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Every consumer request to purchase a car as a transport. Is there any requirement for choosing a car according to brand, price or quality condition? The answer is “Absolutely No”, it doesn't need a standard measurement because the perception of consumers are distinct. For some group of consumers, their dream car is Toyota, but for another group which may just needed a Perodua instead. Everyone has diverse answer and nobody can justify it neither correct nor wrong. All of decisions are influenced by consumer behaviour.

According to Kardes, Cronley, and Cline (2010) found that consumer behaviour also known as buyer behaviour which consist the way consumer decided to purchase a goods. The term of consumer is described as an individual or an organizational consumers. Individual consumer purchase product and services to satisfy and fulfil their own needs or needs of others and it will not be resell again, but organization consumer purchase product and service to produce another new product and resell them again to get the profit.

During this few years, compact car is popular in Malaysia, which considerably known as an economy car. North American indicate that compact car is smaller than a mid-size car but bigger than a subcompact car. It was be constructed with wheelbases between 2.54 metres around 100 inches and 2.67 metres around 105 inches obtained from Sfetcu. N. (2014). To evaluate more clearly, our group has selected two type of famous automobiles in Malaysia, which is Perodua Myvi and Toyota Vios.

Harman (2005) indicated that the term of Myvi means that “my vehicle” and “my vision” are published by Director Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar. Gokul (2016) emphasized that Perodua Myvi has been formed as cooperation between Perodua and Daihatsu Company in year 2005. Since 2006, it becomes the best-selling car in Malaysia as its second generation arrived. It is designed with seat height adjuster and new audio system with USB and Bluetooth connection.

Perodua Myvi is smaller than Toyota Vios and many women prefer driving a smaller car. From this condition, A Perodua Myvi (2013) indicated that Perodua Company launched Myvi's strength associated with its Female Empowerment Movement Campaign to produce 60 unit special edition Myvi to women only to attract more female.

Besides that, Chopra (2016) emphasized the first Toyota Vios's introduction was in 2002 and the creator of Toyota Vios introduced the new generation in 2015. It has been enhanced and designed it without daytime running lamps to Asia Pacific region. Moreover, Toyota Vios has good product performance. Its design is amazing with wide grill, fuss-free styling, and wraparound headlights. It has attracted many consumers to acquire it as their dream car. Moreover, Aguilar (2015) emphasized that Dicky promised his grandson to purchase Toyota Vios to him because it is the cheapest, spending less gasoline and more unbreakable. But, Dicky changed his mind finally because Toyota Vios was too small in Dicky's perception.

Automobile is similar as a human, they are not perfect. They have their advantages (strength), and disadvantages (threaten). Normally, consumers purchase car regarding with their needs and influence of their background, society influence and demographics. As an intelligent consumer, the individual have to utilize consumer behaviour to assist from making decision. One of the process involved in consumer behaviour is pre-purchase which can lead consumer to purchase the product they are seeking for. At the same time, consumer also can fulfil their maximum needs and achieve the purpose of buying though pre-purchase.


• To study consumer behaviour by pre-purchase process.

• To identify the element of consumer request during purchase an automobile.

• To identify target market on both of the automobiles (Myvi and Vios) and capture consumer value.

• To form a marketing strategy planning according the consumer behaviour to wider the target market.

• To evaluate the consumer's perception on the both automobile.

• To enhance the product and development of their both company to strengthen competitive advantage.

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