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Deere & Company incorporated on April 25, 1958. This company has tree type of operates which are agriculture and turf, contraction and forestry, and financial services. It also invest these tree operate sections. But this company is manufacture and distributes company. It does many financial services and other relative activities, also they produce many kind of huge and high capacity tractors, equipment of agricultural tractors, construction's techniques and diesel engines. The Company's financial services operate provides credit services, which include finance sales and leases by John Deere dealers of new and used agriculture and turf equipment, and construction and forestry equipment. In addition, the financial services provides wholesale financing to dealers of the foregoing equipment, finances retail revolving charge accounts, and offers crop risk mitigation products and extended equipment warranties.

Traditional methods of capital budgeting

• Degree of Urgency Method

• Internal Rate of Return Method

• Net Present Value Method

• Payback Period Method

The capital investment:

​The capital investment is project of to distribute of current stock will expected stock in the future. We can classify investor as company's invertor or individual investor.

Basically, investors would like to put their investment into:

• Well organized business idea

• The best marketing strategy to business idea

• Business plan that could express enough for costumers

• The people whom can implement that plan

For the capital investment usually use Internal Rate of Return (IRR) method and Net present value (NPV).

1. Internal Rate of Return method (IRR)

Internal Rate of Return method is the time value of money. It analyzes an investment project by comparing the internal rate of return to the minimum required rate of return of the company.

Under this method, if the internal rate of return seems the investment project is higher or equal to the minimum required rate of return, the project considers acceptable otherwise the project rejects.

2. Net present value (NPV):

Net present value shows the different between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows that happen as a result of undertaking an investment project. The result of investment could be positive, zero or negative. These three possibilities of net present value are explained below:

• If result could be Positive on NPV:

If present value of cash outflows is less than the present value of the cash inflows, the net present value positive and the investment is considered to be acceptable.

• It result could be Zero on NPV:

If present value of cash outflow is equal to present value of cash inflow, the net present value is zero and the investment is considered to be acceptable as well.

• If result could be Negative on NPV:

If present value of cash outflow is more than present value of cash inflow, the net present value is negative and the investment is rejected.

2015 News Releases for John Deere Company

o Weakness in global markets for farm and construction equipment leads to decline in sales and earnings for quarter and full year.

o All businesses remain solidly profitable, helped by sound execution and disciplined cost management.

o 2016 forecast calls for sales decline of about 7% and earnings of approximately $1.4 billion. ( , News Releases and Information)

As we mentioned above, Deere & Company has tree main sections to operate.

Agriculture and turf: Deere's worldwide sales of agriculture and turf equipment are estimated to decrease by about 8 percent in the year of 2016, with a negative currency-translation of 2 percent.

Company sales for agricultural equipment is both the United States and Canada are expected to be down from 15 to 20 percent for 2016. Due to the reflect of low commodity prices and farmer's steady income, it is expected that the sale of higher-horsepower models will be pronounce.

In the year 2016, industry sales on EU28 is most likely to be down by 5 percent due to the cancellation to low commodity prices and farmers' wages, which puts more pressure on the dairy sector. Due to the economic concerns on brazil, sales in south America are projected to decrease by 10 to 15 percent. As for Asian sales, because the weakness of china- sales will be down very slightly.

Benefiting from general economic growth sales for 2016 will be up by 5 percent in both the United States and Canada.  

Construction and forestry: for 2016 Deere's worldwide sales on construction and forestry will be down by about 5 percent with 1 percent negativity on currency-translation.

Due to the weak conditions in the North American energy sector as well as Canada, the forecast of sales have been declined with sales outside Canada and the United States. For forestry global sales are estimated to be down 5 to 10 percent due to lower sales in the United States and Canada.

Financial Service: For financial services for fiscal-year 2016, net income to Deere & company operations is expected to be around $550 million. The outcome shows less-favorable financial spreads and increase on provisional credit loss. In addition, 2015 shows benefits from a gain of the sales on crop insurance business.

​Inflation risk: A mix of strong economic growth and insufficient monetary restraint can result in high inflation, a problem that has become big concern issue in emerging markets. When increase the inflation rate that could influence the capital investment. There are many reasons, becoming inflation risk could influence in capital investments.

Specially, In emerging market has to raise their interest rates of return in their domestic economy to curb inflation.

The developed economies are being difficult time, today. They are trying to improve with inflation in emerging markets. Consequently, the inflation pressures from abroad countries could impact the United State. For instance, Chinese yuan would be one of the way in which inflation would be impact United state's economy.

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