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Indian Call Center is a one stop voice operations call center for b2b or b2c telemarketing that provides a full range of high-volume, Inbound or Outbound Telemarketing, including Lead Generation, Sales Leads Generation, Customer Support, Directory Assistance, BPO, Bpo Outsourcing Services, Appointment Setting, Business Process Outsourcing India, Mortgage Lead Generation, Telemarketing Lead Generation, and Web-Based Services.

Indian Call Centers is a leading provider of BPO services with special reference to Offshore Call Centers and Indian Call Centers. Indian Call Centers is a Network of Individual International Call Centers in India with its affiliates throughout Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bombay, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and Noida. Its Headquarter is in New Delhi, India.

We offer Outbound Telemarketing Services to our clients, throughout USA, Europe (UK) and Australia. We specialize in for Pay per performance based Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing Services.

India is a talent-rich country. It has the largest English speaking manpower @ lowest cost.

• The work force is highly reliable and secure for rapid delivery of services

• India has highly liberal Government policies on Call- center operations and also enjoys the confidence of global corporations.

• Indian companies can provide call center services to clients at about one sixth rate of what it costs in US, UK or Australia

• India has state-of-the-art technologies for total solutions.

• IT is a major thrust area for the Government of India.

• India is one of the world's 10 fastest-growing economies.

Companies that require product support or that regularly supply information via the telephone to their customers, often utilize call center services to manage these responsibilities. Call center services are operated by independent companies and are specifically designed to handle large quantities of inbound telephone calls. Call centers are staffed with employees that are specially trained to respond to a company's inbound inquiries.

Call center services provide a streamlined operation that represents the company through providing a centralized point of contact for all incoming telephone calls. Often times, call centers will work in extremely large work spaces, like warehouses. Utilizing a large workspace to maintain a significant quantity of call center employees allows for a reduction in the need of supervisory positions and adds to the simplicity of administration and the focus on call management.

In order to handle the significant number of calls that they receive, a call center utilizes both technology and management techniques that minimize the customer's online wait time. Examples of such approaches include caller prioritization, which helps place the most urgent calls at the front of a queue, and automatic number identification, which allows phone agents to know the name of a caller before they speak with them on the phone.

 Businesses that outsource their inbound calls to call center services find that doing so often allows them to focus their efforts on their core business responsibilities, such as product development, sales and marketing. In order to further inform consumers, this Buyers Guide also provides common call center terminology, information on how to choose a call center service, a call center service checklist, and articles related to the topic of call center services.

Striking a balance is the real fulfillment to life. In the rat race of our present day existence, especially in the long working hours ethos of our industry, we forget to maintain a balance between work and family. The result is devastating: high levels of stress, trauma, and even nervous breakdowns.

The phrase work life balance was coined in 1986 in USA .Until 1999 it remained on the fringes of corporate usage and public dissemination. Post 2000, work life balance has gone mainstream, with hundreds of dedicated internet sites, including those of mega corporations, helping spread its usage. There has been legislation enacted in many countries making work life balance crucial to the functioning of a corporation.

All this translates in the HR departments paying more and more attention to the aspirations of every employee and creating parameters of social interactivity to enable them to constantly discover their true potential. The BPO industry and other IT based businesses are constantly reframing their work life policies because of high attrition rates.

 Humble Beginnings

Established in 1980, EchoStar was the vision of now Chairman and CEO, Charlie Ergen along with his wife, Cantey and friend, James DeFranco. With the company's focus on customer service and cutting-edge equipment, it wasn't long before EchoStar quickly began to grow.

In 1986, EchoStar introduced the world's first UHF remote control and just one year later, filed for a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) license with the FCC. They were granted that license in 1992. EchoStar soon turned its focus to providing its own DBS service and in 1995, realized that goal with the launch of EchoStar I from Xichang, China.

And the DISH Network brand name was born.

