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The capacity to clearly communicate, build up and keep up connections, encourage helpful co-operations with people as well as facilitative negotiation is an aspect of good communication and relationship management competency. In the case of Memorial Hospital, the use of communication and management domain as an arbiter to redefine and finalize its administrative plans is justified.

The CEO took initiative to ensure that department of psychiatry did not back out of the plan and conducted a meeting with the Chair of Psychiatry which eventually turned out to be fruitful as the department was compelled to join after a period of 5 months. However, the discussion which took place between them could have been productive if they would have been a little bit more open minded about the other's perspective and heard each other's thoughts rather than putting forward their own points.

Case 2: Professionalism

As per ACHE competencies tool, each and every organization must maintain a certain level of professional standard and abide by codes of ethical behavior and personal ethics. However, in this case the behavioral and ethical standards in the nursing unit were losing the touch of conforming to the professional norms and standards. The nurses were causing disruptions in the functioning of the hospital and this unprofessionalism was causing discomfort to some supervisors.

However, the move by the President of the nursing unit to swiftly and strictly issue warnings on demonstrating lack of professional norms, behaviors and ethical values was a bold one. The President of the nursing unit exercised his professional understanding to counter the behavioral tendency of the nurses which was getting out of hand.

Case 3: Leadership

A leader is the one who has the vision to lead the organization and someone who can be approachable. Creating a good environment to work in, motivate teamwork and carry out change management competently. In the case of the purchasing of the practice for the health system, the responsibility of managing the change was on the shoulder of Mrs. Smith, who had a long term relationship with the non-clinical staff of that organization.

Mrs. Smith chose to proactively orchestrate a change procedure that would reduce any negative observations with respect to staff about this purchase out. She needed to keep up the trust and steadfastness the staff had with her and to situate the staff to the new reality of being workers of a corporate social insurance organization instead of a small designated business. She was successful not only in leading the staff but also in maintaining the same environment as earlier.

Case 4: Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment

ACHE competencies domain on knowledge of the healthcare environment demands understanding of the healthcare system as well as the environment in which they function. This also includes having a proper understanding of various stakeholders and their role in the system.

In this case, the new administrator's job as patient service coordinator required her to have knowledge about the different types of facilities, their services and expectation from them.

Overall, she severely misunderstood what it meant to offer patient care coordination across a healthcare system with the diversity of organizations it represented. This case demonstrates that basic knowledge is a must to avoid silly mistakes in your job and create a strong professional platform for yourself.

Case 5: Business Skills and Knowledge

Any organization (healthcare or non-healthcare) require it's executives to have sufficient business knowledge in order to function efficiently. They should have the ability to integrate information from different departments to make one informed decision. Apart from being familiar with the healthcare environment, an understanding of finance, marketing, HR, project management etc is also needed.

The case study points out that a person at a high post as that of director did not have enough knowledge of budgeting and that lead to sever financial loss to her department.

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