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In order to understand social media marketing better, there is the need to know the meaning of social media and marketing so that the two can be blended together to form social media marketing.

Social media can be defined as a network tool or technologies that are used together to share career interest, information or ideas and any form of expressing one\'s views virtually. An example of social media marketing is; Twiter, facebook, blogs, Television, Radio etc.

Some applications also do facilitate the effectiveness of social media and without the internet; no one can get access to social media. This means that, before one can get access to social media, he need to bundle for the internet or use Wi-Fi as a host spot. However, televisions and radios are some tools that don\'t require the use of the internet.

Marketing is the process by which commodities are made available to consumers. This means that before one can do efficient marketing, there is the need to follow some processes and the most basic ones are as followed:

Identification, decision making and processing of the commodity; in this first stage, you need to identify the kind of commodity to produce. After the identification, you are left with the decision as to which kind of raw materials to be used to produce the product, how much labour to be used to produce the product, which raw material is durable and which are less costly and much more.

Price determination; after you have successfully produced your commodities, the next step is to determine how much to sell it. This can be done when considering the cost involved in the processing of the inputs manufacturing, the cost of labour in producing the commodity and market demand.

Commodity Distribution; now that you have produced your commodities and the price is also determined. The next thing to do is to make it available for consumers to purchase so that you can earn your profit.

Difference between Marketing and Selling

Marketing goes beyond selling. Marketing is the process by which commodities are made available for consumers while selling is just the techniques used to manipulate customers in order to exchange goods for money.

What Then Is Social Media Marketing?

As you are now aware of the meaning of social media and marketing, the blend of the two denotes the meaning of social media marketing. Hence, social media marketing is, therefore, a social media podium and website that is used to advertise commodities or services so as to create the awareness of people globally without necessarily travelling to their localities. This type of marketing is what we also called indirect marketing which is different from direct marketing in which you need to talk to customers one on one.

How to Carry On Social Media Marketing Successfully

Learn how to listen than to talk; in order to market your products or services, you must make an enquiry to know the target audience. You can do this by joining discussion groups online and to also do many conversations to know their needs so that you can know how to brand your advertisement.

Learn to focus; you must focus on the concerns of your customers and specialise on one particular item than to be jumping from one business to the other.

Your concern should be on quality than quantity; if your audiences are disappearing, then it is an indication that you are not offering a quality product. Contact them to know why they are no more interested so that you can correct your mistakes. Don\'t just target quantity but quality.

Be patient; the start of everything is difficult but be patient and persevere, you would surely be successful if you are determined. Again, don\'t be harsh to your customers.  They may annoy you but your patient will attract them.

Know how to advertise; every social media has their difference temperament of their target audience. You must, therefore, identify the type of social media you are doing your marketing at and their manners.

Be accessible; you must always be available to contact. Always publish your content and respond quickly to your audience.

You must learn how to be reciprocal; you alone cannot share your content online and it will reach people globally. Your friends and others need also to share your content. This can be done if you are also sharing theirs. The law is to share your contents with others and they will also share yours using different platform so that you can be easily popular.

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