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In  this  chapter  we  will  discuss  the  background  of  the  project

  in  section  2.2.  Related  works

will  be  discussed  in  section  2.3  and  in  section  2.4  we  will

compare  related  works  and  our

work and a final summary of chapter is added in section 2.5



In  the  following  section  we  will  discuss  the  environment  we

will  use  to  develop  or

application and the features that will be used in our applic



Android platform

Analysis of the Android Architecture Studienarbeit von Stefan

 Brahler  ̈ an der Fakultat f  ̈ ur

Informatik   ̈  Erstgutachter:  Prof.  Dr.  Frank  Bellosa  Betreue

nde  Mitarbeiter:  Dr.  Jan  Stoß


Dipl.-Inform. Konrad Miller  ̈ Bearbeitungszeit: 2. Juni 2010

 6. Oktober 2010

The  latest technology trends  brings about many challenges

 and  many  standards that need to

be  conformed  to  before  an  actual  realization  could  be  bu

ilt  up  and  presented  for  further

acknowledged use. Every day the  market of smartphone technolo

gy  increases. The  focus of

branding  and  marketing  is  not  only  on  hardware  or  specificatio

ns.  It  is  primarily  quite

dependent  on  the  software  systems  the  technology  functio

ns  on.  The  software  systems  and

smartphone technology  function on a particular operatin

g system.  Due to the advent of  new

customer  products,  services  and  rapid  change  in  technology  th

e  need  of  an  adapting  and

innovative side of technology needs to be maintained. Andr

oid is one of the most reputed and

most  widely  used  operating  systems.  Android  is  the  most  support

ed  and  favorable  system

preferred  by  the  market  and  the  customer


  Android  is  an  operating  system  developed  by

Google based on a Linux kernel the operating system has been

 functionally designed for the

touchscreen  applications.  Many  extensions  and  versions  of  th

e  operating  system  have  been

released and the updating process is continuous base on busine

ss and customer requirements.

Android is an operating device which was initially designed for l

ow powered systems or low

powered devices such as tablets and smartphones that rely on

 battery. These technologies are

not   stand   alone   technologies;   the   system   is   based   on

many   hardware   and   software

components   such   as   Global   Positioning   System   (GPS)   receive

rs,   cameras,   light   and

orientation sensors,




 and UMTS (3G telephony) connectivity and a touchscreen.  

Android  operating  system  provides  a  high  level  of  abstraction

  to  its  users  and  developers.

The  most  accommodating  language  and  platform  to  extract  v

arious  functionalities  both  in

soft  core  and  hardware  related.  Android  allows  applications  a

nd  devices  to  utilize  the

hardware structured features and present a user  friendly plat

form  for a  definite  environment

for application development and application use.

However,  in  comparison  to  other  available  operating  systems  f

or  the  same  smartphone  and

tablet  or  computing  technologies  like  Apple


s  IOS,  Palms  WebOS  or Symbian;  the  android

applications  are  completely  developed  in  java  programming  lan

guage  and  are  functionally

executed  over  a  virtual  machine.  The  most  circumstantial

and  productive  use  is  made  by

Android  as  for  the  perturbed  purposes  Android  makes  use  of  Dalvik

virtual  machine.  This

machine  title  Dalvik  virtual  machine  (DVM)  is  yet  again  stand

-alone  software  that  is

responsible  for  executing  its  own  set  of  byte  code  or  ins

tructions.  Dalvik  virtual  machine

(DVM) is the core element in all android applications sinc

e all of the applications are written,

developed  and  tested  in  java  language  over  the  Dalvik.  All  softwa

re  application  based

platforms  have  a  hub  or  market  place  that  publishes  applicat

ions  and  vendors  or  customers


n download the services off from that particular marketpla

ce. Thus, like on other platforms,

applications  for  Android  can  be  obtained  from  a  central  p

lace  called  Android  Market.  The

platform  was  created  by  Android  Inc.  which  was  bought  by  Google

 and  released  as  the

Android  Open  Source  Project  (AOSP)  in  2007.  A  group  of  78  different

companies  formed

the  Open  Handset  Alliance  (OHA)  that  is  dedicated  to  develop  and  d

istribute  Android.  The

software can be freely obtained from a central reposit

ory and modified in terms of the license

which is mostly BSD and Apache

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