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We are a premium vehicle wrapping company based in Phoenix. We have expertly trained teams who use the finest quality vinyl wrap, custom designs and effects like carbon fiber to transform the look of your vehicle. Our custom vehicle wrapping service helps companies raise the profile of their businesses. We offer vehicle wrapping service for cars, vans, trucks, fleet vehicles etc.

Vehicle wrapping has gained much popularity and it is a smart alternative to paint. So, if you want to add vinyl car graphics to customize your own car, change the color or boost your brand presence through your commercial fleet vehicles you can count on us. Our skills in removal and replacement of trim, bumpers, headlights, mirrors etc. ensures our vehicle wrapping service has a seamless finish. We take every single detail into account and never cut corners.

We design and print a compelling image on high-quality adhesive backed vinyl and finally seal using protective UV laminate film for a long lasting vehicle wrap.

High Quality Vinyl

Our experts will create the ideal vehicle wrap for you or your business. Our technicians have special training and experience in installing top quality Avery Dennison and 3M vinyl wraps. Changing the appearance of your vehicle has never been this easy, our vehicle wrapping services offers you the flexibility to transform the look of your vehicle at the same time protecting the original finish. Select from a wide range of solid vehicle wrap film colors as well as digitally printable options and fantastic finishes. We offer limitless personalization options for your own car or business fleet.  The wraps can be easily removed anytime allowing you to change the color and look of your vehicle as desired easily and cost effectively.

Compared to re-spraying vehicle wrapping is a cheaper alternative to giving your vehicle a fantastic new look. It also helps to protect the original paintwork from damage such as stone chips, keeping it in perfect condition which is great for resale.

Vinyl Detailing

Besides full vehicle vinyl wraps, we are also professionals at vinyl detailing. We have experience in detailing vehicle chrome grills, roof, wing mirrors. Our experts can apply any type of vinyl from standard, custom, carbon fiber, brushed metal etc. to whatever part of the vehicle you desire. So whether you are looking for a satin or matte black roof vinyl wrap, glossy black or red grills, and wing mirror wraps etc. our technicians will install the ideal wrap for your vehicle.

Digitally Printed Vehicle Wraps

If you desire your own custom design, then you can provide one or we can design a captivating one for your vehicle. Regardless of the size of your vehicle, the graphics can be digitally printed on high quality 3M vinyl wraps to suit your truck, bus or car.

We will help you enhance your business brand using custom 3M vehicle graphics to advertise your business and make a great first impression. Digitally printed vehicle wraps are a popular way to promote your business using stunning graphical designs of your business logo and details. Your vehicle is an excellent mobile advertising tool. We can expertly wrap your fleet of vehicles making them stand out and give your business the much needed exposure on the road.

Our strict vehicle wrap installation process is what sets us apart from the competition. Our skilled and talented vehicle wrap installers will ensure your vehicle has a long lasting high quality vinyl wrap. The experience our vehicle wrap installers have gathered over the years makes the precision and quality of our installations unmatched.

We go as far as removing and replacing the bumpers, head lights, emblems etc. to ensure the vinyl wrap is seamlessly installed to last. The quality of a vehicle wrap installation will be evident as it ages. It will takes less than a month for a poor quality installation to start showing signs of wearing off.

Creative Graphic Design Team

Our own graphic design team works with clients to deliver the most stunning vehicle wrap graphics. You will get the most effective tips on how to create the most powerful and head turning digital vehicle wraps for all kinds of vehicles and businesses. An expertly created digital vehicle wrap is an affordable way to send a powerful message about you or your business. It transforms a boring vehicle into a vibrant mobile advertising tool that will grab attention on the road. Our high quality vehicle graphic designs have a huge impact on the image of your business. Vehicle vinyl wrap graphics work for both small businesses and large corporations when it comes to advertising.  

We offer the following kinds of vehicle wraps:

Full Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

A full vehicle vinyl wrap involves wrapping a vehicle completely using a vinyl with printed designs. The printed vinyl covers a significant portion of the vehicle including the front, rear and sides. It may also cover the glass however the printed vinyl material would be perforated in this case to accommodate larger graphics. This provides one of the most striking and cost effective advertising image that can be easily replaced just like a billboard.

Partial Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

A partial vehicle vinyl vehicle wrap is a cheaper alternative to the full wrap. We blend the design on the vinyl wrap with the paintwork of the vehicle. A partial wrap covers anywhere from ¼ to ¾ of the vehicle along with some spot graphic on the uncovered section to finalizing the marketing message. Our professionally designed partial wraps will have a similar impact to a full vehicle wrap and cost less. We apply the printed vinyl wrap on the portion of the vehicle that grabs the most attention.

Custom Spot Graphics /Decals

The cheapest and simplest way to brand your business fleet with a graphic image, company logo or call to action is through spot graphics. We use a minimal section of your vehicle to display some simple text, contacts, website or graphics on the vehicle side, rear or hood. It is a professional way of expressing your brand that does not grab too much attention. Spot graphics combined with a bold brand color can make a powerful marketing tool.

Nonetheless a full or partial vehicle wrap still remain the most striking ways to get your business or brand noticed.

