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As we all know, the Internet is a major thing these days; and it's only going to get bigger and bigger. Social media is becoming more and more prominent in the music industry. It's a great way for starting out artists, such as Shannon, to build a reputation or an image, as well as a strong fan base (Source 4). In fact, social media is now an integral part of almost every successful promotion (Source 4).  

So, in Shannon's case, social media would be a really good way to create a following. Her defined pop genre makes it easy to pin point different markets, and the best way to start marketing music is on the different social media platforms (Source 3). I think that the best ones suited to Shannon would definitely be Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, maybe even a personal blog on Wordpress if desired, as well as building up her already existing YouTube account.

As music promoter for social media, I would take care of lots of different aspects of Shannon's online image. These include working directly with the artist herself as well as the Keira (graphic designer), Sam (Booking agent), and Marianne (sync agent) depending on any secured tv/film jobs, in order to help establish an online reputation (Source 4). With this I would create, curate, and disseminate a regular stream of both promotional and personal content online, so blog posts, status updates, videos, photos, just little glimpses into the artists everyday life (Source 4). By using specific applications and various placements of product and material, it will maximise Shannon's visibility as an artist (Source 1). This leads to an ever growing following or fan-base while also boosting website traffic (Source 4). After all, if we can't provide the fans with the opportunity of having a relationship with the artist, or fan to artist interactivity, then it defeats the purpose of social media. By giving fans the opportunity to see the artist work and oversee their production, it once again builds up a larger fan base, which is what we want.

Speaking of overseeing production, I would also be there to suggest and implement any online advertisement through the varied social media platforms, not to mention all of us pitching any form of partnership opportunities (Source 4). At the moment, online outlets are the best place to secure opportunities at a corporate level (Source 4). Fan/artist relationships are incredibly important for building up an online image in the music industry. Something else that is important is ensuring that people are able to find you and track your progress (Source 2). Without this, there will be no way to analyse the results and utilise any feedback that can be obtained (Source 5). For this particular aspect of Shannon's social media, I believe that an email account with either MailChimp or Constant Contact would be very beneficial. This way, fans can obtain contact details through her various social media platforms, and be sent constant email updates while I can then oversee the feedback and discuss it with everyone else (Sam, Marianne, Keira, Shannon) (Source 2).

I think that since Shannon is so early in her career, using paid advertisement on Facebook wouldn't be a responsible way to spend the budget. It is important to get her online at an authentic level, which can lead to better relationships between artists and fans (Source 5). I would work directly with Keira to help develop a look or specific style that reflects on her genre and promotes her music online, while still being likeable to the public. Because Shannon is so early on in her career, Sam and I would work to create content that would appeal not only to fans, but also potential bands that are interested in booking collaborations (Source 5). I would also work very closely with Keira to ensure that the material being posted is both authentic and appealing/eye catching. So basically, Shannon's online personality would look a little bit like this…

• Posting content that people are excited to see and want to share

• Posting on a regular basis to keep people interested

• Post photos with fans as the fan base grows

• Be very straight forward

o Not saying “stay tuned” or “coming soon”

o At this stage, people aren't willing to wait

• Talk about and support/promote other bands

o Putting Shannon on their radar

And that is all I have for social media promotion. I'll now hand it over to … for their job.

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