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Brand Nature

Bose is a private audio corporation offering specialized audio products in the consumer electronics industry. Bose develops high-quality speakers and headphones as well as audio systems for individuals, homes, military and automobiles (BOSE, 2016a).

Brand Values

Bose encourages innovation, through this they try and create value for their customers by making supreme quality products. The company places the experience of listening to music above all, this maybe the reason they do not publish very technical data pertaining to acoustic performance (Beloved Brands, 2011). Their marketing activities revolve around how music is associated with peoples lives and how it affects them (BOSE, 2016b; BOSE, 2016c).

Brand Positioning and Competitive Situation

Bose caters to customers who want unique acoustic technology and products. It follows a “direct to customer” approach, by setting up exclusive stores for its products to give customers unique experiences in a controlled environment. Unlike competitors such as Beats, Bose emphasizes more on technology, innovation, quality and functionality of products with large investment into R&D; rather than focusing on the fashionable and aesthetic appearance of products (Maccabee, 2014).

Core Target Market

Bose have a large portfolio of products in a variety of segments, as a result they have a wide target market. These customers can both afford and appreciate the quality offered by Bose products. Since, 2014 Bose has been trying to lure more young customers.

Key Customer Values

Bose's target customers are concerned the most about product value and quality of the product. For example, headphones and Sound Link system are the two leading online discussing topics linked to Bose (Crimson Hexagon, 2014). That is to say, the main reason for people taking Bose into consideration is due to its high quality headphones.

Bose posts regularly on Facebook. They mostly post pictures which have a low engagement rate, where as videos are posted less frequently but have a higher engagement rate. Almost 1 post per day. Engagement rate is of 0.02% which is low as they have 2.9 Million likes

(LikeAlyzer, 2016; Fanpagekarma, 2016).

According to the data from BoseUK Twitter account (2016), Bose has posted 5094 tweets with an average frequency of 1-2 tweets per day, however, the number of likes and retweets is low.

(, 2016a;, 2016b). Bose has underperformed on Twitter for its UK market, this underperformance could be attributed to two reasons: the content of Bose's tweets is not eye-catching and interesting enough to create and spread buzz for Bose and Bose has not chosen the right seeds for its social media campaign.  

Bose has 64.8K subscribers on YouTube, far more less than Beats, which has 480k followers, even though it posts regularly. OpenSlate's data says, Bose videos get nearly 2.9 million views (Digiday, 2014). Most of the videos on Bose's YouTube channel are eclectic, ranging from how-to content and tech tips to artist interviews and product campaign. Music Deserves Bose: Night Moves and Music is my____  series are two of its successful campaigns. The latter includes series of films to explore how music moves people around the world everyday, with 400k average views on each video.

Bose Instagram has 158k followers which is significantly lower compared to its competitors. Bose uses its Instagram account to post pictures of their products and connect their Instagram to other social media channel via hashtags. Bose encounters difficulty in finding graphic images that will reinforce and gain customer attention (Maccabee, 2014).

Spotify, which allows users to register using their Facebook account and link these two media platforms together so that people can listen to their friends' playlists and send messages to each other. The official Bose account on Spotify has 1,159 fans and 57 playlists with continuous updates. Moreover, Spotify connects to Twitter as well by using hashtags, such as #MySong, #BoseMusic and #ListenForYourself to reach high media exposure.



1. Telling the consumer that Bose is a lifestyle brand. It is no longer a brand that boring professionals use, everyone uses Bose.

2. To further improve sales and cash in on the Christmas buying frenzy.

Key elements of Strategy

A. Content

• Getting the “Beckham Family” to film an advert on Christmas Theme. They are a series of 6-9 second videos/vines.

i. The first video starts in Romeo Beckham's room showing him feeling a bit sad but the moment he put on his Bose headphones and starts listening to music he smiles.

ii. The second video shows Brooklyn Beckham and his friends enjoying a house party with music playing on the Bose wireless speakers.

iii. The third video shows David and Victoria Beckham enjoying a romantic dinner sipping mulled wine with Jazz music playing on Bose speakers in the background.

iv. The final advertisement will first show a recap in fast forward of the 3 previous adverts and finally show Christmas day where in the whole family is together, everyone is happy, it's a joyous occasion. Then the advert ends on a happy note where everyone sits down together to watch “A Christmas Carol”, which is being played on the Bose surround sound lifestyle home theater system.

The reason the Beckham family has been chosen is because of their popularity in the United Kingdom (see Appendix 1). The series of adverts show the Bose product range and how the company stands for music. It emphasizes the fact that Bose is a lifestyle brand and how it delivers music to you in times of celebration and brings you joy.

Implementation and Tactics

1. Timing Table

2. The aim is to get people to share their Christmas stories which revolve around music, important thing to be kept in mind is to ask the consumer to use #Bose/ #BetterSound/ #BoseIsLife. Stories that get shared the most will be getting free Bose products.

3. Selection of social media platform:-

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