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RSA cryptography with the speedy development and widespread application of the knowledge technology, the communication pattern has clearly modified between people, companies and even nations. However, convenient network-based communication technique brings not solely the advantages however conjointly some disadvantages like personal data leak. During this paper, we introduced a brand new personal data protection approach based on RSA cryptography. With this approach, personal information is remodeled from plain text into cipher text. Customer representatives are able to contact their shoppers without seeing the privacy.

The information Encryption Standard (DES) is a block cipher that uses shared secret security. The National Bureau of Standards as a standard Federal De tails Processing Common (FIPS) for the Combined States selected it in 1976 and which has subsequently appreciated widespread use internationally. That is depending on a symmetric-key algorithm that uses a 56-bit key. The criteria were in the beginning controversial because of classified design elements, a relatively suspicions of a National Security Agency (NSA) backdoor. DES consequently received strong academic scrutiny, which motivated the modern understanding of block ciphers and their cryptanalysis.

The DES is now considered to be insecure for many applications. This is chiefly thanks to the 56-bit key size being too small; in January 1999, allocated. Net. You can also get some synthetic results, which demonstrate assumptive weaknesses in the cipher, although they are infeasible to mount used. The algorithm is considered to be almost secure in the proper execution of Triple DES, however are theoretical attacks. Recently, the cipher has been replaced by the Advanced Security Standard (AES).

In the United States of America, National Institute of Requirements and Technology (NIST) as U. S. FIPS BAR 197 (FIPS 197) announced AES on November 26, 2001 after a five year standardization process in which fifteen competitive designs were presented and evaluated before it was selected as the most suitable. It became effective as a Federal government standard on May twenty six, 2002 after approval by the Secretary of Marketing. It is available in many different encryption plans. AES is the first publicly accessible and available cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top-level secret information.

C. The RSA cryptography In cryptography, RSA (which sticks for Rivest, Shamir and

Adleman who first widely described it) is an algorithm for public-key cryptography. It's the first algorithm known to be well suited for signing as well as encryption, and was one of the first great advances in community key cryptography. RSA is traditionally used in electronic trade protocols, and is assumed to be sufficiently secured given sufficiently long take some time and the use of up-to-date implementations.

Application of RSA cryptography

Normally, customer relationship management system can be divided into three main subsystems of marking, customer service and customer information management. During the collection, analysis and consolidation of consumers information, privacy maybe leak. Consumer representatives need to do some work like opinions acquisition and customer looking after. As a result of nature of representatives' job, employee turnover is extremely high. With the rotable, customers information security will be under the risk. In this paper, we introduced a new component of information encryption to prevent this from the very beginning.

On the server based, the system administrator has the agreement of authorization management. That they devolve the authorization to database administrators and then database administrators input consumers' information into the system. In the same time, sensitive information such as phone number is protected. On the client part, the consumer representatives only see the names list. Whenever procedure is needed, software installed on the customer representatives' computer or cellphone will decrypt the data and send them to the call center directly without touching the representatives.

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