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Deciding an appropriate and the best area for Emaar GreenCity is the primary choice in the improvement of this plan. By having an enormous area and being far away from factories and industries would lead to minimal noise pollution and very less disturbance in that area, and this would be the most preferred choice of location for our GreenCity. In U.A.E the best and most promising and indulgent area would be in Jebel Ali. Also, Metro services to the city would be required in order for it to be more convenient for people, and it also promotes a sense of using metro services rather than cars, which could reduce pollution.

As soon as the project is developed and is in the market, appropriate connections that could contact with our potential investors and market sector should be made.Selected Real estate agencies and their third party specialists would have admittance to contact Emaar GreenCity about the potential investors and the general populace, so as to promote and negotiate sales deal. As primary focus of the GreenCity, sustainable transportation strives to decrease a city's dependence and utilization of greenhouse gases by using more of environmental friendly arrangements, lower use of vehicles that have a negative impact on the environment, This would help in achieving greater social values and environmental responsibility

Several Online strategies could be used to promote and induce the investors towards our project. Online presence of the project is essential for achievement. We could fuse in sales promotions, online networking,lucky draws and coupons. The potential investors and marketers can be targeted  by concentrating on advertisements, promotions and selling strategies.

Advertiements is utilized to induce and attract the investors towards your project than that of the competitors and also promote or increase the awareness of your brand name and image. It would inform the investors about the sustainable benefits of Emaar GreenCity. Dispatching Emaar GreenCity would also support many small­ organizations that sell environmental-friendly items. Nowadays, everything could be  done at our fingertips, having a website about the project could help the customers to keep track of the project and is also easily accessible. Outlining the site in a manner that it represents our project. Giving a virtual voyage through our eco­friendly constructing and giving fundamental data in vivid pictures. Utilizing online networking to create a  positive mindset in the minds of the potential investors about our project on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and so forth will entice individuals to at least go through the idea of the project. This would increase the the market size as more countries would be aware about this project through word of mouth.


A layout of the marketing strategies,tools and assets that an organization expects to use to stimulte a good or service. Promotional plan is generally viewed as a fundamental decision making criteria  by most business administrators that contributes toward the effective launching of a new project or a service or its introduction to a new market.

● Promotional Channels Used:

Advertisement  :

One of the most popular technique that can be used is  paid adverting that helps in reaching a larger target audience and helps in creating product awareness and its benefits. Examples of such advertisements are, Radio and Television Advertisements, printing leaflets, advertisements  in daily papers, bulletins or billboards on Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road and so on.


Public Relations And Property Seminars :

Emaar ought to think of events that could capture media's attention. Case in point, a live occasion which presents the Emaar  GreenCity as a demonstrated variant. Numerous events, for example, public events and property seminars can be sorted out to showcase the project, help people to get to know better about the project's idea and purpose and increase its awareness domestically and globally. Presenting yearly reports demonstrates association's profits and value. Also collaboration with other various  reputed brands attract investors and firms.

 Personal Selling And Brand Ambassador:

Personal selling method incorporates face-to-face meeting between customer and the sales associate, explaining benefits and incentives the consumers would receive if they go for the project and offering customers/investors tour of the viable project if possible.  Global gatherings and meetings can be sorted out and organised between organizations (B2B). Also, Emaar could appoint a brand ambassador who has the ability to persuade the people towards the project and exert a social influence on them.

Digital Media :

Potential clients could visit the online site to observe the continuous progress and advancement at whatever point they need or if nothing else they can get the latest update about the project. Virtual visits and recordings of the project could be shown or uploaded on site. The idea of inflating reality with the present world environment is exceptionally important to promote this particular project. Social networking ought to be used as online users have increased exponentially.


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