DISH Network Today

Ten years and eight satellites later, EchoStar and DISH Network continue to pursue that same groundbreaking leadership that has set them apart from the competition. In 1999, DISH Network unveiled the DISH 500, the world's first and only 500-channel satellite TV system. Just a few months later, DISH Network does it again by releasing the new HDTV Satellite TV Receiver in January of 2000. By 2004, DISH Network had become the first satellite TV service to offer local channels to all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. and it was DISH Network who said thanks to their customers by giving away 1,000 complete high definition television systems.

Today, DISH Network remains the lowest all-digital TV choice in America and most recently, introduced the DISH Player-DVR 942, the first multi-room satellite TV receiver that can record in high definition.

But then, that's nothing new. EchoStar has been full of firsts. Each year, EchoStar and DISH Network have reaffirmed their standing by realizing new levels of service and cutting-edge technology. Partnering with communication masters such as SBC and Earthlink, DISH Network has been able to offer even greater discounts and services in the form of bundled packages. Ranked No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction among Cable/Satellite TV Subscribers by J.D. Power and Associates, DISH Network reached their 10 millionth customer milestone in 2004 and boasts an impressive satellite network with the capacity to provide hundreds of channels of digital video, audio and data services via DISH Network service to homes, businesses and schools throughout the United States. With over 20,000 employees, EchoStar and DISH Network remain dedicated to the delivery and advancement of Direct Broadcast Satellite worldwide.

DISH Network of Tomorrow

What's on the horizon for EchoStar and DISH Network?

The satellite industry continues to grow and expand, creating new opportunities and exciting, innovative technologies. High definition television and digital video recording are just two great examples of how far a little ingenuity can take you. DISH Network recognizes this unlimited potential in satellite broadcasting and continues to look ahead, exploring new services and programming choices for its customers. With the passage of the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act of 2004 (SHVERA), DISH Network anticipates the possibility of distant high definition TV network channels within the next few years.

Whatever the future holds, there are two things you can be sure of: it's bound to be exciting and EchoStar and DISH Network will continue to lead the pack.

Dish Network Corp. is a satellite service provider that specializes in offering direct broadcast satellite TV and audio to private homes as well as to business throughout both the US and Mexico. This wide reaching corporation first began offering its services back in 1996 as an offshoot of EchoStar, a leading “big dish” provider.

By 1998 EchoStar had purchased the broadcasting assets previously held by the combined group of MCI Worldcom and News Corp's ASkyB. This gave EchoStar 28 out of 32 transponder licenses for the 110° West orbit. This move increased the current US continental broadcasting capability by more than two times.

It was this purchase that led to the creation of the Dish 500 system which was purported to be able to receive more than five hundred channels. By January 2005 EchoStar had bought out HDTV provider Voom as well as its satellite. As of January 2008 EchoStar had grown large enough that it made the decision to split into two individual businesses. The newly minted Dish Network Corp. was the larger of the two.

Its focus was set on providing satellite television services to the public and businesses while EchoStar centered on maintaining a fleet of satellites and other such signal infrastructure. In December 2008 Dish Network made its move into Mexico under an agreement with MVS, a Mexican media group.

By December 2009 the estimated number of Dish Network customers easily passed the 14 million mark. This put Dish Network into an entire bracket of its own. Today Dish Network continues to march forward in its move to remain one of the world's largest satellite television providers.

With the corporation's move into providing various alternative means of viewing media Dish Network continues to push the boundaries that define just what it is that the company does best, that is keeping its customers continually entertained.

Unique and best features in dishtv

I have analysed a few unique features in dishtv which i am sure is not available on any other dth. If you have some other unique feature please contribute in this thread.

1. electronic program guide:- electronic program guide of dishtv is best among all the other dth. where video is never lost while using electronic program guide.

2. Language Change: Another best thing is you can change language on the fly by directly using language button without swapping channels or going in to menu and then change language. this feature is missing on all dth.

3. Favourite list: Favourite list option of dishtv is yet another good feature where you can add as many channels as you can in one list. and like that you can have max upto 8 different list.

Contibute to this thread if you found any other unique feature which is not available on any other DTH.


