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To begin with, controlling can be defined as a process through which leaders regulate organisational activities to help them achieve all predetermined standards of performances and make them stable with the expectations established in plans.  Marry Brown has shown impressive amount of sales so far as this is also due to the effective controlling system practiced by the company itself. So, without practicing any controlling system would definitely effect the company's management thus, the company will experience downfall in their sales of their food which will lead to a loss in profit or the company could be taken down. To avoid such matter, the company constantly uses the controlling system in the production of their food and the employees within their organization so that the food produced are delicious, high in quality and pleasing to the eyes of the customers as to meet with their standards of the already established franchise. Apparently, the franchise of Marry Brown in Teluk Intan has been using the steering control method. This is where the company tends to focus more on the transformation process of the food as to ensure that the food served on the menu are cooked thoroughly and evenly. For instance, the manager will check all of the employees whether they are doing their work wisely and makes sure that they don't take their work for granted or lack in anything as to produce better quality of their food especially chicken since the star in their menu is chicken. Hence, the employees are supposedly to be trained well and knows all the basics in the production field and indirectly will make them more disciplined and efficient. Basically, the manager will take corrective action whenever the employees are facing difficulties in the production of the food and the manager makes sure that the problems faced are resolved before the final results are achieved.

   The company frequently practices the control system as to them it is compulsory in managing their business as controlling the management does make it more efficient and systematic. Apart from producing food, the manager of the franchise in Teluk Intan says that whenever they make an event they would always make a back-up plan so that the event won't become a hassle and troublesome. As a matter of fact, they made a back-up plan for one of the events they did at the restaurant by preparing a great amount of tables and chairs as they were worried that the people came might exceed their target so, they had to come up with an idea or an emergency plan to prevent people from leaving their restaurant. As a result, their plan worked and the event went very well. However, the manager does make a comparison with the actual performance with the performance standards which are set as to ensure that they can improve on anything that they are lacking by improving their management of the company time after time.

Besides, when designing a control system the company also sets the important factors that should be conemplated. Essentially, employees are the most significant in the management of business because they can either make the business successful or make a loss for the business depending on their efficiency and willingness to work. For example,   the company had the experience when one of the employees placed a wrong order of the stock and it effected their market sales. So, controlling can help the manager to spot those mistakes and take corrective action. On the other hand, the organisation needs to know how to deal with the change of the environment such as the marketing shifts, changes in the product demand and new policies and regulations. Then, the company also focuses on dealing with complexity within the organisation as an organisation will grow as time goes by with more diverse workers with different capabilities in their work field. In other words, a control system is needed to coordinate the activities and give guidance to the employees as to run the business smoothly. This shows that controlling ensures management process are according to schedule and can achieve towards the organisation's targeted goal.

Running a business is not easy as to what people usually think, barriers are included whenever someone starts a business and Marry Brown is one of them. One of the barriers faced by the company is the employee's lack of attitude. The manager of the franchise in Teluk Intan has stated that the employee's lack of motivation and desire for work has caused some problems in which it leads to argument between the manager and the employees. So, the manager resolved this problem by giving rewards or bonus as a motivation for them to work harder. Apart from that, the company faces difficulties when employees quit their work. This happens when employees quit whenever they feel like or they follow their other fellow employees who quit as well. The shortage of workers could easily effect the operating days and may cause the amount of sales to be lesser than usual. In order to avoid such problem, the manager then hires a few employees at a time and makes sure that the relationship between the employees aren't blood related, close friends, a couple or a married couple because these kind of relationships will definitely effect the organisation as when an employee quits the other person follows. This is why the manager does not take in many employees at once and there aren't any connections between them.

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