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The aim of this paper is to discuss the different marketing strategy that have been devised by UAE's sole cellular service providers at the moment i.e. Etisalat and DU. We shall discuss their strategies that have proved helpful for them in acquiring a stable position in the region and moreover their techniques through which they have managed to gather huge number of consumers on both sides. We will take a look into different marketing techniques that have played an important role in controlling consumer decisions and also see how these companies can manage to improve their services for their customers.

Managed development of its client base, rising purchaser buying force, and accessibility of top of the line smartphones is fuelling the telecommunications market in UAE. Etisalat and du, the two versatile network administrators (MNOs) in the nation, are especially centered on the portable broadband and venture correspondences fragments, which demonstrate the most elevated potential for development. Albeit both administrators have as of now dispatched 4G services, 3G associations are anticipated to produce more income in the broadband portion in the following five years.

Despite the fact that the legislature somewhat possesses Etisalat and du, the opposition in the UAE business sector is wild. Forceful advertising effort and focused valuing will be crucial to increase broadband piece of the pie. While extreme interest has permitted MNOs to keep settled broadband costs generally high, diminishing costs will likewise empower them to meet edges as use keeps on developing. Further, MNOs will focus on quality included services (VAS, for example, portable substance advancement and venture centered services, for example, oversaw services and distributed computing to increase extra income.

Telecommunication in the United Arab Emirates

Telecommunications in the UAE is under the regulation and supervision of the Telecommunications Administrative Authority (TRA) which was set up under UAE Federal Law. From 1976 to 2006 the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) was the sole telecommunications supplier for the UAE. Keeping in mind there were special cases with the expectation of The Free Zones and present day lodging improvements, for most of the UAE, Etisalat held syndication on business and individual telecommunications administrations.

In February 2006 this syndication turned into a duopoly when another telecom organization and Web access Supplier, du was built up to offer versatile administrations over the UAE and Web and television administrations to some free zone areas. However, because of geological circulation of administration ranges, the organizations don't vie for clients and in this way successfully work in separate regions as monopolies. Prior du gave triple play administrations to free zone territories under the name Emirates Incorporated Telecommunications Company (EITC), which is still its lawful name.

When it comes to choice we see that the people UAE do not have a lot of options there are basically two cellular network companies operating in the region and both have their monopolies in their regions of operation. So we see it becomes quite simple for people to stick with either of the networks and hence the companies would be required to display and even greater customer relation bond because leaving one network would mean switching to the opposite one.

Let us take a look into Etisalat and Du's operational activities. Etisalat is a global, blue-chip association with operations in 15 nations over the Gulf region, Africa and Asia. It is one of the main telecom administrator with one of the biggest business sector capitalization among Middle East (specifically UAE), African and Asian telecom companies.

A Brief Review on Etisalat

Etisalat got to be one of the world's quickest developing telecom administrators; with client numbers developing from 4 million to more than 140 million in under 10 years. It's global procuring program started vigorously in 2004 through the grant of the second portable permit, and the initial 3G permit in Saudi Arabia. From that point forward the organization has seen fast development, over the Gulf, Africa and Asia through acquisitions and natural development. Etisalat now has entry to a populace of near 700 million individuals, with Thuraya; its satellite system supplier covering more than 66% of the planet's surface.

Etisalat has dispatched 4G versatile administrations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and today works the Center East's biggest LTE system with populace scope surpassing 82 for every penny. Etisalat offers both the Center East's quickest altered line broadband administration with velocities of up to 500Mbps - the most astounding portable broadband availability rates to date. It has likewise dispatched a few 3G systems in its foot shaped impression including Egypt Afghanistan; Ivory Coast and Benin. These headways have offered Etisalat some assistance with capturing piece of the overall industry with the presentation of versatile broadband administrations and moderate web access.

A Brief Review on Du

On the other hand we have Du. Du started its business in February 2006 and started a mobile and landline cellular service provider. Du's official name is Emirates Incorporated Telecommunications Organization (EITC). It was industrially marked as du in February 2007. The organization had 4.5 million supporters as of the end of Walk 2011. The organization propelled versatile telecom administrations in February 2007 over the UAE and it reported its 2008 entire year results in February, uncovering it had included 1.88 million portable clients over the 12 months.