Many people ask me as of late that what are the good things about DISH TV. So I decided to compile a guide to the features of DISH TV that actually stand out from the rest of the Dish Networks in India. This list of Tata Sky's special features and… of course features which Tata Sky does offer normally.

• 120 Channels (November 2006): Tata Sky boosts 120 channels under its kitty but its still missing a lot of channels which DishTV offers, although it is very much clear that DishTV offers those channels already because it is the senior player in this game as compared to Tata Sky. Although Tata Sky has been EXTREMELY quick to pick up considering the fact that Tata Sky was launched quite later and DishTV was very slow to add new channels.

• No Channel Alteration: This is one thing I like about Tata Sky, the fact that Tata Sky seldom changes the CHANNEL NUMBERS of the channels they offer, DishTV does it for all the time except for Zee Channels (Primarily because DishTV's parent company, the Essel Group, CEO Subhash Chandra, owns Zee Network as well) and I am seriously fed up of the way I have to search for the channel I want on DishTV after an update, but this is not a cause of concern with Tata Sky absolutely. Tata Sky gets full marks over here.

• SEVEN DAY Program Schedules: Another big plus point with Tata Sky is the fact that you can go browse the Schedules of the programs on different channels (all of them actually) even SEVEN days in advance or less. DishTV as far as I know never offered anything like this, I mean to say a period like SEVEN days here, DishTV can go up to maximum of 24 hours forward and back, but this feature with Tata Sky is just incredible.

• EPG standalone usage: This may sound like a technical term, although it isn't. EPG means Episode Guide or Everyday Program Guide I believe, anyways, so there is this feature on Tata Sky that allows you to check out what is on a particular channel without changing the channel you are watching, now no more missouts! What a great thing this is which the Tata Sky team sorted out, I am lead to believe that this is one of the most user friendly things ever! Not to mention, DishTV doesn't offer this at all.

• Multiple Screen Feature: I don't get the fact that why isn't DishTV offering this thing? and why haven't DishTV ever offered this as well? This is such a basic thing, and to tell you readers, I must say that why should we spend a few extra thousand rupees just to have a multiple screen feature on our Television set? (I bet you people remember those advertisements where the TV companies show in their advertisements that they have this new and cool multiple screen feature so their television is now going to cost you a few thousand rupees extra JUST FOR THIS ONE FEATURE. All it has to do is with software, hardware is the same. Now when we have DishTV, which is all in all software based and remotely upgradable as well! So why can't DishTV offer this facility? But Tata Sky has an answer for this and therefore they are offering us a Multiple Screen Feature service, you can watch up to four channels simultaneously and choose whatever audio you want to! All this at no extra cost as well.

• Active Wizkids Interactive channel: DishTV may be offering a lot of Interactive channels and so is Tata Sky, but the channel Tata Sky stands out at here is the Active Wizkids Interactive learning channel for kids, where kids can go play some games which will also help them in learning something new through the method of games! Things couldn't get better for kids when its Tata Sky! It was actually good to see that the Tata Sky people do have some creativity to stand out, even if it was just one little channel and that too for little people, but Tata Sky has SUCCESSFULLY stood out from the crowd over here.

• Superior Hardware and Customer Support: Now this is one thing that people are rooting at Tata sky for, the great quality for Hardware which they are selling to their customers as well as their awesome customer support, the good thing about their hardware is that it doesn't fade out when there are weather problems, it doesn't have sun outages, it doesn't have any kind of a blurred picture when the the winds blow, neither does the signal fade out at Tata Sky when there are rains, it seldom happens and if it does, it has something to do with you and not the Dish which Tata Sky has provided. Also if some issue comes up and you need support, Tata Sky Customer support is always more than willing to come help you out as soon as possible. Something I have always seemed to have missed at dishTV, no real customer support, they come to your house days after your request. But Tata Sky has a 24 hours thing which doesn't let them go late no matter what. Signal quality has also always been great at Tata Sky, with signal strength reaching to the extremes of 90-95%, nothing ever achieved in DishTV as far as I know.

