables is to grow by itself, if you have a garden or a small garden with enough space to do so. If you do not have the space, you can always plant fresh herbs in a pot inside.


How proteins can be complicated on a budget. Steak, sirloin or fresh lobster is just a mirage of tight wallets, but you can still find good pieces of meat at low prices.

First, it is preferable to buy meat parts "is not ready". You can marinate the meat or stuffing yourself, do not have or do butchery and service charge. Save your money, and you can have more control over the nutritional content and level of seasoning salt. Buy whole chicken with bones costs much less, and can be easily removed to prepare a tasty chicken breasts. The less noble beef or pork are significantly cheaper, however, often have a stiffness or fats that can become quite unpleasant. When cooking meat, the cooking time will do to tenderize meat and preparation time will get a tasty dish.

And meat is not the only option. Consider replacing meat protein by alternative two or three times a week. Beans, eggs or peanut butter are examples of excellent sources of proteins that help maintain good levels of nutrition in times of crisis.


As in the case of sources of protein, processed goods purchased less is preferable. Prefer (brown) rice mixes are often just clever marketing gimmicks that do not benefit their nutrition and health.

It is also a good idea to buy bread, cakes, bread or tortillas when they are more affordable and freeze them to eat later. The nutritional value remains virtually unchanged for a long time.


An excellent solution to save more is to buy a water filter instead of buying bottled water. If you prefer juice, concentrated choose instead of soda.

Take breakfast at home. Add a few drops of milk or cream (lean) give breakfast a special touch, and much cheaper than going out every morning for breakfast on the street.


Snacks (chips, corn chips packages, etc.) are often products of poor and unhealthy nutrition. Avoid these products, but if you can not live without them, opt for family packages and get individual packages. You'll save 50%.

General Tips

- Buy products of own brand supermarket (or white label)

- Buy large packages of products to save money and then make individual packages home.

- Buy products on sale and freeze them to eat later.

- Do not fall into the traps of hypermarkets. In the boxes to pay several "islands" of products such as chewing gum, candy, cakes, cookies, etc. are placed, people are tempted to buy while waiting in line to pay. Focus on the section of vegetables and fresh fruits.

- Use coupons for discounts. But only for those products already normally consumed, not for products high in fat or sugar.

- Cooking at home and avoid going out to dinner.

- But if you decide to go to dinner, do not be shy and the case in a lot of food, tell the employee to keep and take home.

- Replace the meat protein from other sources of low-cost two to three times a week.

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