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Top juice

Top Juice is known to be one of the biggest brands in Australia for offering the best-quality juices and salads consistently to its patrons. It began as a fruit shop in Sydney started by a humble family for business and rooted out in all parts of Australia with its steady growth. Their commitment towards quality and the faith of its customers towards its product being a combination of tasty and healthy made Top Juice one of the leading chains in the country. Also, using only the seasonal fruits and vegetables from local growers makes it a preferable choice by the customers.

Vision The vision of Top Juice is to become Australia\'s biggest chain in delivering people delicious, healthy and convenient food and juices made from only fresh ingredients and thereby creating healthy financial rewards.

Core Objective: The core objective of Top Juice is to create awareness that their products are healthier, fresh and delicious. They are in promotion of health and wellness of people.

 Defining our Target Market

Top juice knows that it can\'t possibly reach out to all target markets, so focusing it in a few markets will be the best option in terms of profit. For the new products in our menu, we are targeting people who are health conscious and the others who are vegetarian. It is because vegetarian and as well as health conscious people in Australia are facing problems in finding food that is healthy, fulfilling as well as tasty and is 100% vegetarian.

According to the latest surveys done by Roy Morgan, it shows that in Australia, people with vegetarian preferences from the age above 14 have grown from 1,608,000 in 2009 to 1,935,000 in 2011 which means there is a 10% increase in this segment. So, this shows that there is also growing potential in our new range of vegetarian products.

New Launch

A few new products have been launched in top juice menu. We have launched two salads and a sub -category under the drinks section. In order to increase the patronage of Top Juice,   The two salads and two wonder bowls in smoothies section which are not only healthy but also fancy the taste buds. This is a very calculative approach by Top Juice as a variety of customers want to eat healthily but yet want the product to be fulfilling and tasty at the same time. This section satisfies all these qualities while making it an ideal meal option.

 Listed below are the names of the new launched products and inform about the utility for the target audiences.

• In the salad section:

1)  Brown rice and vegetable salad with basil dressings- This salad has brown rice which is a high source of carbohydrates and green veggies which are known for its protein content.

Utility for target audience:

Usually salads are healthy but not as fulfilling, however, this product contains brown rice making it wholesome and tasty at the same time. It is healthy and can be used as a lunchbox meal by the young working professionals who are health-conscious and also need to satisfy their hunger. So, this could be a big meal which is big on health and big on taste.

2) Marinated cauliflower and sprout salad with tomato dressings- Best source of vitamins A, B, C and E, it also contains 20% of protein.

Utility for target audience:

It is mainly useful for all ages, however, the young and the old who have deficiency issues can be most benefitted from this product. As it is a good source of important nutrients which can fulfil their hunger and at the same time act as a healthy food replacement for their deficiency supplements. This is also a good alternative for protein for vegetarians.

• In the Smoothie section: We have launched a new sub- category called the \'Wonder bowl\', which are of two kinds:

1) Muesli Coconut and Banana wonder bowl: This evidently contains a boost of energy with banana as one of its ingredients. Also, the coconut flavour with a hint of sultanas gives it a nice and sweet flavour. Muesli on the other hand, can be a great source of protein and omega-3.

Utility for target audience:

 This can be a wonderful breakfast option for young kids and also office-goers who need a slosh of energy before starting their day. Muesli is a great cereal and is whole-grain making it a satisfactory option for their appetite. The taste factor is also not compromised as sultanas and coconut offer really interesting flavours.

2) Green Mango and pomegranate wonder bowl: In this bowl, we sneak in kale and spinach as it is full of fibre and contains zero fat. It is combined with mango to give it a sumptuous taste and make it fulfilling. A hint of pomegrenate on the top makes it an exciting bowl on-the-go.

Utility for target audience:

This wonder bowl is an ultimate breakfast option targeted upon the young and old women who are conscious about their weight and still want to enjoy the taste. Kale and Spinach are rich in anti-oxidants and are also good for the skins. Mango and pomegranate on the other hand, give a delicious flavour.

Knowledge about our target audience:

Primary Target

Geo-demographic factors:

They are all based in Australia and mainly in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. So, reaching out to these people would probably be great for business.

Age factors:  The Australian guide to healthy eating shows that people from the age of 18-30 require an essential daily serve of fruit, cereal, yogurt and protein in the form of fibre. Considering this, our product is a great value meal for the given age groups.

Cultural and religious factors: Australia has become an ethnically diverse nation with migration from about 200 countries. So, people have different cultures and beliefs and some of them are strictly vegetarians and decide to religiously follow their values.

Environmental and ethical factors: According to -- Some people are really particular about making specific food choices and they probably want to know where the ingredients used have been sourced from. For such people, vegetarian food comes as a handy option as some people are concerned about cruelty with animals (according to school of health sciences, Deakin University) and the others may be worried about using products from International exports.

Attitude and behaviour: These are the individuals who are more concerned about their health and wellness and they want something which is healthy and tasty at same time. They can be either vegetarians or non-vegetarians. Most of the people want to choose nutritious diet and some others are concerned about their looks as they want to be fit and healthy. In this case as well, our product suits to their food choices.

Income:  People who have income of more than $50,000 can be targeted. According to the research done by Harvard school of public health, health foods are always a bit expensive and so, affordability for this income range will not be a problem.

 Lifestyle: Depending on the lifestyle, a lot of people make their food choices. As the growing trend is to be healthy, more and more people are inclined to make healthier food choices. Also, the young professionals who have limited time for cooking but do not want to eat junk food can be good target consumers for our product.

Gender: We are targeting both males and females. However, our chief target are the females as they are comparatively more health conscious than the males.

Media consumption behaviour: People who are more exposed to online ads and other lifestyle magazines can become the target consumers with our promotions and advertisements.

Secondary Target



City: Sydney and Melbourne

Age: We are targeting people from the age above 50.

Gender: Both males and females.

Income Group: $50,000 and above.

Attitude and behaviour: We are targeting people who are more concerned about their health rather than their looks or physique. These people have a will to stay strong and live longer by eating healthy and avoiding junk food. These people may even be suffering from deficiencies which our nutritious products can definitely make up for. 

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