Vehicle graphics perform the function of a mobile billboard communicating a message about your brand, product or service. It helps to solidify the company’s reputation as professional and trustworthy. A vehicle wrap will make several impressions daily advertising your business which gives it an edge over the competition.

About Us

Phoenix vehicle wrap professionals make the dream of transforming the exterior look of your vehicle a reality using vinyl wraps. Our experts will design, print and skillfully install the finest quality vinyl wraps on your vehicle at the most affordable rate in Phoenix.

You cannot compare our professionally installed vinyl vehicle wrap to the cheap paint jobs. We have extensive knowledge and experience in material, design and installation. Our designers develop vehicle wrap designs that flow with the curves and angles of the vehicle without distorting the image or message.

We only work with the best quality vinyl materials from top brands such as 3M, Avery, Arlon and Oracal. A high quality vinyl vehicle wrap and professional installation guarantees longevity of the wrap. A professionally installed low quality vinyl material with a stunning design will not last.

We have the most advanced wide format digital printers that can produce sharp and vibrant images on vinyl vehicle wraps.

Our installers will ensure every inch of the vehicle is well prepped for installation. The vehicle must be thoroughly clean and wax free.

Our vehicle wrapping facility has the right conditions and tools needed for a perfect vehicle wrap installation. It takes a lot of experience to learn how to wrap a vehicle perfectly and master the final trim for it to look like a clean paint job.

We help businesses In Phoenix to cash in on the opportunity to increase their revenue and brand presence through advertising using vehicle wraps.

Apart from clothes and jewelry vehicles have also become a fashion statement. We can help you transform the look of your vehicle to reflect your style without having to replace your car. Our high-quality vehicle wrap designs offer an economical way to transform the exterior of your vehicle compared to a paint job.


When you use your vehicle as rolling billboard you must be specific about the ad graphics and aesthetics. It must be simple to comprehend at the same time striking and easy to relate to. Our design team has the experience and skill to create a stunning design for your vehicle wrap that will promote your brand. We create meticulously designed advertisements that will turn the even heads of your competitors every time your business fleet is on the road.

A top quality vehicle wrap will reflect well on your brand reputation. We take extra care when creating vehicle wrap advertisement and the printed vinyl sheets go through thorough inspection to ensure there are no defects. The UV protection on our vehicle wraps will prevent fading ensuring the advertisement will still have a strong impact years later.

Most clients are concerned about the longevity of vehicle wraps. One thing about us is that we never compromise when it comes to the quality of the vinyl wrap and the installation. Our vinyl wraps will always maintain the top quality stunning look come rain or shine. You can be sure that your business fleet will always advertise your brand for the years to come.

Best Prices

We guarantee the best prices and value for money more than any other vehicle wrap company in Phoenix. The quality of the wrap, artistic design and installation are what defines our work.

If you need a vehicle wrap to customize your personal car, truck or for advertising on your business fleet or van at the best price in Phoenix, contact us today.


Commercial vehicle wrapping

Commercial vehicle wraps provide an effective way to advertise your business by applying vinyl wraps on service vehicles, trucks, vans, cars etc. Vehicles wrapped in vinyl printed graphics promote a business 24/7 whether they are parked or moving. The vehicle wrap will have your business logo or a call to action that will be visible to potential clients every day extending your footprint. We understand the impact of advertising and how commercial vehicle wrapping can help you communicate to your target audience. A commercial vehicle wrap actually protects the factory paint job of the vehicle.

Our in house design team will create a suitable full or partial vehicle wrap incorporating your company colors, graphics, logo, website, contact info, call to actions etc. Commercial vehicle wraps are much more affordable compared to mainstream advertising such as TV and other media. A properly designed commercial vehicle wrap is unforgettable and will make thousands of impressions every day much better than a billboard. You will be amazed how many calls you get each time your vehicles drive by.

Whether you need a commercial vehicle wrap to market your business or an event our design team will blend the perfect graphics and colors that will communicate the message to your target audience. All this including the printing is done right here are our facility in Phoenix.

Since we only use the highest quality vinyl wrap from top brands such as 3M and Avery, we guarantee that the graphics, colors and special effects will be sharp and dazzling to catch the attention of potential clients. Our skilled and experienced installers will professionally wrap your commercial vehicles giving it the proper market appeal. The vinyl wrap will be applied seamlessly to last and properly display the ad message. A commercial vehicle wrap which is much cheaper than a billboard, TV or print advertisement will be able to reach a much wider audience in the coming years.

Therefore if you are looking to raise your brand awareness, advertise your business or promote a specific offer then you should consider commercial vehicle wrapping for your car, van or fleet. We have provided expert vehicle wrapping service for renowned brands. We can handle from single cars, trucks, vans to commercial fleets. Each project is handled by our professionals from design to installation.

The exterior of your commercial fleet offers a valuable advertising platform since vehicles are mobile and several potential clients are likely to encounter the ads each day. As a mobile billboard your van or trucks are an economical way to market your business and reach thousands of customers effectively. Our vinyl vehicle wraps are the best quality and will look vibrant for over 5 years allowing your brand message to spread in all the areas your commercial vehicle operates reaching thousands each day.

