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Using flipbooks for your business

Once upon a time, the word "flipbook" alluded to a progression of hand drawn illustrations which when flipped would give the illusion of motion pictures. So when did the term flipbook become synonymous with digital content? In the throes of the content-is-king strategic marketing development, we now see content taking remarkable forms like infographics, webinars and flipbooks, straying away from the standard content articles. Incorporating innovative choices like these into a marketing plan guarantees to engage the audience further.

Who profits in using a digital flipbook marketing strategy? If done right – everyone. But for the sole purpose of narrowing it down, here are some businesses who presumably enjoy the most benefits.


Just like many other industries, designers too have seen a shift in their audience's behaviour and have developed different strategies for showcasing their art. Photographers, painters and web designers cover just a pinch of the artistically inclined professionals who can profit by building a digital flipbook to use as a portfolio. Imagine sharing your work with customers on one web page and no fussy plugins to download for viewing. Think about how many other artists have websites and use the standard portfolio layout to show off their work – get inventive and stand out from your associates.

Eatery and Cafe Owners

You're busy, right? Most likely so completely overwhelmed with running your business that the idea of blogging or making videos stay aware of the content-is-king agenda is ignored completely. You may wish to drive more traffic to your website to increase visibility, however, finding the best strategy is a challenge.

Create a flipbook online menu. Add scrumptious photos of the menu items, include information about your eateries like directions and hours, and include a clasp about who you are, nothing excessively detailed, but just enough for customers to feel like they can relate to you – make it personal.

You will separate yourself from the rest; a potential customer will remember you more than the other restaurants. A digital flipbook can offer a timeless and novel bit of content to your website for viewers to dribble over.

Retail Business Owners

Retailers need a brief way to advertise the majority of their products. Perhaps you're a small clothing boutique or an office supply store, both of which would profit by having a catalogue to disseminate to customers. Even if you have a small product line that doesn't warrant a personal catalogue, you may still have handouts that serve to advertise your line of goods.

Production costs aren't precisely cheap for printing and mailing this kind of material to every one of your contacts. Therefore, considering a digital flipbook could be your pot of gold. Transform your catalogue into an interactive flipbook punctuated with call-to-action buttons that will clinch success. On the other hand, make a short but inspiring pamphlet flipbook that has genuine testimonials from genuine people. Show your customers that you 're unique and out to make their lives less demanding, as well.

Real estate brokers

As a real estate broker, your main objective is to represent a house to the best of its capacity and complete sales. An enormous part of this procedure is the first impression future purchasers get when they visit the landing page for the home they're interested in. If the photos don't look appealing, or the information is lacking important details, odds are they will proceed onward.

But, if you use a flipbook, people could click on the house and be conveyed to a page with an embedded link. It may show clear photos, detailed information, virtual tours and ways to get in contact with the real estate broker right then and there; they can do all this by simply flipping the virtual page.

Not just are the potential customers making a colossal life decision when buying a house, they are putting their trust in an outsider to help them see it through. Use this chance to offer the house – as well as to offer you. You can design a speedy intro, add some music and personalise the journey for them. Engaging feelings is a great way to convert leads.

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