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PUMA is one of the world's leading sports brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. For over 65 years, PUMA has been creating the most imaginative products for the fastest sports enthusiasts, players and athletes on the planet. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Running and Training, Golf, and Motorsports. In 2013, Bjørn Gulden (CEO) introduced PUMA's new mission statement: To be the Fastest Sports Brand in the world. The organization's central goal not just mirrors PUMA's new image situating of being Forever Faster, it additionally serves as the directing guideline for the organization communicated through the majority of its activities and choices. Puma's objective is to be super fast in adopting and embracing new trends, quick in bringing new innovations to the consumer market, speedy decision-making and fast in solving problems for their partners.


The repositioning of the brand, which began in 2014 with the largest brand campaign in company history, was clearly the focus of Puma's activities again in 2015. The brand was repositioned as “FOREVER FASTER”. The objective was to demonstrate that PUMA is back in sports and that the brand has great assets and a distinctive attitude: Brave, confident, determined, and joyful. “Forever Faster” was created in an effort to be more daring and push the boundaries, and move the brand away from its previous fashion-focused efforts to focus on sports fans.


Puma is hoping that by creating partnerships with startups operating in the combination of marketing and technology it can better interact with consumers as it continues its strategy and mission to become ‘the fastest sports brand in the world'.

• Tie-up with start ups

Following the reposition where Puma announced its new brand strategy, the sports brand has since then initiated campaigns under the mantra 'Forever Faster', a thought and mission, it expects that will deal with various startups who will help it achieve. The brand has already collaborated with Seenit, an application that enables fans to view branded content in real time that has been crafted by influencers. For Puma, the application platform allowed the brand to motivate its influencers to shoot content around the Trapstar launch event at the end of 2015. All through the night, editors merged short videos together that were then shared by the influencers to their social media channels, to make the content quick, consumable and shareable.

• Tie-up with Warner Bros to tap children's demographics

Puma partnered with Warner Bros for the launch of Superman and Tom and Jerry co-branded apparel, accessories and footwear in an attempt to diversify the brand to appeal to a new and younger audience, that is kids. While a specific target to children is a new step for the brand, this step is part of an ongoing effort for Puma to introduce itself and appeal to new consumers and become a “game changer” brand.

• Puma's Strategy to gather UGC by paying fans

Puma offered cash to their social media fans for pictures of them performing physical activities and tasks to use them in its ‘Nature of Performance' global marketing campaign. The sportswear brand trialed Foap, an iPhone app that lets users upload and sell their photos to brands in order to source content that it claims would be difficult to access from traditional competitions.

It asked the platform's community audience of 75,000 users to click photos in response to ‘Missions' such as scoring a goal or sprinting and promote across its social media channels. Users could then rate and review the photos with Puma deciding which ones to reward with cash prizes. The company had the alternative to purchase all user uploaded images to use throughout its ‘Nature of Performance' campaign, which aimed to unify its brand across its running, team sports and fitness categories.

• Nature of Believing Campaign

Puma made a new style and identity statement with their product launches and they have definitely done so with Tricks a colorful version update for both the evoPOWER and evoSPEED boots. The left boot is blue, while the right boot is pink. Many people want to get noticed and like focus and attention on the field, and these have certainly done that. Tricks were the new innovative element of Puma's marketing campaign ‘The Nature of Believing', which empowered and enabled players to stand out on the pitch, and to strongly believe in themselves. These were the World Cup 2014 limited edition shoes.

• PUMA's Creative Director and brand ambassador: Rihanna

For years, the female consumer market segment has been an above-average performer for sports products. Sports is having an ever increasing influence on fashion and women are all the more involved in sports all over the world. PUMA, with its success of models and designer collaborations has been and will continue to pioneer in this segment while strengthening their strategic focus on the female target audiences.

An important component of this strategy is the partnership and association they have grown jointly with the international star Rihanna as brand ambassador and creative director. Rihanna took on an important role in their second Forever Faster brand campaign in 2015. In 2016 with the introduction of a full women's collection of shoes and textiles, she is an integral part of bettering their product offering for women in the Performance and Sportstyle categories.

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