Until now more than 6.5 million versatile clients, 555,000 line (fixed) endorsers, 180,000 home personal (home) subscribers and more than 70,000 organizations have Du as their essential administration supplier. In a review Du was named the Best Portable Broadband System in the Center East and Africa locale in 2012. Presently Du's yearly income now surpasses AED 10 billion.

Du is showing a distinct fascination in creating 5G innovation; The UAE at long last has a settled system sharing understanding set up; Etisalat traits around 30% of its portable administrations income to its developing versatile information stream; Administration packaging has turned into a prominent approach to pull in and hold clients.


Changes in Buying Trends over the Last few Years

Until now, the first mobile phone bought by individuals was at 18 years old, however this has changed now and youngsters matured 14-15 own cellular phones. Absolutely, cost and properties are the most compelling variables and thought processes that drive individuals to purchase another cellular phone while value, perceptibility and friends‟ portable administrators were the prime elements in picking a versatile administrator for their phones.

It is believed that buyer conduct manages the quest for obtaining, utilizing, assessing, and discarding items and services that they think will fulfill their necessities and needs in the restricted assets that they procure. Absolutely, buyers assume an observational part in supporting the showcasing motion. Henry Passage effortlessly created the same hued auto for just about ten years there still was interest in the business sector in light of the fact that the utilization arrived.

The same is impossible in today's present day period. This is a direct result of the changing purchasing drifts and expanded rivalry in the business sector. Grasping buyer conduct is a completely created field nowadays. It differs as per nations, commercial ventures, and even social orders and also or families. Diverse specialists give us an able meaning of customer conduct in their books; shopper conduct manages products, services, exercises, individuals, thoughts, and encounters. It is expressed that from purchasing a need decent, for example, a cleanser or a cleanser, into purchasing an extravagance decent like a sumptuous auto, the buy conduct of customers differ and are appropriately reflected.

 Individuals from the same family have diverse conduct as for exercises, merchandise, encounters, products and so forth. Every one of the procedures that are included in mental and additionally physical demonstrations of people, gatherings, or associations and identify with obtaining, utilizing or notwithstanding discarding the products and services to fulfill needs is the investigation of customer conduct.

Utilization of Smartphones has expanded colossally from 33% of Canadian cell phone clients in Walk 2011 to 48% in Walk 2012. It has likewise been found that development in the utilization of Smartphones is restricted to a specific age bunch as well as its use is spreading over all age bunches. Half of the cell phone clients have information arranged with the goal that they can utilize the web wherever they are.

Researches provide us with the most valuable source of understanding the cellular service industry of UAE and how the customers switch starting with one service supplier then onto the next. It perceives the movement examples of purchasers through examining bother, cost, and center service disappointments that have been taken as the autonomous variables. The discoveries of this study give us acumen regarding how cost and center services' disappointment determines to wind up the cause behind changing shopper practices in the cellular service area of UAE.

The Part Played by Campaigns & Advertisements

Moreover we have seen Du and Etisalat have also sought towards a lot of advertisement. Advertisement is a thought for the business. It is procedure of creation to move individuals. It is a procedure of comprehension about business thoughts where they originate from. It additionally underscores how they can be secured. Consequently era of thoughts concerning advertisement is soul of business.

Nonetheless, advertisement ought not to be restricted to advancement of marked items but rather it includes the improvement of picture for the association. From these contentions it is outlined that advertisement is critical for offers of items as well as it is more essential to inhale the association itself. It shows up as material thing like messages however its character is similar to illustration of soul in living creatures on which it flourishes or gets to be latent.

