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As we know that food, cloth and shelter are three main important requirements in the life cycle of a human being. Out of these clothing and shelter is the most important, but most important is food, without which a living being can't survive. In India the edible oil most form consumed in every houses. So India is the one of the leading producers of oil seed and oil. Above these the coconut oil is the most important to cook any food in household. Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconut harvested from the coconut pal.  The coconut oil has provided the primary source of fat in the diet of medicine and industry throughout the world.


The KPL oil mills (P) ltd has founded well back in 1941 by the visualized industrialist Late Shri. K.P Lonappan. And he was a dynamic entrepreneur of the pre-independence era. Since its inception KPL has income long way under the leadership his children and grandchildren. It was started as a rice and coconut oil mill, constituted into a firm with the founder Late Sri. K.P Lonappan and his six sons as partners in the year 1941 at Irinjalakuda in the Thrissur District of Kerala. It is situated in space of 6.5acres of land which is primarily engaged in the extraction of coconut oil from dried coconut that is copra. Flourished soon by exploiting to its benefit, the advantages of this location which was ideally suited for the nature of the industry with availability of raw materials in plenty and easy access for transportation both through surface and water. The company was started with name KPL oil mill (P) ltd. The company was well known for its quality products and its radiation. Earlier the product was supplied in the bulk quantity and later the introduces consumer packs from 1995 onwards. By launching consumer packs under the brand name “KPL Shudhi” which has emerged has the number one among the brand coconut oil in Kerala. Within a short pan it emerged as the no.1 Kerala market. Thus KPL has absorbed most of the market share and had attained the position of a market leader strict quality measures an eye for detailed in purchasing quality copra selective segregation. They are giving a careful roasting centrifugal filtering and so forth make sure that customer get the first coconut oil available today. To remove the excess moisture copra dried in sunlight and cooked ideal tempter to ensure longer shelf life. A part from being the leader in its own state KPL has strong presence in most part of the Indian. It was launched in Tamil Nadu in the year 2002 and became instant success. KPL Shudhi is very popular in Bangalore, North Karnataka, South Maharashtra, Surat Mumbai, Goa and New Delhi etc.., but there is only one production unit in which is situated at Irinjalakuda coconut milk powder, Sunflower oil and Gingerly Oil are out sourced by the company and these products are sold under the brand of KPL. This is done only after quality assurance. The coconut is being dried to full and is to achieve their quality production capacity. KPL Shudhi is now being exported to Middle East countries like Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Also they have a plan to market the brand in more countries across the world selective segregation. The company rock footed on its long glorious tradition, keeps up with the ever changing consumer preferences through launching innovative products with high quality and adopting the latest technologies available in the market. By constantly being next to be the heart of the consumers, KPL Oil Mills (P) limited delivers what customers wish. What the customer expectation KPL can provide in the market.


The main objectives of the KPL Company are listed below;

 The company tries to increase their market share at high level.

 The main aim of the company is to attain maximum profit with minimum cost.

 The company provides our customer with quality products that help them to live healthy life.

 To enhance the annual turnover of the company.


The KPL create a strong and everlasting bond with consumers by providing superior and highest possible quality products, which will delight the consumers by delivering great value for the money spent by them. The company aims to achieve a ‘zero complaint status' regarding the quality and delivery of the product to the market through proper communication channels and consumer mechanisms etc..,


The company was registered under ISO 9001-2000 from March 2004. It helps to increase the goodwill of the company.


According to KPL almost all advertising methods through TVs, radios, newspaper, hoardings, wall paintings, flex printing are used by the company in order to promote the products manufactured by the KPL.


The KPL Company has many directors. It includes one Chairman and one managing director. The names of directors are a follows;

Chairman – Mr.JoshuAnto

Managing Director- Mr. Jose John

Executive Director- Mr.K.J Pius


 Jose John

 Paul John

 K S Jojo

 John Francis

 Tessy Raphael

 Nireesh Francis

 VijuAnto

 Paul Francis

 Tony John


The KPL Company providing a high status and highest possible quality product to the consumers by that way they create a strong and everlasting bond with the consumers. So the consumers are delighted because by delivering greater value for the money spends by them. The company has a proper communication, employee participation and continuous improvement in its work system. The company's main aim is to attain maximum profit with minimum cost. So company aims to achieve a zero complaint situation regarding the quality and delivery of the product to the market. There is only one production unit of KPL Oil Mills (P) Ltd in Irinjalakuda.


