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Marketing Plan:


Lenox Hill Hospital Neurosurgery

130 East 77th Street

New York, NY 10075

Tel: (212) 434-3691

Presented on: June 26, 2016

Presented to: Professor Thelen, Shawn T.

Hofstra University. Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Author: Oleg Rivkin, MBA Student

Table of Contents








5.2.1 Changes in policies and procedures 7

5.2.2 Resources (personnel, equipment, funding – include a budget and timeline) 8



6.1.1 Blog 9

6.1.2 Twitter 9

6.1.3 Facebook 10

6.1.4 YouTube 10



1 Executive Summary

This Strategy Proposal examines the impact of the social media on the health care industry to provide insight into how the social media can be used, primary areas of growth, and prospective areas of advancement.

Through the benefits of health care industry and medical information processing transformation, health care industry is now active in constructing a more strategic and integrated automated trade and business to provide health services to the public. The industry acknowledges and understands the responsibility of social media in forming a part of the future success of universal health care. However, one needs to exercise a more technical and resourceful approach to be implemented, planned and evaluated on social media.

A complete overview of the effect of administrative procedures, organizational structures, responsibilities, industry standards and regulation is necessary. Also, new specifics for the education of the workforce and culture of the users of social media on both sides of the computer screen. The results could be devastating to any business if left neglected.

2 Opportunity analysis

Using average social suppliers, one can open correspondence channels with patients. The data can have partaken in bot headings and not simply singularly. Online networking can be utilized to teach general society, encourage dialog about current human services arrangements, and support sound ways of life and preventive medication. Suppliers can showcase their new offered administrations .

Online networking alludes to online correspondence channels that are casual and socially determined. Through online networking, human services providers can share data and teach people in general, talk about consideration strategy and practice, advance sound practices and build familiarity with their administrations. Patients can speak with medicinal services suppliers and those included in their account, and with different patients.

The expansion of online networking in wellbeing is changing human services by disposing of limits, re-designing work phones and making new methods of correspondence. Not just do people utilize the Internet to hunt down data, they are progressively using online networking to communicate with doctors and wellbeing experts. Online networking is used for easygoing correspondence and additionally for the top to bottom and individual dialogs about wellbeing.

Patients, experts, and welfare administration suppliers can profit by utilizing online networking for wellbeing. Online networking is dependable on the device to convey, associate and advise others around the world. It is a broadly accessible medium to share data and bolster well-being related choices. About portion of Americans utilizes the Internet to look for welfare related data. A 2016 Statista report further demonstrates that almost 66% of USA occupants use an online informal organization locale (Statista). Online networking systems give a stage to intrigued gatherings of all ages to connect with and offer learning and thoughts and are turning out to be progressively well-known in the USA.

3 Statement of Goals

Wellbeing administration suppliers, associations, affiliations and people use online networking for wellbeing related purposes including organizing, instruction, web page of vested parties, welfare advancement, correspondence, and backing. Individuals and families living with a particular welfare condition frequently utilize online networking to discover data about how to deal with the treatment and to adapt to day to day life. It is likewise used to associate with others via hunting down patients or specialists treating the same conditions keeping in mind the end goal to trade encounters, offer clinical data or get passionate backing. Patients are enabled in self-checking their well-being by better comprehension their welfare needs, and can communicate with different patients to settle on educated decisions.

While there are advantages to individuals getting to welfare data on the web, there is additionally the risk that off base and even unsafe data is taken as a strong exhortation. While the danger of discovering off base data on the Internet about wellbeing conditions can't be wiped out, patients can and ought to be urged to talk about the data they find and medicines they might need to investigate with restorative and social consideration experts. Encouraging open discourse will build the patient's contribution in their human services, disperse myths about their treatment and can reinforce the relationship between the group working towards an individual's decent wellbeing and prosperity.

Wellbeing and social consideration experts are progressively utilizing online networking to arrange professionally and talk about medicines, examination, strategy and administration issues. Through doctor-to-doctor joint effort, specialists can assemble their insight and encourage the speedier selection of best clinical practices, which can prompt better patient results. Wellbeing experts' support in online networking can have moral and political repercussions that are critical to comprehending and address fittingly. For instance, issues that can seriously affect patients, experts, and wellbeing suppliers incorporate guaranteeing quiet security, keeping up aware conduct indisputable points, providing food for contrasts in individual and expert assessments, illuminating when an individual is talking in the interest of a business or as a private restorative expert and proclaiming irreconcilable situations. Having clear rules on polished skill in online networking use can bring about a positive effect openly trust of the wellbeing framework and restorative calling all in all.

 (Using social media: practical and ethical guidance for doctors and medical students, 2011).