Advertisement is for advancement of items however advertisement itself requires a proper medium by which it can be spreads around the objective individuals and invigorate their longing. Consequently association ought to deal with advertisement methodology to dispatch its items. Understand that items which will be dispatched or publicized ought to satisfy buyer's need and prerequisites as per their mentality and method for living. Association must be fruitful in building their image through an item which fulfills the clients' needs. In short this is the procedure of marking and advancing great items by which delivering great items brand of association stances to better picture.

For achievement and disappointment of brand relies on the methodology of advertisement. Methodologies are establishment on which brands are assembled. They keep the promoting and other showcasing components on track and manufacture an unmistakable and predictable identity. They speak to the spirit of a brand and a critical component is achievement. In the event that system is correct and guarantee and center advantages are going to strike the shopper in the head or heart or gut then the advertisement technique is darling to be fruitful, which should be clear in correspondence to satisfy the guarantee given by association, the main thing to be look in advertisement is the advantages of buyer and the center thought are the heart of the methodology.

An inventive brief relates the technique to the present circumstance and destinations. At the very least an innovative brief astounds the imaginative group with ambiguous explanations and catchphrases. Getting it done it guides with a firmly characterized system and empowers with a substantial objective. The principal objective of association would be what association is going to accomplish for consumers. Association ought to dependably remember that the reason for advertisement is to offer the items to the consumers.

System is long haul wanting to maintain the brand picture of an association and it is to be for all intents and purposes executed. In this way it includes the decisions of business sector division and need to position advertisement procedure. In consistently changing environment the embraced system should be kept adaptable to get upper hand. Accordingly it should be substitution of old technique by visionary new and esteemed procedure to accomplish long haul objective by transient wins.

To manufacture a solid brand it needs to consider an investigation the effect of brand on buyer while the brand is at creating stage. It needs an examination of business sector, rivalry, conduct of individuals, and certain outer and interior variables. Statistical surveying includes IDs of some item, which is not known by its value but rather it is more acquainted with some brand name.

Different Factors Effecting Buying Decisions

A lot of work has been done on the working and comprehension of purchaser conduct. Such studies stress on the relationship between a few autonomous variables like social, social, individual, mental, and advertising blend components with purchaser conduct. They sorted customer conduct as broad, standard and constrained. They likewise incorporate the choice making prepare regularly talked about by various creators when shopper conduct is the theme under thought.

Quality is one of the basic establishments of what drives consumers to buy a specific item. Measuring service quality is a test as it concerns the impression of consumers however it is conceivable. Nature of service has extraordinary impacts upon the whole structure of the business sector of shopper merchandise however financial specialists have been occupied with the determinants of syndication force and one of the significant determinants of it is purchaser conduct in various commercial enterprises. Consumers consider the proficiency of service exchange at all times.

While, specialized quality is associated to specialized industry benchmarks that should be trailed by endeavors to make due as well as to ensure that in the wake of meeting these norms they might present a component of separation in their service, practical quality is identified with how the service is adequately conveyed to the consumers.

A late study was led which centered around the relationship between saw service quality, saw exchanging cost, corporate picture, trust and client dependability in portable telecom segment. As indicated by this exploration, it has been uncovered that the majority of the variables positively affect client faithfulness which holds clients in the short-keep running and in addition over the long haul. It has been watched that numerous studies identified with service quality and quality traits manage distinctive methodologies. The hypothesis of appealing quality expresses that quality traits can be grouped into five classifications; alluring quality, one-dimensional quality, aloof quality, must-be quality and turned around quality.

A study was led in Ethiopia to discover the apparent service nature of portable telecommunications and its effect on consumers. The study uncovered that more than half of the respondents (52.7%) saw the general service nature of the Ethiopian Telecom Corporation to be beneath normal while 33% of the respondents (28%) thought the general quality was normal, and just around one-fifth of the respondents (19.3%) trusted the general service quality to be above normal. The exploration additionally broke down the hole between buyer's desires and genuine service conveyance. The measurement of network angles kept up the most extensive crevice rendering the way that clients' desires are not being met productively and capability.

Another study was directed in India which was about exchanging shopper practices in cellular service supplier. It was centered on a noteworthy Indian study and the study presumed that call rates assume a central part in exchanging the service supplier. Network scope, esteem included services; client consideration and promotion assume noteworthy parts as well yet the significance of these elements changes.

