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#1- Family Service Agency of Burbank

   2721 West Burbank Boulevard

   Burbank, CA 91505

   818) 845-7671

1. Family Services Agency of Burbank works toward primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts. They do this by working closely with Burbank Unified School District and providing them with resources that support their mission to raise awareness, educate, and provide services to children who are identified as at risk or in crisis and provide school and agency based counseling. FSA also works with the City of Burbank in an effort to seek funds and raise community awareness by connecting with other city resources and by holding community events and providing information on prevention, consequences, and intervention of child maltreatment, mental health issues, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

2. The main functions of Family Service Agency of Burbank is to educate, advocate, and raise awareness in schools  and in the whole community, by reaching out to schools and are involved in community events that spread awareness. They also provide prevention and intervention services to at risk children and families. They do this by offering parenting classes, substance abuse therapy groups, parent support groups, anger management classes, domestic violence therapy, provide intervention services  to children and families in crisis.

3. The target population is the whole community of Burbank and includes schools, families, professionals, city leaders, at risk children and families, and children and families in crisis.

4. Family Service Agency provides school and agency based counseling for children, residential treatment facility based counseling, therapy for mental health issues and for children dealing with trauma from child abuse and neglect, domestic violence counseling, parenting classes, grief counseling.  

5.The cost to the child, adolescent, or parent depends on the program. Domestic violence therapy and school based counseling is free. Classes are on a sliding scale.

6. The process for applying to use services can be a simple phone call where someone will do an  intake to assess what type of program would be beneficial, and then setting up an appointment and filling out a form. Children and families can also be referred by courts, schools, probation officers, social services.

7. Family Service Agency only has one location in Burbank. There are other family service agencies in other communities but they are not affiliated with FSA of Burbank.

8. The agency is funded through public donations, grants, fundraising, and the City of Burbank.

9. I have personal experience with this agency. Reach out to community crisis____They are available Monday through Saturday

#2- Hillsides 940 Avenue 64, Pasadena, CA 91105   Main Campus: (323) 254-2274

   Marisol Barrios, MSPA, APR

   Director of Communications and Marketing


1. Hillsides provides services that work toward secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts.

2. Provides behavioral management, mental health support, academic support, residential treatment and support, advocacy  for children, crisis intervention, teaching life skills, teaching parenting skills, home based treatment, counseling and support to prevent removal of children or reunification, coping skills, referrals to community resources, teaching job preparedness and independent living, communication skills,   

3. The target population is at risk families and children, families in crisis, children involved with social services or in the foster care system .

4. Services and programs offered at Hillsides are case management, client advocacy, residential based services provide children and youths individual, group, and family therapy and counseling, as well as recreational center that includes a swimming pool. Hillsides Family Resource Centers offer parenting classes, in home crisis intervention, in home counseling, school based counseling, behavioral management therapies. psychological testing, psychiatric evaluations, Psychotropic Medication management, therapeutic behavior therapy, resource and referrals, child abuse prevention education, substance abuse groups, and couples counseling. The Education Center offers residential individualized education, art, music, speech therapy, counseling, and clinical support. The Youth Moving On transitional program for former foster children offers them affordable housing, teaching life skills,  job training, money management skills, counseling, and scholarships. The CalWORKS program also offers school based mental health services, school based crisis counseling, transitional program for youths.   

5. The cost to the child or family is

6. The process for getting services at Hillsides

7.  Hillsides is in Pasadena and is the main headquarters to the school based mental health offices in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Baldwin Park Unified School Districts, several Hillside Family Resource Centers in Los Angeles county.

8. Hillsides is a child welfare nonprofit service provider and receives funds from fundraiser events, grants, public and private donations, and the majority comes from contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the county Department of Mental Health and school districts that have contracts with Hillsides.

9. Comprehensive

#4 Burbank Housing Corporation- Linden House  

1. The Burbank Housing Corporation-Linden House works toward a tertiary prevention effort. They provide shelter to at risk or emancipated youths who would otherwise become homeless due age limit to remain in foster care and lack of skills to be self-sufficient.

2. The main functions are to provide transitional housing, to teach independent living skills, teach money management, and to teach behavioral management.

3. The target population is at risk young adults who are between the ages of 18 and 24, who can no longer remain in foster care due to age but are too young to live independently.  

4. The services offered at the Linden House are a structured living environment, individual and group counseling, money management support, and independent living support.  

5. The cost to the young adult is free, however once they work will be asked to pay rent based on salary in order to learn money management and be prepared for independent living.

6. The process of getting this service is through a referral by Family Services Agency.

7. This is the only Linden House transitional youth program location.

8. Linden House is funded by public donations, grants, fundraising, and the City of Burbank.


#5 The Village Family Services

    6736 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 200

    North Hollywood, CA 91606.  


1. Village Family Services works toward secondary and tertiary prevention efforts. How and why?

2. The main functions of Village Family Services are

3. The target population is the Latino community, at risk families and children, and families in crisis.

4. The services offered are mental health counseling, mental health therapy, foster care, foster care treatment, adoption, wraparound services, domestic violence and parenting classes, street out reach, housing,

5. The cost to the child or family is

6. The process of apply for service requires

7. The only Village Family Services location is in North Hollywood.

8. The agency is funded by public donations,


#6  Child S.H.A.R.E.

    1544 W Glenoaks Blvd

    Glendale, California 91201


1. Child S.H.A.R.E. works toward

2. The main function of this program is to find permanent homes for children in the foster care system who are identified as at risk of maltreatment who have been abused or neglected and removed from their home.

3. This program’s target population is at risk children and abused children in the foster care system.

4. Child S.H.A.R.E.   

5. The cost

6. Since Child S.H.A.R.E. efforts are towards finding homes for children in the foster care system, the process requires working with child welfare

7. There are two Child S.H.A.R.E. locations. One is in Glendale, California and the other is in 1505 E. 17th St, Suite 118, Santa Ana, California.

8. Child S.H.A.R.E. is funded


#7  Olive Crest

    805 N. Central Ave. Ste. 200

    Glendale, CA 91203


1. Olive Crest works toward tertiary prevention efforts. Their mission is to find permanent homes for children in foster care system and therefore seeking families in the community to train, educate, and certify is one necessary in order to  how?

2. The main functions of Olive Crest is to find permanent homes for children in the welfare system.

3. The target population is

4. The services Olive Crest offers vary location to location. The services in the Los Angeles locations offer foster care services where they seek families from the community to train and certify. They also provide therapy and   

5. The cost

6. The process of getting services is

7.  There is  a total of eleven locations and nine of them are in California. The locations in California are in Glendale, Long Beach, Bellflower, Santa Ana (headquarter),  Riverside, San Diego, Victorville, Coachella Valley, and Coachella Valley Children’s Center. There is also one location in Las Vegas, Nevada and one in Seattle, Washington.

8. Olive Crest is a private nonprofit organization and is funded by


Part II

It is completely ok to not have it in essay format, in fact, I prefer it is NOT in essay format. As a person who has considered becoming a foster parent but not really ever knowing much about how to even begin. This has provided me with resources in which to start. I am aware there are various type of agencies with slightly different philosophie and approaches, but all with the same mission, to find permanent safe homes for children.

#3 Pacific Clinics 800 South Santa Anita Avenue

   Arcadia, CA 91006 Phone

   1(877) PC-CARES

   1(877) 722-2737

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