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Before detailing any process it is always a smarter way of dealing with the same is going to offer an outline of what forms the core matter of the process, so while discussing outsourcing it is some of the key pointers that we mention below which have to be kept in mind, these can very effectively deal with outsourcing, it basically deals with the very process of engaging out of the form employees who have been hired on a basis of a contractual payment for discharging the job. This again relates to very large firms who have multiple wings and where the task at hand has to be bifurcated and divided into many smaller parts and these tasks can be handled only if any outside support apart from the indigenous workforce of the organization has been employed. It makes it easier and lessens the time which is invested in a particular task.

   Generally there are many larger enterprises which have been using these techniques and these enterprises are formally introducing the techniques of outsourcing in the market which have been followed thereon by many other smaller enterprises. The major sectors where there has been vast amount of outsourcing that take space are the it integrated sectors these primarily hire workforce overseas and the overseas workforce is primarily composed of employees of varied statures and posts some who hold managerial and administrative wings and yet others who operate on the development and research wings and yet others who are engaged in wings like instrumentation of techniques and user interface, market building etc so there is definitely a wider variety amongst those who are involved n the process of outsourcing . this is often a much contended sphere too when one looks at outsourcing, the primary reason being that since the mother wing of most of the companies are based outside the nation or the territory of focus and operation it becomes a enormous task to bypass and handle all bureaucratic paraphernalia and regulations, laws and getting in tandem with the legal apparatus of a country, this might also involve signing of MOUs and other relevant documents.  

    Sometime outsourcing may also come as the result of a merger, mergers generally between corporations are common and it is significant because in the process of mergers, mostly of the companies which merger within a larger enterprise are basically prone to job cuts and most of the jobs are outsourced to foreign companies or other conglomerates thus bringing about a very fundamental change n I the


The digital world is changing that way outsourcing has been influence over a period of time and there have been many instances where it has been for the good, primarily the new digital techniques create for themselves a very highly quality premium experience most of the workload even in big shot enterprises when converted to the digital format can be handled with ease and it also apart from boasting the user interface results in ease of transfer or outsourcing of work to agencies directly outside the main organization.

     The digitization of work load and the marketing of the same, has become a concrete possibility of the times that we live in.


Perhaps the most important and living example of outsourcing has been in the sphere of consumer services and its has become over the time frame a very hassle free way of serving the customers via outsourcing most of the job opportunities to the outsiders, this makes it quick and adds more credentials to the services. The most important category of service which has undergone a massive makeover following the rise of outsourcing has been the service sector concerning hospitality, client care, research and development and other related spheres which have built a cumulative band of easily available and user friendly work culture with tiny outsourced units of employees who work as a part and parcel of the mother organization being stationed outside the base


The government by far is a very complicated mechanism m which work through multiple wings primarily there are issues of legality which are involved there within it and when outsourcing takes place these issues are highlighted and the company who primarily engages in the business of outsourcing is also much responsible for the security and the safety of the employees of the firm they have hired. This also imposes in most cases an extremely hard to mitigate challenge as the security apparatus has to be in tune with the concerned enterprise.


In tune with the process of outsourcing there has been also a reverse trend which is often considered by many inclined towards the opposite side,  it is the trend of disinvestment in outside units and building the capacity  of the mother unit or the mainstream unit so that labor power would not be hired from the other foreign units, this has become the trend in most of the market places and predictions made by the market analysts too suggest that this trend would only get more impetus with the next coming years.

The labor market in turn in both the receiving and giving ends does see rapid reversals and it has become prone to major avalanches in the past due to the fluctuating market and labor capital it is no longer safe to bank upon it and to ensure safety predictions have been made to tighten the grip on the labor laws and to keep them strictly under check.


There have been neck to neck completion amongst the major key players in the market  to obtain  the finest and the most skilled of all the labor power and this has also led to the vulnerability of the labor pooling units and this is due to the highly fragile corporate apparatus, this leads to subsequent questions being put on the welfare measures that are to be taken in order to ensure that the labor power which is a key resource for any economy is being safely guarded inside the portals of the concerned organization.


In India there is the mushrooming of many foreign aided units which operate as extensions of major MNCs of the worlds, presently the government is taking an initiative to boost the labor power in the country with the help of the SKILL INDIA campaign that is sure to build a sustainable and highly skilled labor force. Hubs of outsourcing like Bangalore are sure to bear the mark of it.

With these new initiative it remains a very interesting story in the making to see how the labor power is graded, refined and how the corporate sectors dabble amongst them to get the best slice of the cake!

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