As indicated by the study, the most favored portable service supplier was Airtel and after that came BSNL. The study gives a comprehension of how consumers' observation and the real nature of the network influence the purchasing conduct of consumers. It was seen that 47% of consumers were prone to change to another versatile service administrator on the off chance that they don't get their normal nature of service that they are paying for.

As indicated by "Oracle" estimating slopes to be a greater impact for more established consumers; 75% of consumers about 55 years or more and 73% of those of ages ranging 35-54 said valuing plans and the general expense was one of the three greatest variables for them while picking a portable supplier. By examination, 67 percent of those between ages 18 to 34 referred to estimating and cost. Notwithstanding, this present study's outcomes constrain just to the number of inhabitants in the US.

We have seen that the cost of any item or service decides the purchasing conduct and expectations of clients. In Pakistan, it has been seen that clients incline toward less expensive costs rather than high caliber of items. This is a result of low salary levels of individuals living in Pakistan furthermore on account of a few different distinct options for a solitary item they can locate the coveted item at a less expensive cost. There is a relationship between social impact, value, economy and convictions to comprehend this particular mindset of clients.

Additionally, commercials have two noteworthy impacts on consumers; it gets to be as the premise of adapting new data around a brand, and it makes the brand picture. Likewise, there is a dynamic model of customer learning and experience which brings about a specific conducts; buy conduct. It has been seen that utilization of an item and introduction to ad prompt client maintenance if quality and experience coordinate the desires of consumers.

Publicizing influences consumers through subjective angles; detects, observation, consideration, memory, thinking, dialect, and so on. Notices help with client maintenance and keep clients' consideration in place. Alongside subjective viewpoints there are enthusiastic and behavioral perspectives too that are influenced as a consequence of good or awful adverts and advancements.

Marketing Techniques Like Television

Other than that, limited time devices particularly TV is still the most critical medium of promotions. One of the variables that decide buy conduct is commercials and their effect. It impacts consumers to buy an item regardless of the possibility that they would prefer not to buy it at first. The concentrate additionally uncovered that different mediums of promotions, for example, print media, daily paper, and so forth are generally disregarded by clients since they are less alluring. Henceforth, TVs stay in front of the various mediums of promotions and plainly can't be overlooked by clients.

Thinks about directed in Western Africa uncovered that four elements decide the brand inclination of consumers with reference to cell phone service administrators, in particular; advancement, cost and accessibility of item, alluring bundling and item quality. It was found that the wellspring of data consumers gets about portable service administrators is either through print media, electronic or verbal. TV and loved ones individuals were most favored wellsprings of data which implies that consumers picked their portable administrators on the premise of limited time promotions and in addition informal.

Another study demonstrates that determination of portable telecommunications service suppliers depends on some basic components, for example, general service quality, free calls and SMS, network ability, low rate changes, network creativity, network unwavering quality, and advancements with rebates and so on. With these basic components a conspicuous and maybe an overwhelming variable exists; social elements. Individuals pick those portable administrators that are as of now being utilized by their loved ones individuals. In any case, in this study it was inferred that superstar limited time exercises, extraordinary versatile number and prominent clients were slightest persuasive elements in considering which portable administrator one ought to pick.

Importance of Customer – Client Relationship

Satisfaction of clients with items and services of an organization is considered as an imperative variable driving toward intensity and achievement. Consumer loyalty is entirely client assesses the continuous execution. Consumer loyalty is client's response to the condition of satisfaction, and client's judgment of satisfaction level. Consumer loyalty is essential in today's business world as the capacity of a service supplier to make high level of satisfaction is vital for item separation and creating solid association with clients. Consumer loyalty makes the clients faithful to one telecom service supplier. Past analysts have found that satisfaction of the clients can help the brands to assemble long and beneficial associations with their clients.

