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Communication is one of the major key in the daily lives of human which is needed to ensures understanding and cooperation among people. According to it's very hard to encounter a day without the use of corresponding. Correspondence is sending and tolerating of data between two or more individuals. The individual sending the message is alluded to as the sender, while the individual accepting the data is known as the beneficiary. The data passed on can incorporate “facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even emotions.”  

For this reason, technologies such as fax machines and emails were invented by scientist to help improve the channels of communication. Before the introduction of fax and electronic mail in the year 1843 and 1972 respectively, there were other forms of communications such as letter writing that were been used. However, these method of communication were considered to be ineffective due to the fact that, it takes a lot of time, sometimes days before one can receive a message or feedback.

The introduction of the fax and the electronic mail were meant to address this situation thus to eliminate the time gap between the sender of the information and the receiver of the information. These technologies were able to serve the purpose for which they were created and are considered to be very effective. Even till today most people are still using this channel of communication in their daily activities.

But the question is, has these technologies reduced the time as expected for it to do between the sender and receiver of the information? The answer is yes it has, but not to the satisfaction of humans. Despite the fact that these technologies have helped reduced the time gap there is still some time to be eliminated. The fact that a message has been sent by the sender does not necessarily means that the receiver has received the information or better still the messages has been seen. This is a major problem hindering most people especially the business world which has led to scientist developing new forms of communications technologies to improve the communication among people.

Technologies has improved at a rapid rate from the past decades and it's currently being used in any field. From education to health care, security, as well as in the business world. Scientist have now developed software that has help to improve the channel of communication way better than the past decades. People are now using software and other forms of communications tools that enables them to get closer to their love ones from other part of the world.


The introduction of instant messaging has help not only to eliminate the time gap between the sender and the receiver but has also helped in allowing people to give and received feedbacks Instantly. This has help to further improve the communication channel and make life much easier.  Instant messaging is a software which allows people to communicate with each other by transmitting of messages or documents.

According to instant messaging serves as a sort of correspondences administration that empowers you to make a sort of private talk room with another person so as to convey progressively over the Web, similar to a phone discussion however utilizing content based, “not voice-based”, correspondence. Normally, the texting framework cautions you at whatever point some person on your private rundown is on the web. You can then start a visit session with that specific person.

With it emergence in the mid1990s several software applications such as Microsoft Exchange instant messenger, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp has been developed to help improve the communication channel as well as to make life much easier. This software application performs functions such as video calls, determine the availability of friends online, instant receivable of messages and feedbacks.

Instant messaging is said to be the fastest growing communication in the world with more users than other form of communication tool that has been invented. It is of the view that instant messaging is to probably to increase within the next six years. Recent statistic carried by Radicati group indicates that, the general number of Instant Messaging (IM) accounts, barring Mobile Messaging, accounts for more than “3.2 billion” in 2015. This figure is required to reach more than “3.8 billion” before the end of 2019.



As the usage of instant messaging is expected to increase, much more attention is devoted to the business world and its usage of the instant messaging software. The business world is accounting for huge usage of instant messaging software for their daily operations. This includes sending of important documents from their handset or laptops to their clients or colleagues and keeping connected to clients as well.

Top companies are now realizing the importance of instant messaging hence most of them are now redrawing from the usage of email as a main source of communication to instant messaging, due to the fact that, instant messaging makes it quite easy to help determine presence of clients and partners online and engage them in conversations and its less costly.

According to, examination carried out by “BusinessNewsDaily” on “290 companies from North America, Europe and Asia, shows that more than half of employers” as of now are engaged in the usage of different online social media tools with corresponds to their communication which helps to manufacture a group. With regards to the organization studied, instant messaging accounts for 77 percent, spilling and video is used by 61 percent, this online network were the most well-known.

This indicates that even though many other companies have not yet agreed to the use of instant messaging either within the workplace or as part of the communication channels within the company, employees are already engaging in it. The question now is, does instant messaging helps to boost productivity, and if it does which type is the most effective and efficient one with regards to the features, the cost of installing the software and how fast is it.

Facebook messenger serves as a platform which gives people the opportunity to communicate with each other. This instant messaging software is a branch of the main social network also known as Facebook. Facebook instant messenger is currently one of the most used software around the globe. It has established itself to be one of the most effective software in terms of usage, privacy and speed. Recent statistic carried out by shows that the total number of users who are lively on Facebook instant messenger based on monthly from “April 2014 to April 2016 is about 900 million”


This indicates the continuous increase in the usage of the messenger. With regards to the data, this provides a huge opportunity to business to increase their revenue as well its internal communication. the software is made of features which are very essential to businesses in downsizing their cost and complex channel of communication. Some of the features are:

Facebook messenger allows users of its instant software to make calls with each other without being charged. This serves as an advantage for businesses trying to build relationship with its customers and improve its internal communication system. Most business are engaged in direct marketing such as sending of emails and personal calling of customers with the aim of maintaining an effective relationship. But this comes with a cost since they are being charged by mobile networks on the calls made. With Facebook instant messenger businesses can perform this marketing strategy with its customers around the globe without incurring any cost on the calls made. Calls can also be made within the business making the level of communication among employees to be more effective and easy. This platform allows businesses to reduce their produce their cost on mobile charges.

One of the major problems faced by businesses is the complexity of the channel of communication within the workplace. It very important for management to ensure that information or decision made reaches all employees within the business in order to ensure effective running of the business. Facebook instant messenger helps to eliminate the complexity in the channel of communication by providing a single platform where all employees within the business can communicate with each other. This makes sending of information within the business to be much easier and faster since every employee receives the information at the same time.

Documents are the most important items within every business since they mostly contain important or private information pertaining to the business. A lost or misplace of any document can have a great impact on the business either making it to lose money. No business will like to have its files on the hand of the wrong person so it is the duty of management to ensure that any files sent within the business gets to the right person at the right time. Facebook instant messenger provides the opportunity for business to share files with each other at a lesser risk of losing it. Files from the top management can be easily shared with the lower management. This helps to reduce the stress involve in sending of file to another person. Employees operating outside of the business can also receive or send files on this platform which further increases the internal communication of the business.

With these features business can carry out their daily operations effectively without any problem. This helps to keep effective relationships within the business.

Privacy is highly regarded within every business. Information of business strategies and other important matters are usually kept secret in order to ensure that it does not get to the wrong people especially competitors of the business. Facebook instant messenger provides business the chance to keep all their important messaging secure and safe. Facebook instant messenger only allows information to be shared with friends using the same software. With this any conversation held are only seen by the two people involved. This software also ensures that any conversation done between two people are stored on the software which can later be as a reference point for them.  


In the world of business time is money. Timeliness is always one of the key principles of every business that is enforced by managements. For decision to be made by managements, approval be given which comes in the form of feedbacks. Feedbacks pertaining a particular situation must be given on time to ensure that the business operates effective, decisions made must be on time.


 There are many advantages to using instant messenger. It connects people regardless where they are

actually located. In the company, colleagues can send and reply instant message in real time without face to face, meanwhile the work report can be shared during the instant chat session; the IM can make a virtual conference without get all the related people together in a physical meeting room. People can speak to multiple people in the virtual conference, share ideas and get conclusions. People on a business trip can contact the co-works inside the company through IM as well. What's more, the staff can talk to customers or vendors online as well, in other word, now people can do business through the instant messenger direct rather than use the traditional method like make phone calls.

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