4 Team Membership

Neuroscience Marketing Manager is a highly entrenched position, split between Neurology and Neurosurgery departments. Online "spokespeople" won't inquire any additional cost since we will recruit within the department. Therefore, this Marketing Plan is cost neutral.

5 Activities/Strategies

Human services associations understand that online networking can be utilized to empower battles and operations, enhance general society's trust in the therapeutic services framework and both comprehend and increase their nearness in wellbeing advancement. Human services suppliers can utilize online networking to give chances to serve the general population and their workers and for ability enrollment. Also, there are no geological limits in online networking, and suppliers can contact a huge gathering of people inside seconds.

Online networking gives quick channels to spreading critical or pertinent data; crisis data ought to have the capacity to achieve a high volume of individuals in a brief timeframe.

5.1 Action Steps

Online networking incorporates endless sites and stages. Lenox Hill Neurosurgery will be best served by taking an interest in the main three stages: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

• Facebook: Users have a tendency to be center and high society youthful grown-ups ages 18 to 34, however, more seasoned eras are making Facebook accounts in developing numbers. Facebook is the main photograph sharing an a web page on the planet, furthermore offers clients the alternative to transfer video, blog entries and connections to other substance. LHH Neurosurgery can make a gathering page with late news, a dialog board, a logbook of occasions and links to doctors' and office executives' close to home Facebook accounts.

• YouTube: YouTube is the web's main video sharing web page, with 35 percent of clients somewhere around 18 and 34 years of age. LHH Neurosurgery can make its particular channel with composed playlists of recordings that can be inserted anyplace on the net, expanding the potential for viral spread.

• Twitter: This microblogging stage permits clients to make short, 140-character posts, which are then shown in food alongside the presence of different clients on whom they've subscribed. Here LHH Neurosurgery can post accurate data, declare occasions and late blog entries and cooperate with the Twitter people group. By checking applicable catchphrases and expressions, LHH Neurosurgery can likewise join discussions and recommend assets when proper.

5.2 • Required/Requisite

LHH Neurosurgery as of now has an abundance of assets that can undoubtedly be repurposed for use on online networking locales. Workers and volunteers will likewise be urged to take real to life photographs and video of related occasions for online use.

By repurposing existing records and interlinking substance between its different online networking accounts, LHH Neurosurgery will have the capacity to expand the effect of its assets incredibly and produce an ideal introduction for insignificant exertion.

By continually discharging new substance that is pertinent, auspicious and very much marked through online networking channels, LHH Neurosurgery will manufacture its way of life as the highest point of brain power for news on sexual brutality aversion.

5.2.1 Changes in policies and procedures

To advance this online networking activity, LHH Neurosurgery will put clear connections to its social networking accounts on its website page and all future promoting materials. The site's landing page will get a facelift to mirror these increases, with the-the clearer route and a few suggestions to take action.

Once LHH Neurosurgery online networking nearness has been built up, it can consider facilitating giveaways, challenges and other online networking occasions that will spread news of its presence virally over the net.

5.2.2 Resources (personnel, equipment, funding – include a budget and timeline)

LHH Neurosurgery will designate Neuroscience Marketing Manager in addition to a few people to serve as online "representatives." These officials will then make short recordings and blog entries giving an account of late news and exploration. Once altered for substance and style, this material will be disseminated through the LHH Neurosurgery and different online networking locales in a convenient way.

Neuroscience Marketing Manager is an already established position, split between Neurology and Neurosurgery departments. Online "spokespeople" won't inquire any additional cost since we will recruit within the department. Therefore, this Marketing Plan is cost neutral.

6 Outcomes/Evaluation

This promoting arrangement obliges a few people to serve as online "voices" for LHH Neurosurgery. These representatives can be LHH Neurosurgery staff or volunteers.

Every use ought to eventually have:

•A composed, orderly manual for undertakings and obligations

•A day by day and week by week calendar of when every assignment must be finished

•A clear desire for the time and duty necessary to complete every errand

Substance, for example, blog and Twitter posts can be affirmed early. Representatives ought to, in any case, have the opportunity to post short online remarks, answer messages and make referrals as they regard fitting.

In a perfect world, every representative's voice will advance after some time, so perusers get comfortable with his or her identity. One representative might outgo and energetic about counteractive action, for instance, while another is more formal and scholastically engaged.

This will enhance openness to LHH Neurosurgery assets by helping guests identify with the representatives and feel great reaching them for more data. All the more significantly, it will mark LHH Neurosurgery as the primary wellspring of assets on neurosurgical related wellbeing issues.

6.1 • Performance Indicators (how to measure ongoing performance of goals)

6.1.1 Blog

Make every representative in charge of one to two blog entries a week (200 to 500 words every) that fall under one of the classifications above (News, Opportunities, Events and Resources), or:

•Repurpose more traditional work

•Respond to issues in the news

•Cover and remark on occasions

Every representative will then affirm and screen the comments on his or her blog entries, noting addresses and starting discourse among site perusers.

