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Field placement pre-approval package

Company details

CIAS – Canadian International Academic Services Inc.

Ms. Gursharan Kaur Kandra (President  & CEO)

Mobile: +1 647-505-7921

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Address: 23, Westmore Drive, Suite No #414, Toronto, M9V 3Y7

Contact information: +1 647 428 6531, +1 416 855 9104


What do they provide to their customers?

Canadian International Academic Services Inc. was initiated to bring globalization of education, by providing students across the world with easy access to quality education from North American colleges and universities. It provides opportunities to study at some of the best universities and colleges in USA, Canada, and UK. It also  provide settlement services to international students through Canadian Intercultural Association of Students (CIAOS) a non-profit organization, including post-landing services,  business placements, job placements and arrangement of co-op placements opportunities.  

Who are their customers?

It deals with the students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE and UK and helps them in getting admissions in various colleges and Universities in North America. It is actively negotiating with various parts of Asia, Gulf and some parts of Europe in near future.

 Who are their main competitors?

There are number of institutions which provide similar services  but CIAS faces more challenges from WES (World Education Services), ICEC (Indo Canada Education Council) and CES (Canada Educational Service) .

What makes CIAS better than its competitors?

CIAS is in this industry since 2002 and it has connections with 20 associates all over the world. These associates provide expertise knowledge services by providing expert information, counselling, and assistance and represent all North American educational institutions.

The CIAS offers various services like:

 Assistance in selecting appropriate Program and College

 Student counselling and document processing

 Submitting application to colleges on the behalf of the students

 Providing Acceptance letter from the College to the students

 Visa guidance & assistance in financial document preparation, Statement of Purpose, visa Questionnaire and interview

 Providing Post Landing Services like Airport pickup, accommodation, opening bank Account etc.

 Acts as a link between colleges, students and their families

 Expertise assistance in preparing cover letters and resumes

 Assistance in getting Health insurance/Tax Filing

 Assistance in extension of study permit, extension of student visa and conversion of Single-entry to multiple entry visa and work permits.

 Acquiring HRDC validation, searching for employment possibilities, applying for work Permits. We also have tie ups with various employers for job opportunities and Co-Op .

 Assistance in getting permanent residence, sponsorships and visitor visa CIAS has vision and mission to promote and facilitate the globalization of education as well as to expand the academic services and work towards bringing exceptional international education to the doorstep of students.


I am going to work at their office located at 23, Westmore Drive, Suite No # 414 Toronto, Ontario M9V 3Y7 as an Administrative assistant Intern for the period of 320 hours. Ms. Gursharan kaur kundra (President and CEO) and I would assist her in taking responsibility of  analyzing, posting and queuing up all the progress and updates on activities to be performed on that particular day. I will practically be associated with all the ongoing projects and projects to be launched in near future. I owe the responsibility of keeping up-to date records of the administration department .

 My roles and responsibilities:

• Receiving and directing all the office communications including phone calls and emails .

• Handling of applications and files of student from all around the world who want to take admissions in the various North American colleges.

• Providing office support functions including word processing, filing copying, composing a variety of business documents, reception, gathering and compiling data, and balancing and coordinating a workload for multiple projects while meeting deadlines.

• Providing lead and back up receptionist support  including greeting visitors in person or by telephone and to connect those with the appropriate staff person or services that will best serve their needs in a friendly and professional manner.

• Assist in drafting forms, printing and copying information for distribution.

• Assist departments with special projects including distribution of information, data entry, filing, and research.

• Planning, organising and prioritising work.

• Identifying problems and providing solutions.

• Providing support to the administration staff.

• Scanning, copying and filing agency contracts.

• Arranging meetings and seminars for student welfare and support.

• dealing with grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures.

Client/Student Communication

Providing assistance in the client/student in-take process and respond to both basic and

complex client inquiries through e-mail or telephone to ensure that Applications are

processed accurately and  obstacles are anticipated and dealt with at right time.

Key learning from the Internship

• It would help me to enhance my communication skills as I have to deal with various clients through email, phone and face to face communication.

• It would nourish my problem solving skills as I have come across various problems of my clients and I have to help them by providing solutions.

• It would enhance my decision making skills and provides me a clearer understanding of how balanced decisions are made in a complex rapid changing business environment.

• I would gain a better understanding of the workplace dynamics and trends through various team projects, site visits and assignments.

• I would gain valuable connections with many known business personalities which will help me to better understand of my own personal values, professional interests and career goals.

• I would acquire a greater awareness of management of management styles, trends and issues in higher education and industry.

• I would gain technical knowledge about latest technology and computer software.

• I would gain knowledge about event management by assisting in organising meetings and seminars and I would gain practical knowledge of dealing with administrative affairs of the business.

• I would gain knowledge of preparation of various forms and get the knowledge of immigration laws.

• It would provide me knowledge about enhancing public and customer relations. In addition it would help me to enhance my technical, mental, tactical thinking, analytical and interpersonal abilities.


Why did you choose this field placement?

Because this offers me a cross sectional practical learning experience of so many aspect of management and offers me a great opportunity of interacting to the regions which I am well familiar with in regard to their languages and cultures giving an upper hand to negotiate and boost my confidence too and make a step wise learning and progress.


   How does this field placement directly relate to your program?

Global business management tools and techniques can directly be seen applied in this organization because the business is actually being executed across the globe among different cultures and expectations. Human resource management, organizational behaviour, customer relationship management and marketing management, office and administration are the important and highly relevant aspects of the global business management which are going to be directly implied and practiced in this business industry.

 What do you expect to be the outcome(s) for you from this field placement?

 This experience will definitely enhance my customer relationship management understanding as that forms the key building block of this business. This will further add to my analytical, communication, presentation skills and it would enhance my decision making and problem solving capabilities.

What effect will this field placement have on your career?

It would definitely have a positive effect on my career.  It would boost my confidence level, personality development, and nourish my education and knowledge. It would definitely help me to attain knowledge of operating a self-owned business. I could learn latest trends and key elements of job placements which would assist me in getting good job in near future.

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