Despite the fact that it is excessive to produce fulfilled and faithful clients however that would demonstrate gainful in a long keep running for a firm. Thusly a firm ought to focus on the change of service quality and charge suitable reasonable cost with a specific end goal to fulfill their clients which would at last help the firm to hold its clients. It is a typical wonder that the services a brand offers and the value it charges really decide the level of satisfaction among its clients, than some other measure.

Client's inclusion is likewise critical as when purchaser consider the item essential and contributes time to look for data then it at last improves the satisfaction level. This satisfaction might impact the concerned organization by repurchase, buy of more items, positive verbal exchange and readiness of client to pay more for the specific brand. Any business is prone to lose piece of the pie, clients and speculators on the off chance that it neglects to fulfill clients as successfully and productively as its rivals is doing.

In addition, we see that client services are the open doors for telecom service suppliers that are added to versatile network other than voice services in which substance are either self created by service supplier or furnished through vital consistence with service supplier. The enhanced client services are the point of convergence of the telecom service suppliers for social and additionally for financial reasons. From a social perspective, services ought to be accessible tithe clients on sensible terms. To the extent financial element is concerned, services ought to fulfill the necessities of the clients.

For creating satisfaction among clients, the telecom service suppliers should be additional cautious for the client services they give. Satisfaction of client is dictated by his assessment of service gave by a brand. They begin searching for different brands. It happens in light of the fact that either the client service focuses don't handle the grievances or the clients are not ready to address them legitimately.

Now and then, telecom service suppliers take significantly more time to determine the issues like network scope or call quality, the clients don't sit tight for long and consequently they lose satisfaction with that specific brand. Moreover, the well disposed state of mind and considerate conduct of the service specialists at service firms leaves a positive impact on the client which lead towards consumer loyalty.

Current Statistics about Etisalat & Du

Further a brief comparison between the current positions of both companies is given below. Etisalat total subscriber number developed by 7% on a yearly premise to 148 million in 2013 and a 3% development by December 2013. The net expansion of 9 million subscribers in the year was essentially an element of good subscriber development in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, Benin and Togo markets.

Etisalat entire year merged revenue expanded YoY by 18% to AED 38.9 billion driven by solid execution of residential operations and the solidification of Pakistan operations. In the UAE, revenue developed by 9% to AED 24.8 billion as a consequence of subscriber development, increment sought after for information services and higher handsets deals.

Revenue from universal operations expanded by 47% to AED 13.8 billion, speaking to 36% of merged revenues. In Egypt, revenues for 2013 of AED 4.7 billion were down 7% from earlier year mostly affected by cash downgrading. Be that as it may, revenue in nearby coin confirms single digit development because of an expansion in the post-paid client base, development in the information section and handset deals.

Visible profits after Federal Royalty expanded YoY by 5% to AED 7.1 billion in 2013. In spite of higher devaluation and amortization charges, assessments and lower money salary, net benefit enhanced because of higher offer of consequences of partners, and lower hindrance charges and different misfortunes, and lower Federal Eminence.

Whereas for Du, revenues expanded by 13.3% year on year to AED 12.2 billion. Our portable information revenues kept on expanding and rose by 18% contrasted with AED 2.79 billion in 2013. By fundamentally improving end-to-end client encounter and making a committed 'advanced ordeal' group to execute and coordinate computerized procedure, we could push the versatile client base to 7.34 million before the end of 2014.

All the more particularly revenues developed to AED 12.2 billion by a 13.3% expansion contrasted with 2013 (AED 10.80 billion). Versatile information revenues expanded by 18% (YOY); from AED 2.36 billion in 2013 to AED 2.79 billion, with information now speaking to 29.7% of portable service revenues. Altered line revenue developed to AED 2.25 billion (up by 31.3% through the span of 2013). EBITDA expanded 16.8% to AED 5.03 billion versus AED 4.31 billion in 2013.

Net benefit before sovereignty grew 22.8% YOY to AED 3.70 billion versus 2013 (AED 3.01 billion). Net benefit after sovereignty remained at AED 2.11 billion up from AED 1.99 billion in 2013 in spite of an expansion in eminence of 55% year on year. Free income achieved AED 2.19 billion down from AED 2.33 billion in 2013. Proposed last profit installment of AED 0.20 conveying the aggregate yearly profit installment to AED 0.32.