The KPL Company provides variety of products to the market. Out of every product the main product produced by the company is KPL coconut oil the products produced by the company as follows;

Product line

KPL Shudhi Coconut Oil

KPL Shudhi Coconut Water Vinegary

KPL Shudhi coconut Milk Powder

KPL Gingerly Oil

KPL Shudhi Sunflower Oil

Coconut oil is the most popular brand of the KPL Company. Because customers more prefer the coconut shudhi oil for their daily use. Since coconut oil KPL shudhi is the most popular brand of the organization where they supply a full assurance that customer better quality products.


We assure that quality at every point, right from the selection of coconut kernels to the delivery at the customer hands.


“Our mission is to give coconut products to our trusted customers in its purest form. Retaining the taste and quality of natural coconut oil has made KPL Shudhi coconut oil an inevitable part of life of Keralities for more than 60years.


Trade union also known as labor union which held group of workers in the organization to achieve some goals like improving safety standards, giving higher pay for the workers, protecting the quality of best trade, giving benefits like health care and retirement, increase the number of employees to the finish their work and providing good working conditions. Also they should take care about the negotiation of wages, rules of the work, complaints procedures, workers promotion, firing, benefits and safety of their workplace. The trade union also have hold governance at various levels of government based on the industry that binds them legally to their best functioning.

The Indian National Trade Union Congress was found on 3rd May 1947 and it is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation and these are the trade union wing of the Indian National Congress. And the ministry of labor INTUC had a membership of 3,892,011 in 2002. The INTUC had a trade union that works with the Management and is not a typical confrontation organization. Also they secure by increasing the association of the worker in the administration of industry and their full participation in its control. To promote generally the social civic and political interest of the working class to secure an effective and complete organization of all categories of workers including labors. They should guide and assist coordinating all the activities of the affiliated organization. They can also promote the organization of workers of each industry on nationwide basis.


KPL Company has a high status in the market and also them known as the quality of the products. So it would seem a simple task for company to identify its competitors. So there are some competitors for KPL;

• KLF Nirmal

• Parachute

• Kerafed

• Thejas


There is a great future for the coconut oil industry. New variety of products and new innovations of product are taking place day by day. Coconut palm is a great importance in the ayurvedic medicine as its helps to cure many diseases.

The KPL Company has some future prospects and growth plan. They are;

 To export the coconut oil in the world scenario.

 To develop new branches of KPL coconut oil industry.

 To increase the market share by giving variety of new products to the customers.

 Have to maintain a strong financial environment to allow and establish the company itself as a multifaceted service provider in the regional market they serve.

 To treat employees and customers with attractive and good consideration.

 To provide practical, unique and professional services towards the clients on a timely basis, to successes meeting goals, and the company's first is to responsibility take care about the customers.


Within a short pan time period KPL Oil Mills (P) Ltd has emerged as the number one oil company in the Kerala. KPL give good quality products to the customers so they attracted more in the market. Also KPL has absorbed that of the market share and had attained the position of the market leader. KPL have always been hard working to provide good quality products to the customers that help them live healthy life with the products ranging from coconut oil. The KPL Company includes four departments. They are;


The first and the most important department in the KPL is plant department. The manufacturing plants of the department are typically very complex systems that rely on the efficient work of many different parts. This department of plant includes all the workers and staffs and the manufacture machines them. The effectiveness of workers is maintained by the administration of the company. To run the plan effectively the machines themselves often need periodic repairs and changes.


Delivering the ideas, images and benefits to the customers in a right manner which the customers can satisfy termed as marketing department. Marketing department has the control for growing revenue in increasing market share and contributing to company growth and profitability. In every business the marketing department includes the marketing director or marketing executives for the functioning of the advertisement of their company. It also provides necessary research to identify your target customers. In this department the senior person will take all the responsibilities for setting marketing strategy in line by giving company's strategy and the objectives. Marketing department may include buying, product development, production, pricing, distribution etc.., by these ways a company can bring their product in the market at high value.


In every company the financial department will be responsible for all the day to day transactional accounting for the business. Also to provide information to assistant managers in making the strategic decisions the financial department should cover a wide range of activities. The day payment would also be handled by the financial department in the company. Also responsible for management of the organizations cash flow and mostly ensuring there is enough funds available to meet the day payment. The financial department takes place where there are cash needs beyond the day to day working capital.


The human resource department functions and as a effective resource management department in an organization. It functions include man power planning which estimates the number of employee needed for an organization. It also analysis the job structure in detail and determines the wages for the employees are also effectively handled by the human resource department. Various training program, employee welfare and motivation programs are conducted by the human resource department for the efficiency of employees, which shows human resource department are working for the welfare of the human resource. For addressing the employee grievance the human resource department has its own signature. For working an organization as family the employee should have good relationship. Also for building a good relationship among employees the human resource department has got a great influence. HRD also interface the organizational policies. Thus for an organization HRD is an essential one.

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