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For so many years Britain's fundamental foundation has been that of fair play and equality for all and sundry and that is included the use of her basic institutions like NHS and the welfare it provides to her citizens. So the idea of this generosity being abused, or taken undue advantage of, by anyone is frown upon and has become source of various debates across the media. The piece will compare two articles from the Daily Express and The Independent newspapers.

So for those who are against the unscrupulous benefit claims by some people, the recent speech made by Pension and Work Secretary, Mr Duncan Smith, at Conservative Party conference recently, came as a relief as the government has stated its intentions to cut back on some benefit payment, especially on the amount paid to eastern European Union member citizens. Thus the term “Benefit Tourism” has been coined. There has been criticism of the government on its inability to tackle what has been term as “Benefit Tourism”, a term has taken root in today's lexicon but with no clear definition for it. Both Daily Express and The Independent newspapers has tried to report same news story from different angle and to different audiences and had achieved their aims with the reporting styles both employed.

 In a news article in the Daily Express, published on the 7th of October 2015, and that of the The Independent of the same day, both newspapers provided information to their respective audience from a similar story but with different angles. Both articles stance appears to be in favour of the government policy in tackling the problem, but with a soft undertone so as not to appear to be anti-foreigner. On a similar topic on benefit but from a different angle, The Independent Newspaper took the side of the people who are vulnerable and on benefit with its baseline being on actually helping the people the system was designed to assist. But with emphasis on implementation of punitive punishment. Thereby enlightening its readership to do thorough research on the matter as relate to them.

The two newspaper touched the concept of abuse of the benefit system but from a different angles. The Independent article is based on a finding by a committee set up by the government hence appear to be more authoritative and best suited for academic purposes. Its audience is more likely to be middle income families that feel cheated by the amount some people on benefit earns, and wants more action against benefit cheats, but The Daily Express, on the other hand, emphasised on what government intend to do to save some money for the tax payers with its reforms of the benefit systems this was achieved with the way the paper gave little space to opposing ideas. And its target audience are likely to be low income earning families and those on benefit who feel short changed with the arrival of eastern European EU citizens. Though both paper are targeting different audiences, but the ultimate aim is to tell the voters what the Tory government has in stock.

Both Papers are able to authenticate their story with the use of top level sources, but both at the same time uses different tones in its articles. The Daily Express story is more in line with definite action (getting tough) plan on what the government tend to do to appease the voters while on the other hand The Independent story is more on advisory tone on what the public and some government advisers would like the government to do.

With the Daily Express use of direct quote from the Pension secretary, Mr Duncan Smith, it has been able to hold the government on its promises to its readers; thus guaranteeing that the government will be held accountable, if it renegades on the content of what the Pension Secretary had said, in the future. But The Independent soft advisory tone can only be used for finger pointing if the situation is not addressed to the satisfactory level the public desires. But at the end of it all both newspapers has done its social service of informing the people and enlightens their readership while tasking the government on doing what their public wants.

Both newspapers has meet all criteria for academic writing with the information they provided, the application of the use of formal and precise language (grammar). The level of reporting shows both has done proper research into the topic this is based on the source they got the quotes used in both articles.

TASK 2a (Curriculum Vitae)


115 Thornham street | London SE10 9SD | 07989212118 | [email protected]


• Working in tight deadline projects or targets environment with quality as backbone of work.  Working in a team.

• Heading new market or business strategy implementation of problem solving techniques.

• A committed and driven BSc Business Graduate with a sound social understanding of business environment.

• Able to utilize sound organization and planning skills to deliver assignments within set timeframes and to a high quality standard.

• Extended customer base by 40 percent through tenacious effort and outstanding service.

• Large percentage of my clients continued with their annual contracts.

• Account management of clients in various capacity.


BSc, Business and Tourism     Expected June 2016

Anglia Ruskin University, London

• Major: Business Management

• Minor: Tourism

Related course work: Business Finance, Personnel management, business management, business skills, macroeconomics, statistics, marketing and sales and Tourism.

National Diploma, Mass Communication     June 1996

Federal Polytechnic, Ok, Nigeria

• Major: Advertising

• Minor: News gathering

Other related topics jingle and slogan writing, proof reading public speaking, and advert design.

West African Examination Council (for GCSE)   June 1989

Festac College, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria



• Established and applied new fundraising program for social group for some local voluntary work.

• Operated with former graduates, local and nationwide, to harmonize chapter house expansion, including discussing a building contract and agenda.

• Organized and conversed to other alumni bodies of expansion fundraising program, which has raised a substantial funds for the building program.

• Succeeded in managing chapter house finances for two years, plus collecting levies and paying bills.


• Able to address audience.

• Ability to deal with group or individuals without fear of being intimidation.


• Club president while in School.

• Team leader at my present job with Southeastern Railway

IT skill

• I have experience in the use of MS Office, Photoshop CS, SAP (R/3, Business One), Adobe (Ai, In Design, Photoshop), some level designs and CorelDraw.

Revenue Protection Officer

Southeastern Railways, London

• Apprehending fraudulent travel and ticketing.

• Able to work with others especially members of Police force.  

• Good with time management.

• Account management in various capacity.

• Passionate about improving passenger' experience

• Demonstrated passengers value through interaction at all levels.

Advertising Liaison Officer

Divine Concepts, Lagos Nigeria        

• Responsible for advert placements with media outlets.

• Allocating various position to sales rep

• Part of search team that looks for possible models for particular adverts

• Recruiting and training staffs and models for various roles.

• Analyzing and collecting data from various sources for planning purposes.

• Collecting feedback from customers and the public.

• Monitoring figures from competitors.

• Dealing and handling client accounts.