So yeah Tata Sky has many good points to cheer about, and they are also better than DishTV in a lot of ways, I have only tried to specify some points here, but there are many more as well. Although one shouldn't be unjust which is why I will be putting in the features glossary of DD DTH as well as DishTV pretty soon as well complete with reasons as to why you should choose them over the other alternatives around in the market.

Be optimistic though! There might come a day when all of these services become the same and then we do get to see some sort of a real competition between all these people,  I mean these companies, the STB and DTH providers.

DishTV Games

Something apart from the usual mumble jumble, here we go, now that I do have the Dish upgrade, I am going to introduce you people to the games that are available on my DishTV set.

• Table Football: This game is basically table football as the name suggests, pretty good of a game if you want to pass time, it has a nifty tournament feature as well, although I have never won it, three different levels of toughness namely easy, normal and hard. There are eight different characters to choose from in this game, which doesn't really matter, they are all the same, they just have different country flags on their shirts.

• Boy Racing: This is a little racing game that relies on the technique and upgrades on your car. There are fifteen races in the career mode on this game. The difficulty of each race increases as you pass forward because your opponent (Chav) upgrades his car and his control on it, this opponent is an NPC, but still seems pretty real at times. For each race you win, you get some in game money which you could use to purchase upgrades for your car, upgrades are available in three areas, Wheels, Accelaration and Top Speed I believe. Its impossible to fully upgrade everything seeing that there are not as many races in the career mode. But still its good to see your car improve as you upgrade it.

• Fruit Splat: You play a dude here who has an enemity with fruits, no kidding! You have to throw rocks at fruits of the same kind in a line and then you will technically SPLAT them up. After a specific number of splats, you progress to the next level. This is maybe all there is to this game.

• Jamble: This is on the same concept as Fruit splat, only that you have to switch between two things so that one of them gets a combination of three of its kind in a row. Then it gets deleted, after a specific amount of deletions, you get advancement to the next level. This game is a bit more thrilling though, because of the time bar at the bottom. Although there is no REAL thrill, just a bit of it sometimes when time starts running out.

• Jinja Ninja: This is a mario-like game, I never completed it, so yeah it is challenging, you play a little kid who is supposedly a Ninja and then you hit people with your lasso and kill them, and you can also use the lasso to stick into places and swing to other ones and take items. Basically you have to find a key and then you can unlock the door with it to progress to the next level, if you have surplus keys then you don't need to find the key for a lock (Meaning that all doors and their keys are the same) the only difference comes when you come to a door which requires a gold key. Finding one is a bit difficult, the game is easy at the start but as the levels progress, this game starts getting more challenging, so yes I can say that this is the best game DishTV is currently offering me.

dishtv is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). EGV has national and global presence with business interests in media programming, broadcasting & distribution, speciality packaging and entertainment. Zee Network incorporated dishtv to modernize TV viewing. dishtv is India's first direct to home (DTH) entertainment service. By digitalizing Indian entertainment, this enterprise brought best television viewing technology to the living room. It not only transmits high quality programmes through satellite; but also gives a complete control of selecting channels and paying for them.

dishtv imparts DVD quality picture and stereophonic sound effects to the customers. It promises to change the experience of TV viewing with its uninterrupted transmission service. The endeavour enters next level of entertainment with futuristic features, such as EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), parental lock, games, 400 channels, interactive TV and movie on  demand. Dishtv also brings exclusive national and international channels for the first time in India.

Dishtv is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). EGV has national and global presence with business interests in media programming, broadcasting & distribution, speciality packaging and entertainment. Zee Network incorporated dishtv to modernize TV viewing. Dishtv is India's first direct to home (DTH) entertainment service. By digitalizing Indian entertainment, this enterprise brought best television viewing technology to the living room. It not only transmits high quality programmes through satellite; but also gives a complete control of selecting channels and paying for them.To experience the new life breathing in television technology, dishtv extends high quality broadcast and thorough entertainment.

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