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Hefty Hardware Case Study


The major problem that is being faced at the Hefty Hardware is a lack of proper communication between their IT and their business department. There are two major issues that have been identified:

The first issue that has been identified is a disconnect between the IT and the business department at the Hefty Hardware. This issue can be resolved by training people from the two departments on team building. Training the two teams individually on working together can bolster them towards building a core business structure to improve the methodology in which they work eliminating the need for additional personnel (Harris & Chernatony, 2001).

The second issue that has been identified is due to lack of proper communication, business department has complained that the IT department is taking longer than the usual time to conclude a project which revealed a issue with managing time by the IT department. After an analysis on the methods in which the issue can be resolved, it is identified that it can be solved by initiating proper communication between the IT and the business departments by training the departments on the same. This helps enabling proper communication not only among the team members but also among members from the other departments as well. This helps resolve the issue by making the members aware of the happenings (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004).

Discussion Questions:

1.How effective is the partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware? Identify the shortcomings of both IT and the business.

Ans: The IT and Business Departments at the Hefty Hardware lack proper communication to great extents. In light of the business case, there are correspondence issues between IT office and business division at Hefty. The association inside the entire association does not work adequately, Hefty does not concoct an advanced arrangement that drives both business procedure and IT methodology, along these lines without a strong data frameworks system triangle (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004).

The major shortcomings of both IT and Business at the Hefty Hardware are as follows:

IT department has a major issue with planning, integration and proper communication. The inadequacies of IT, as Cheryl and Glen said, are that IT individuals don't completely see some of their fundamental business works, those IT people can not relate the business needs with their specialized work, making a more drawn out time to convey any kind of innovation to the field, now and then even can not meet the desire of some business techniques (Harris & Chernatony, 2001).

Concerning the inadequacies of the business division, they lack correspondence and joint effort with the IT individuals, they can not pass on their succinct and particular prerequisites to the IT office, rather, they, similar to Glen and Paul for this situation, hunger for IT individuals to perform some cross useful employments, which are not their obligations by any stretch of the imagination. Due to a lack of proper understanding of technical functionality the Marketing IT Manager could not effectively accomplish his role (Wiersema & Bantel, 1992).

2. Create a written plan for how IT and the business can work collaboratively to deliver the Savvy Store program successfully.

Ans: Here are a few ways in which Hefty Hardware can find a solution to this issue by enabling communicating among the IT and Business departments:

Business model and goals need to be setup effectively in order to achieve the goals.

Leadership must be put in hands of the right people in order to achieve the goals successfully with perfect coordination between the business and the IT teams (Wiersema & Bantel, 1992).

The problem with improper communication can be dealt with training the members on team working skills. Properly educating the members of the team basis the expected outcomes from them and thereby encourage them to work in teams and working over the need to hire additional members (Harris & Chernatony, 2001).

The planning team needs to structure the time frames and implement an effective strategy in order to achieve the goals successfully.

The barrier in communication between the IT and the Business teams can be eliminated by cross training the employees of both the teams. Cross Training also allows scope to share knowledge by establishing good terms between the two teams. A good communication can also be established by conducting meetings on a regular basis in order to ensure good coordination between the two teams (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004).

Prioritizing the reviews given by the customers in order to work more effectively (Wiersema & Bantel, 1992).

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