• Negotiating for the right advert slots


• Reading, Sports, travelling, Indoor and Outdoor Activities

References on request.

TASK 2b (Cover Letter)


115 Thornham Street

London SE10 9SD


[email protected]

Ms Maria Lynch

Head of Operation and Recruitment

Global Bank

Suite 6, Second Floor

Sheridan House

112-116 Western Road

Hove BN3 1DD

Dear Ms Maria Lynch,

Re: Commercial Financial Analyst (Business Performance) MLA7436_1448910059

I am writing in response to your notice in the December 7th, 2015 of for the position of Commercial Financial Analyst in your establishment. I have been waiting for opening like this. Please take into consideration my formal request for the position of Commercial Financial Analyst. This opening is a tremendous match for my qualification. Your business will profit from my strong process development orientation, expect good problem solving skills, and the ability to communicate openly and persuasively.

Though you are familiar with my background, you may not know the things that set me apart from others. I have been with Southeastern Railways for the past 15 years in their financial and accounting department and within 2 years I have progressed to the position of account assistant, a position I held before going to become account analy7st before I transitioned to supervisory role in the department.

Some specific accomplishments include:

• Apprehending fraudulent travel and ticketing.

• Able to work with others especially members of Police force.  

• Good with time management.

• Account management in various capacity.

• Passionate about improving passenger' experience

• Demonstrated passengers value through interaction at all level.

For the past 10 years, I have worked in various capacity of customer oriented positions and I am confidence that my skills will translate well into this position. You will find me to be decisive, expressive, enthusiastic, and self-reliant. The kind of individual on whom your team can rely on. I am a quick learner and able to take initiative with minimal supervision. Working under pressure, and long hours, are not a problem.

As a Revenue Protection Officer for a firm that is in transportation Sector, my primary responsibilities entailed customer interaction and service. It is my job to assist Customers with information bordering on their destinations, making their journey easier by suggesting the fastest routes and directing in case of emergency, additionally, we also ensure that each passenger buy the right ticket accordingly. I also issue penalty fare when necessary.

If your company is looking for a result oriented commercial analyst with solid performance track record, I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the strength and experience I could bring to the table. Does this sound like the person you need? If it does, I will be happy to speak with you. I've enclosed my resume for your review. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached in confidence at the above phone number and email address. I look forward from hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,




The government is planning to cut back on some welfare benefits with the increase in the minimum wage as announced by present Tory government, has come as a relief and outcry to thousands of low paid workers. But has this increment gone far enough to elevate the rate of poverty with the low income earners? With the amount of increment being 50p, the answer to this is no. The more you earn the more tax you pay. And cutting the welfare on housing, working tax credit and child tax credit will only make more people destitute.

In his budget speech in the House of Commons in July of last year, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Paul Osborne announced that what has been termed as the minimum wage rate for under 25 years old. This wage increase is intended to boost the livelihood of thousands of British low paid workers, though it would not compensate for the shortfall in standard of living as a result of cuts also introduced to other welfare assistance from government. It is an irony that while increasing minimum wage, the same Tory government is cutting back on benefit some of these people receive.

The cut in welfare is reported to amount to £12bn, while the minimum wage will be increased from £6.70 to £7.20 (a “significant” increase of 50p) and could rise to £9 by 2020. Though welcomed, it has been criticized by many as not going far enough to address the ever increasing poverty threshold taking place across the country. This increment fall short of what critics believes is the right amount for “living wage”. In introducing the minimum wage the standard used were Daily basics of transport, housing and food but did not take into account the cost of inflation have on other Daily necessities.

Of what benefit is it to anyone to increase minimum wage by 50p and cut back on welfare benefit? No one except politicians in order to curry votes as the announcement was timed to the run-up to the election. What effect will this have on the general public is the possibility of increase in price as businesses especially retailers will have to increase prices of their services so as to meet up with the paying of minimum wages and this will now tickle down to the same workers the government was trying to help. Though we should have in mind the advantages of current trend in the economy like fall in fuel prices and low inflation and price war among supermarkets have on low paid worker. But for how long will that trend last before the real crunch steps in? (The Week UK, 2016)

The government may have had good intention in introducing minimum wage and benefit cuts, but it is not well thought through as the impact both policies are having on individuals and businesses will eventually have side effect on economy. One effect of the minimum wage is rising prices. Around a third of companies overall – about 50 per cent in sectors such as retail and hospitality – say they will have to increase costs to customers to pay for higher wages. But given the favourable consumer climate of low inflation, falling fuel prices and supermarket price wars this may not be all that damaging. Higher overall wages should also make any rising prices broadly manageable.

The targeted welfare cut – working tax credit, child tax credit, housing benefits – are enjoyed by many, including those who are on minimum wages. Now how would cutting back on their benefit going to help them? It's like giving with one hand and taking back with the other hand. These families will remain within the threshold of poverty, so to speak. So instead of the government imposing this cuts on very one why don't it be more selective on those cuts are intended against: the job-shy individual on benefits.

It should be noted that since the announcement that has been high profile criticism from all part of the society. This has led to clash between the chancellor and former Works and Pension secretary Mr. Ian Duncan Smith, who accuses the government of making political cut on benefit to benefit high income earners and not for what is best for the British economy; stressing that any cut should have been a “part of a wider process to engage others in finding the best way to better focus resources on those most in need”. (Vale, 2016)[729]

While Duncan Smith is resigning, the archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, has also criticize the cut at being able to put more families on the bread line, in an interview with the Daily Mirror, the Cardinal stated that “The safety net to guarantee people would not be left in hunger or destitution has been torn apart”, and the running of social support has developed into a penal body, and a “country of affluence that, quite frankly, is a disgrace”. (Layton, 2014)

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