With a commercial vehicle wrap installed, the original paint work of your vehicle is well protected. Anytime you decide to remove the vinyl wrap you will find the paint job looking as good as new without any chipping or abrasions.

So get in touch with us here in Phoenix and we will wrap your commercial fleet of service vans, delivery trucks, taxis etc. with a captivating business logo, graphics and promotional message.

Fleet Wrapping

Most top businesses or companies normally operate a fleet of vehicles. Branding a fleet of company vehicles is a powerful marketing strategy. Some of the businesses that use fleet wrapping include utility services, delivery, freight etc. Fleet wrapping is a simple and economical form of advertising that is capable of reaching thousands of potential customers daily.

Our talented team of designers will create fantastic designs for your fleet graphics that will capture attention and elevate your brand among potential clients. The image of your delivery trucks or service vans will become familiar within your operating areas. Customers will easily identify with your business and if your contacts are well displayed the phones will always be ringing with new clients.

Getting a vehicle wraps done for a fleet can be challenging in terms of time and the size of the vehicles. Wrapping a fleet of vehicles requires more man power and resources compared to a single wrap. If you need the fleet wrapping to be done fast and efficiently you need a fleet wrapping service that can handle such a huge project. The quality of the printing and installation must be high and consistent for the fleet to have a uniform high quality appearance. Our vehicle wrapping service consists of a talented team with experience in fleet wrapping. We execute every wrap with exact precision ensuring we do the job once and right with the consistent top quality outcomes.

Our vehicle wrap graphic designers will get your fleet noticed from a far using vibrant graphics and color according to your unique taste. The design will include aspects such as your company logo, business information, trademark etc. that reflect your business brand.

Vinyl fleet wrapping will help market your business to millions of potential clients in Phoenix annually. Compared to re-spraying and signwriting fleet wrapping is affordable, convenient and effective if done by experts. Vinyl wraps are not only durable but they also protect the vehicle’s paint job. They can be easily replaced for rebranding, at the end of a lease or vehicle resale.

We have a large facility with enough space for wrapping all kinds of vehicles from cars, trucks, buses, vans etc. The facility has the ideal conditions for vehicle wrapping, it is free of dust with optimum temperature. We will be able to accommodate and install the vehicle wraps for your entire fleet.

Our installers have special training and are 3M certified vehicle wrapping experts. Besides being approved their experience and knowledge will guarantee that every vehicle in your fleet will have the same high quality and consistent look.  

If you want to maximize the advertising potential of your vehicles for your business with fleet wrapping, then you are at the right place! Whether you already have a design ready or not, don’t worry we have a design team that will help you create the most powerful head turning graphic designs. We will make sure your business brand standouts every time your fleet is on the road.

For more info about fleet wrapping in Phoenix, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Truck Wraps

Transforming your truck into a rolling billboard is a powerful way to advertise and enhance your brand presence. The truck will display your brand message everywhere whether on the road or parked 24/7.

We create the most dynamic advertising using high quality printed vinyl graphics applied on trucks. The vinyl adhesive graphics are meticulously applied on your truck exterior turning it into a mobile billboard. The vinyl wraps are added UV protection to make them last.

High quality vinyl and laminate provide utility trucks with the finest design finish. Our expert installers will skillfully wrap the body of the truck using only the best quality vinyl sheets. You can engage with our design team on the best way to create the most attention grabbing promotional graphics and company image. We work with our clients to turn their ideas into vinyl graphic designs that will fit their trucks. Our talented design team will develop a stunning design for your truck wrap even if you lack the ideas on how to best promote your company image.

Vinyl liveries, graphics and wrapping are much more cost effective compared to signwriting or re-spraying and offer a professional look which is great for marketing your business brand effectively. It allows you flexibility to blend graphics, texts plus decals to create a totally custom finish on your truck.

The fantastic thing about vinyl vehicle wraps is that they are temporary can be easily removed for easy upgrading compared to expensive paint jobs. If you want to change the design or promotional message our high quality vinyl wraps can be easily replaced. It is this flexibility that makes truck wrapping a cost effective and powerful alternative to signwriting.

Wrapping your truck using vinyl wraps also protects the body from abrasion and stone chips. The vinyl wrap preserves the vehicle paintwork which is great especially if the vehicles have been leased or at the time of resale. The original body paintwork will always look as good as new with our professionally installed vinyl truck wraps.

Our advanced vehicle wrapping facility in Phoenix is large enough to accommodate the largest trucks. It is the ideal environment for vehicle wrapping, it is dust free with automatic temperature control to ensure every vehicle wrap is seamless.

Many business rely on trucks for deliveries and other operations. Trucks are tough and highly functional for both small enterprises and large corporations. We have wrapped all kinds of trucks from large trucks to pickup trucks. If your business relies on trucks, then take advantage of the advertising opportunity and wrap with some attention grabbing vinyl wrap graphics. Promote your business wherever your trucks go and reach out to new potential clients along the road.

Talk to our experts today and find out how your trucks can promote your business using vinyl wraps.

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