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The benefits of the fashion week & the brand image

• The image of the brand

A brand image is the view, the perception of the customers about a brand and its product. It shows what the brand stands for, basically it includes the beliefs held about a specific brand and how it is positioned in the market.   

Good or bad, Brand image absolutely impacts a company. Companies should always improve their brand image; Brand image is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. A positive brand image helps companies reach new heights, while a negative brand image hinders companies from being at their best.

• Benefits of Strategic planning for the brands image 

 Benefits promote advantages within the fashion industry during the fashion week. The main benefit of the fashion week is promoting a brand so the organization's process, direction and decisions all rely on a good Strategic plan. For any brand to be successful, it needs a unique recipe based on consumer needs. This means forecasting and creating trends in the fashion world, and understanding the needs of the brand's followers. The strategic plan of organizing for the Fashion week event takes between three to four months' preparation and ongoing technical input in this case we take the fashion week (ladies) which takes place over a two-week period in March.

• Benefits of being Associated with a brand image  

The benefits of being associated with such events like the fashion week are far more strategic and can take years of association over a period of time, ensuring that they become a part of the brands expression, and influence the market image. It also serves as a platform for the brand to generate appeal, and benefit from recognition and loyalty (customers).

Fashion week is mainly about the clothes but it's also when fashion houses try to outshine one another with innovative marketing. There is more access to shows and audiences online. It's not just magazine editors that fashion brands want in the front row but also bloggers and digital-savvy celebrities that will increase their newest lines with social media exposure.

• Benefits of the Buzz

London Fashion Week saw a fashion-first when a model walked down a runway with her Smartphone posing for a selfie video, on Instagram. There are many clever techniques that are seen at the Fashion week, in fact all brands can learn from these tactics and the image they give.

Clara Delavigne posting a selfie video on Instagram.

Similarly, designers send models down the runway wearing google glasses in order to post social media content from a model's perspective.

• Benefits of technical tactics

The hi-tech image

RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification) - (chip on-metal)

A tag and visual tagging system for tracking using active RFID automatically identify and track tags on cloths are now being used by the fashion industry:

RFID-wrist bands were given out for free at the fashion week all in the interest of generating a buzz and to get an overall image of what's happening.

For example, 2000 wrist bands created more than 4 million impressions, leading to 7,000-plus engagements with a brand.

It is a new big promoter and benefits the designers and allows people like you and me in to give information and lets us cheer for our prefer designers share their moods and upload selfies all at the swipe of a band at RFID zones at the fashion week venues.

Fashion labels are using technology, tapping into their fans' natural behavior on social media in order to connect with them.

Designers now showcase clothing at fashion shows not just to impress buyers and editors, but to generate publicity and social media buzz, for the benefit of a new mass audience. And online media has given millions of fashion fans access to fashion.

RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification)

• Benefits off the entrainment factor

Creating an entertaining, social-media-ready show has become the true art of a designer at a fashion week.

We can now view high-end fashion shows (from our laptops) a site for inspiration and celeb-watching, not only a shopping experience.

There isn't a brand around without a social media strategy. Designers now showcase clothing at fashion shows not just to impress buyers and editors, but to generate publicity and social media buzz, for the benefit of a new mass audience.

• Benefits to the fashion community

The Fashion community, including designers, models, stylists and photographers and designers who are seeking to grow their labels and business opportunities see what imagine there are creating what works and what doesn't.

• Benefits for the individual Designer, Social Shopping

Designers have introduced a Twitter Mirror backstage at Fashion shows which is a tablet that let models Tweet photos of themselves just before hitting the runway and have also pushed social media that little bit further with Tweets and Vines that let users zoom in on details on the garments.

When launching a new product, you have to create a buzz, it's value is so huge that the social currency has become a form of payment for some of the brands such as tweets and face book posts in exchange for goods.

• Benefits of Real-Time Marketing and image building

Real-time content means relevant content. Some brands live-stream their shows and post backstage content in real-time on their social channels.

Also, sharing events in real time through live streaming, fashion houses use paid media to enhance the buzz created at Fashion Week.

Live stream experience and hash tag trending.

An interactive live stream experience that let users take control of the 360° camera and engage with Tweets on the hub page. This got the hash tag trending worldwide on Twitter and helped gain over 100,000 new fans to a brand.

People like you and me can take part of the event without being present.

Trough this new technology brands can reach the customers instantly and

The impression in the consumers' mind of a brands total personally real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings

Brand image is developed over time through fashion shows like the fashion week and advertising campaigns with a consistent theme, and is authenticated through the consumers' direct experience.

He overall idea is here is to Listen to your customers – let the fans decide what content they want to see, like and eventually buy

The brands image is directed trough the customer image of it.

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