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Public health (PH), as defined nearly a century ago by C. E. A. Winslow, is “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health and efficiency through organized community efforts” [1]. PH is one of the required subjects for medical and paramedical students that they usually perceive as vague and difficult compared to all other medical specialties [2]. Likewise, PH teaching can be an absolute delight or a burdensome practice [2]. A significant contributing factor to this difficulty is the dynamic complexity that characterizes PH issues [3] e.g., learning PH requires an understanding of the relative importance of environmental, socio-demographic, lifestyle and genetic causes of disease as well as an understanding of strategies that improve population wellbeing and how to evaluate their impact. Thus, PH learners and professionals are confronted with enormous amount of multidisciplinary information that should always be in mind to ensure holistic approach in PH studying and planning [2, 3, 4]. For medical students, the impressive achievements in the biomedical sciences and medical care can obscure the fact that people's living circumstances are still the major determinants of health [3, 5]. Additionally, curricula in medical schools are congested and a PH course presented to biomedically oriented students, in a comprehensive, yet simplified and mentally pleasing way, is more likely to succeed than one presented in a fragmented and complex way [10]. The increasing recognition of this fact has resulted in a crucial improvement in medical education [6]. However, there remains the challenge of imparting large quantity of information within a limited time period in a way that enables students retain and effectively interpret these information [7]. Hence, it is imperative to have flexible and creative teaching methods to help people digest many information in a short time. An infographic module is one way to accomplish that [8].

An infographic, a graph that integrates visuals with text, is a tool constructed for visualizing and understanding multifaceted complex information in a simpler and faster way e.g., one map of a city subway system is equivalent to a long alphabetical list of stations and train line names. Although the list provides  all the information needed to navigate the subway, yet, searching for which line to take and where to get on and off would be dreadful [9]. Through an infographic one can display the relation between multiple aspects of an issue, answer multiple questions, and make effective comparisons using one infographic component [9, 10, 11, 12]. With the use of infographics in education, different dimensions of knowledge can be transmitted by explaining the processes and events, establishing connections between concepts and concretizing abstract ideas [10].

Infographic production existed since earliest cave drawings [13]. Although these drawings are considered primitive, they have been used for many purposes in human history. Today's infographics are effectively used in many fields like education, politics, economics and medicine [13, 14]. This  form of presentation is quickly gaining popularity for content marketing in contemporary media, and in some cases, becoming the standard form of communication instead of lengthy text [11].

Medical education aims at training health care providers to become capable of improving communities\' health standards. Accordingly, the use of conceptual and theoretical frameworks to organize the medical education curriculum is essential to preserve the focus and clarity of student\'s distinct contribution to health care [15,16]. In Cairo University, the traditional teaching method in PH entails learning through face-to-face classroom lectures using power point presentations for each topic separately. This study aimed to develop a new technology-based PH learning method (an interactive electronic infographic module) and test it against the traditional teaching method regarding students' ability to retain the holistic interconnected information that serve the learning outcomes of PH curriculum.

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