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This chapter will give information about m commerce India. It will start with background of m commerce, telecommunication environment & evolution of   E commerce. It focuses on research problem, question and mobile commerce (M commerce) and finally moves toward the research objective. At the end of this chapter study is demonstrated.



The phase of mobile commerce was originally coined in 1997 by Kevin Duffy at the launch of the global mobile commerce forum, to mean (Kevin Duffy: 1997) “The delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into consumer's hand anywhere via wireless technology”.

       In January 2013, 29% of mobile users have now made a purchase with their phones.  Wal-Mart   estimated that 40% of all visit to their internet shopping site in December 2012 was from a mobile device.

Mobile business as the exchange of goods, services and information using mobile technology and mentions that mobile business is a broad definition that includes communication, transaction and different value added services using various kinds of mobile terminals. M commerce offers unique features on the move, personalization, flexibility & localization which are not traditional in  E commerce.

   Mobile commerce can be considered as a subset of e commerce. When users perform e commerce transaction such as e banking or purchasing products. They do not need to sit on the computer instead they can use some mobile handheld devices such as personal assistants devices and mobile phones. Earlier these technologies were costly but now everyone is using these technologies, everyone is using mobile these days. Shopping sites are used by everyone in the country today. This trend is creating growth in m commerce in India.

Mobile commerce would become synonymous with youth lifestyle. These days everyone prefers   M commerce for everything like, payments, shopping recharges and other stuff which make the work easy for people so they don't have to go anywhere. The work will be done easily.  


India has world base of second largest telephone users which use data and voice call. Telecom operator has lowest tariffs and huge traffic from the customer's number of operators and has the maximum number of competition is there. Third largest base of internet is in India, all telecom companies' wants to keep their customers happy and they want them to retain so that customers will not shift to other operator( Verizon:2004).

There are number of sectors in telecom industry these are telephony, television & internet which are used from each and every person. Which is in the broadcast industry and which can transform into next generation? There are different and other types of networks like digital telephone MSC (mobile switching centres and signal gateway (D.Saha:2001).

There are networks which are connected to the subscriber and these connected with different optical fibre and copper wires and wireless technologies in which signal moves faster. The signals used in DTH are the fastest signal which is used in television via satellite. FM signals are used for the radio which is used in daily lives ( J.G. Jayanthi:2002).  

The telephone industry grown 20 times from last many years. Telecom industries have million of subscribers. In India there are millions of people who are using voice and data base. Total revenue which is generated from telecom industry is nearly around 7%. Now telecom sectors are shifting towards rural areas which will make rural urban digital into extent (A.K. Kaushal).

 The government are using different techniques so that the area which is not covered will also be covered with all voice and data. Even the education can be delivering to the rural areas from mobiles and internet.



(Senn: 2000)The telecommunication is changing very rapidly now these days and the telecom operator should remain much updated. Some problems in industry are:

(a) Internet data: now these days there are maximum no of people who are using internet data as compare to voice calls. Providers are looking to expand or increase their data because people are using more data they are ready to give them superior services to the every customers.

(b) New services: customers demand is increasing for the data as compare to the voice calls. Telecom companies cannot ignore OTT service so they have to provide good and high quality of services to the customers so that customers do not shift to other operator. Telecom operator should give some extra services to the customers.

(c) Controlling costs: Technologies are coming changes are taking place, operators should take control of the cost also, if the cost will increase then the customer will change the telecom company  so cost should not be increased. Telecom operators should make revenue so that they are going to invest in other services which will come. Now other service will help the industry and will also help for future service and help industry to change according to the market.

Mobile devices play very important in customer's lives and in commerce. There are other things also which can be done through mobiles these are transactions, shopping, recharge etc. M commerce increase very rapidly from last many years, the new trend of marketing is M commerce now these days, after E commerce, M commerce is increasing vary widely.

(Boadi: 2008)Peoples are using different sites for their work which is very easy and faster which can do in just minutes only, but there are problems in M commerce which are-:

(a) Safety & security:   There are some issues peoples are facing which is safety and security in mobile commerce, because the payment which is done through mobile is safe or not. People are not sure whether the payment will do or recharge will do through mobile or not. They are not very trustworthy sometimes. So some people are not ready to do transaction through mobile phones. Some people thought device may get virus via online or their personal data will be hacked which will make problem to the users.

(b) Connectivity in mobile phones: Due to large number of traffic telecom companies are lacking in providing speed to the users in internet. This make the low connectivity in the mobile phones and people are not able to connect through internet and they are not able to use application and mobile sites from their mobiles which are the most imp barrier in m commerce. Without internet mobile phone is nothing.  Some people fear that it unstable connection will cut off them in middle of ecommerce websites and transaction. That's why most of the people prefer to buy from home not from somewhere else.

(c) Small size of screen: most of the people have small screen size mobiles phones which do not give them proper information about the product. Due to small screen they have to roll the screen upward and to see other stuff they have to go downward which can irritate people.  The time for the transaction will get over they can't do transaction through mobile. Large screen size will give different experience to the customers.

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