6.1.2 Twitter

Assign one online agent to compose and plan roughly three posts ("tweets") all through every business day:

•One tweet declaring an up and coming occasion

•One tweet reporting new online substance (blog entries, different assets)

•One tweet claiming a measurement or actuality about sexual brutality

These tweets can be composed and affirmed up to a month early if essential.

This individual will likewise screen proper associations and watchwords, retweet important substance and react to other Twitter clients when suitable.

6.1.3 Facebook

•Make an LHH Neurosurgery Group page. List picked representatives under "Administrator" area. (Individual pages can be set to "private" if sought.)

•Designate one representative to screen divider remarks and discourse, board, reacting to or erasing comments when fitting.

•Link the web journal RSS channel to Facebook with the goal that blog entries show up on the LHH Neurosurgery Facebook page.

•Update the logbook of occasions inside Facebook. Consider utilizing this as the general LHH Neurosurgery online timetable to stay away from disarray and numerous data posting.

•Upload photographs, video cuts and other media to the LHH Neurosurgery bunch page as they get to be accessible.

6.1.4 YouTube

At whatever point conceivable, has one individual from LHH Neurosurgery film parts of occasions identifying with LHH Neurosurgery and its main goal utilizing an iPhone. (This will require a short lesson on the most proficient method to utilize the iPhone and what footage to catch.) These clasps can then be altered together with suitable subtitles and voice portrayal to give a video outline.

Post altered recordings on the LHH Neurosurgery blog, YouTube channel and Facebook Group page. Assign one representative to support and react to remarks left by viewers.

Make recordings supplement and strengthen the messages of LHH Neurosurgery content-based assets. These records can exist in an arrangement or all alone. LHH Neurosurgery likewise has the alternative to making quick, Flash-based tests inside the recordings to help viewers check their insight into thetopic.

Urge others to implant the recordings all separate site pages. Since every video will be marked with LHH Neurosurgery logo, web address and contact data, this will mark LHH Neurosurgery as a data pioneer. It will likewise spread its message to a more extensive gathering of people.

7 Concluding Remarks

Online networking is giving an abundance of data that can be utilized for human services examination. By investigating online networking information and discussions on wellbeing and care, scientists can examine how wellbeing is talked about by patients, clinical experts, and different partners. Discussions on online networking are open-welcome, which implies that the discourses can be differing, and the themes shifted. The utilization of hashtags (#) disentangles terms and makes it less demanding to sort data by subject, in this way making exchanges around wellbeing more open. The utilization of hashtags and particular catchphrases additionally encourages discussions and joint effort around essential points.

Online networking information can be dug for suppositions on wellbeing subjects, to portion news sustains progressively given theme or by partner gathering, to break down particular partners' nearness in online networking and to distinguish patterns in wellbeing points. For instance, general welfare effort makers can see what has (or has not) worked before and how to spread data over the globe rapidly and successfully. They can likewise research how well their battles are gotten by general society; recognize holes, patterns and opportunities; and guide which systems are most associated, dynamic and powerful. Such utilization of online networking information has as of now prompted various experimental productions, and examination of human services social networking is a developing field of logical investigation.

Various studies have exhibited that information from an open online networking website could precisely track reported malady levels of flu-like diseases and public enthusiasm about wellbeing related occasions (Signorini A, 2011) (Lampos V, 2010). Medicinal services online networking can likewise be a source where important exercises and examinations can improve the proceeded with expert advancement for attendants and other wellbeing experts (Moorley C, 2015), and also to patient instruction. One study took a gander at how online networking is utilized to convey messages about wellbeing proficiency by wellbeing related associations (Park H, 2013). It found that non-benefit associations and group bunches offered more data on the subject than government organizations and instructive foundations, and recommended more vital methodologies while utilizing less difficult dialect.

Similarly as with some other type of wellbeing data scattering and open engagement, online networking techniques ought to be proof based and adjusted to overall approaches and objectives. The outcomes demonstrate that people and groups use online networking regularly to find out about wellbeing issues. Measures ought to be taken to guarantee that all fragments of general society are offered data and chances to draw in, including the individuals who are commonly less dynamic on online networking, so as not to digitally reject people.

Having an online networking approach set up sets clear rules that ensure against moral, security and protection infringement. Online networking in wellbeing is most advantageous when it is consolidated into wellbeing correspondence methodologies and backings general correspondence targets. A fruitful online networking procedure figures out where the utilization of online networking can perform key welfare objectives and bolster wellbeing systems. Online networking is a device to associate buyers and suppliers and organized rules are expected to accomplish the most unique conceivable advantage of its utilization.

8 Bibliography

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