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The responsibility that is taken for the UK aviation sector is the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The organisation/companies that will sell holiday packages and flights they would be monitored by CAA. CAA has rules that all the organisations sign to there rules, also CAA regulates ATOL which is needed by all tour operators and travel agents. The organisations have to buy a security bond, ATOL agreed that with CAA. If a organisation or a firm breaks down then the CAA will have to use the security bond and that will be to fund the arrangements for customers, so they could finish their holiday and also they will or should get an appropriate kind of refund.  

In the year of 1998 the data protection act was introduced. In used to secure personal data's of the people who are living in the UK. The act has been quite difficult to put the data in place because of the complexity also  they would need to balance out the data that has been protected with the national security. The UK Travel and Tourism sectors, originations and companies would need to ask for permission. the permission would be taken from the individual people's before they start sales and marketing information's.   

Equality Act of the year 2010, that introduced laws to stop discrimination in the UK. In the past years the acts of the parliament had covered some important areas such as; race relations, equal pays and also sex discrimination.  Equality act in 2010 provided definitive laws, and those laws treated all kids of people, like the tourists and the locals. This type of act will require treatment that is equally in access to people such as; employment, despite there age , gender, disability, public and private services, religion/belief, civil/marriage the status of partnership, sexual orientation or there race like where they are from, what's there nationality. This act will apply to the employees and businesses/services, the reason is so they can be provided for making their premises also to for the people who that have got disabilities. If the women that are pregnant are given certain rights and protections therefore these women are secure for example Equality act protect the pregnant women from unfair dismissal and detriment, also protect the pregnant women from maternity discrimination and many more

Equality act in tourism companies or production, where it takes actions or do something out on various ways tourism companies or workers works in tourism companies that behaves or deal in a bad way towards people that can be against the law for example prejudice to a people or groups, no sensible changes happened for a specific needs either disability visitors or even people etc.

Travel providers for example accommodation organization etc. have to check to see if they are following and meeting the requirement measures particularly of specific needs either disability visitors or even people which means they can get into facilities and services easily without problem such as including ramp in the accommodation therefore wheelchair get in their accommodation easily and quicker, all the train station in the UK should include disable toilets therefore specific needs either disability visitors or even people can use it etc.

The rules were created in the year of 1992 regarding to the EU directives to confirm that, consumers will be given the right when there booking holidays. The rights have been improved after the rights given by the consumers, that they can legalise against the travel agents and tour operators. The company will be restricted to change there prices, after they have agreed with there consumer and fixed their prices, also they will go against the tour operator if they make a mistake in providing the products and services that the consumer wants. Making sure that the companies are following these laws they have to be with a membership, e.g. rail will be in membership with the trains and it's services, so that means that train lines have to follow the rules of office rail regulation, where as a tour operator would have to be in a membership with association of British travel agents ABTA, they would have to follow the rules made by ABTA. The airlines would need a licence from ATOL and follow their rules. If any company breaks there rules of a law they have to face the consequences and also they could loose their membership or licence. These are the security bonds for the travel operates and travel agents.   

In, 2003 working time regulations legislate, for those workers that are in the European union and they will be allowed a minimum days off work. They will get paid breaks and will be given, 11 hours rest within their 24 hours working time. In seven days, nobody in the country is allowed to work more then 48 hours. Working time regulations will have to make sure that they improve there workers health and safety, so the working conditions are safe for the employees to work in the European union. Sometimes when it comes to the peak seasons in the travel industry some people ay have to work the full 48 hours. The working hours that are set, apply to all the people who work in European union including the tourism industries and companies. The reason why these are times are set for the employees is because if they work too much they can get stressed, that's why they given them breaks so they can rest for some time as well. The recent report shows that that hotel workers work long hours and they get paid less, so they protest so that could increase there wages.

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