We have managed to prepare a questionnaire that will help us in getting an idea about the attitude of people towards the services of Etisalat and Du. Once the respondents will complete the questionnaire the data will be collected and we will look for trends among people that would help us in our research.

 Exploratory Research

Exploratory research will be research led for an issue that has not been unmistakably characterized. It regularly happens before we know enough to make reasonable refinements or set an illustrative relationship. Exploratory research frequently depends on auxiliary research, for example, exploring accessible writing and/or information, or subjective methodologies, for example, casual examinations with consumers, representatives, administration or contenders, and more formal methodologies through inside and out meetings, center gatherings, projective techniques, contextual investigations or pilot thinks about.

Data Analysis

Primary and Secondary data will be analyzed and conclusion would be given after that.

Background of Questionnaire

The survey was carried out on about 150 people all belonging to different sectors of life. Off these people most of them were associated with jobs whereas a small amount belonged to the dependant category which was further classified as old people and children. However, the results obtained were completely in accordance with the literature and hence we can assume that the findings could help Etisalat and Du get a better understanding about their future business strategies.

Below are mentioned some noteworthy survey results.

Basic Demographics

Demographics Group Percentage

Gender Male

Female 53


Age 18-25



More than 41 72




Dependant Below 20

Above 55 82


Qualification Undergraduate


Postgraduate 34



Network in Use Etisalat


Both 53



Demographics reveal that people are more prone towards Etisalat whereas only a small number of the people observed are attached to both network services. Further we can see that most of the people are independent (about 89%). However the dependant population mainly consists of teenagers less than 20 years of age and only a few of them are above 60. Moreover, the populace selected for survey is educated and hence they must be aware of different business strategies and campaigns introduced by these companies.

Descriptive Statistics of Variables

It was seen that the variable of quality had a mean of 3.2 with an SD of 0.66 and hence was found to be the most neutral.

Correlation Analysis

*Significant Correlation at 0.01

**Significant Correlation at 0.05

Positive Relation Negative Relation

Price & Buying Behavior Quality & Buying Behavior  

Campaign & Buying Behavior

Social Factors & Buying Beh.

Regression Analysis

Variable Coefficients ANOVA Model Summary

Beta t Sig F(df) Sig R^2 Adj R^2

Quality - .009 - .134 .893 .018 .893 .000 - .004

Price .141 2.231 .027 4.979 .027 .019 .015

Campaign .245 4.489 .000 20.153 .000 .072 .068

S. Factors .384 7.769 .000 60.354 .000 .188 .185


• R^2 for Quality = 0 which shows no relation of Quality with Buying Behavior

• R^2 for Price =   0.19 which shows significant relation of Price and Buying Behavior

• Same is the case for Campaigns and Social Factors i.e. R^2 is .072 & .188 respectively and depicts relationship with Buying Behavior.

So we see that how buying behavior is linked with factors like price and quality. This throws light on the fact that people do consider price as the primary source of judging anything's worth. Quality has proven to give no significant relationship with buying behavior which shows that it is somehow not linked with buying behaviors

Source Percentage

Television 47

Internet 22

Newspaper/Magazine 10

Advertisements 12

Word of Mouth 9

Hence once again we see that television appears to be the most reliable source of delivering product details to people. The higher percentage also indicate that people are more attracted to viewing the product and hearing about it rather than reading about. Hence this is the reason internet and newspapers came second. Another interesting thing is that people consider someone else's advice and hence a reasonable number of people also opted to their company on advice of others.

Network Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Poor

Etisalat 58% 30% 5% 3% 3%

Du 45% 40% 3% 10% 2%

Here we again see an interesting phenomenon where Etisalat appears to be excellent for some of its users however Du comes second but we can see that its “Good” rate is fairly higher than Etisalat's which also tells us that the company is doing fairly better now.

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