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Electronic Commerce


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Bachelor of Science (Sri Lanka)

Electronic Commerce


Individual Assignment

Module Co-ordinator: Dr. Matt Glowatz

Student Name: Dinali Niroshika Jayasena

Student Number: 15208910

BSc 19/ Sri Lanka

E- Commerce is a transaction of buying and selling through online. Electronic commerce consists of technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management; internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, e-banking and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web for at least one part of the transaction's life cycle although it may also use other technologies such as e mail.

When an organization turns their online presence into high profitable e commerce venture, an e-commerce web application is a tool that you simply can't ignore. Because of the rapid growth of technology pushed the industries to think about developing an internet centric market and therefore banking sector also must develop e-commerce transaction facilities to their customers. Then the customers can do online banking and through internet they can do other transactions as well. Being able to buy and sell products and services over an electronic system such as a computer network or the internet is the idea behind e-commerce. Online banking is a form of e-commerce transaction made up between business and customer (B2C), where the customer is directly online with the bank's computer via the internet and the transaction is completed electronically in real-time.

The Sri Lankan banking sector is well capitalized, well regulated and fast growing and highly competitive. The Sri Lankan banking sector consists with commercial and non-commercial banks. Competition among these banks is nowadays mostly depends on the technology they use. The customers are always focusing on a quality service during a little time period. E-banking facility is a supportive tool for banks to achieve this objective. Normally there are so many daily transactions in the banks. Such as,

• Savings

• Cash deposits

• Loans

• Issuing credit and debit cards

• Trade services

• Off shore banking services

• Remittance services

• Foreign exchange

Peoples bank is a state owned commercial bank in Sri Lanka. The bank offer both retail and corporate service including online banking and mobile banking. Peoples bank is a well known bank in Sri Lankan banking sector which provides so much of financial services to the nation. As a government owned bank there is much more trustworthiness in financial securities.

Commercial bank of Ceylon is also a well reputed bank in the Sri Lankan banking field. Having set a benchmark in private sector banking in Sri Lanka they have set standards, created an identity and forged an unsurpassable trend. Recognized as trend setter they have maintained their cultural identity while providing a range of products and services. Powered by state of the art technology and driven by a team of highly motivated, dynamic individuals they have become the leader in private banking Sri Lanka.

For the development of these two banks both are engaging with e commerce application called E-banking. Normally nowadays almost an every organization throughout the world has a website. They all have acknowledged that e-commerce plays an important role in every business organization today. E-banking is the future of banking industry; therefore Peoples bank and Commercial bank of Ceylon are also conducting their businesses through e-commerce applications. Online banking is a facility to do banking activities comfort anywhere anytime with accessing through your computer or phone. There are so many advantages of online banking. They are,

• View account information

• Receive e statements with check images

• Bill payment

• Download account activity

• Request stop payment

• Custom account report

• Receive account and debit card alerts through email and text messages

• Send questions and messages through secured bank message center

• Receive loan e statements

• External transfers

Peoples bank and Commercial bank of Ceylon provide facilities to their customers do their online banking through their web sites. Both the websites are having convenient, fast access and security when do online transactions. But when comparing two websites of two banks there can be seen bit differences.

The following discussion is about the comparison between Peoples bank and Commercial bank of Ceylon of their e-commerce application characteristics.

Design and layout

Design and layout of a website is very important when doing activities through online. The website must be visually appealing, polished and professional as its reflecting company's products and services. An attractive website grabs the customer's attention and positive impression.

When comparing peoples bank web site and commercial bank of Ceylon's web site, design and the layout of the web site is better in commercial bank web site. They categorized their products and services very accurate manner and it helps customers find something easily. The color usage is also best when comparing with the peoples bank web site. An appropriate color combination will create a proper mood or tone for the business as well.

The usage of a font style also has to be focus when achieving a good out put on web sites. When Consider these two bank web sites both the web sites are good at font style. Once someone reading the texts it should not be distracted their eyes while reading. So for selecting font style for their web sites is good in both the banks.

Ease of use (Usability)

A critical, but often overlooked component of a successful website is its degree of usability. The web site must be easily read, navigate and understand. Always have to remember that the users of a web site are in a hurry and they don't like to waste their time spending so much of time. Especially customers of online banking moved to online transactions because of the time and because of that it is very important to focus on user friendliness of a web site

Simplicity is a key element to achieve usability of a web site. When considering the web site of Commercial bank of Ceylon, it is simple and well organized than the web site of Peoples bank. Both the web sites are having fast loading web pages and because of that usability increases. Scrolling also has to consider when comparing the usability. There should be a minimal scroll importantly on the first page. This is better in Commercial bank web site than people's bank web site.  

Prominent and logical navigation is another important characteristic that should be on web sites. It means placing the menu items at the top of the site, or above the fold on either side. And also it's very important to limit menu items for little amount. When considering these two web sites both are good at this characteristic.

Online features

The web site must have information that will help the audience make a decision. The web site of Commercial bank is more towards informative and relevant. It will be boring for customers if there text is overwhelming, so this web site could grab their attention by being clear, concise and compelling.

Every component of the Peoples bank's web site is quick and correct. Broken or poorly constructed components will leave the visitors frustrated and disillusioned with the bank. And also they have been responsible to not to create any spelling mistakes and bad grammar.

When considering about the security of using these web sites, clearly there can be seen high security. No one can get the details of the person who logs in.

Customer support is very good at Commercial bank web site and also people's bank web site as both the web site allow customers find any information about products or services that they want and contact details as well.

Mobile and social media integration

Peoples bank has introduced mobile banking to their customers by visiting their web sites to bank anytime, anywhere and through any phone. And also it has “people pay” for making easy to pay their bills. Peoples bank allowed customers to view e statements, print them and save those.

And also mobile banking is available to all online banking customers; there are three options

• A downloadable app

• Mobile web browser banking

• Text message banking

With the downloadable app customer can,

• Get account balances

• View and search transaction history

• Transfer between peoples bank accounts

• Send bill payments

• Check deposits

With the mobile web browser banking customer can,

• Mobile check deposit

With the text message banking customer can,

• Get account balances

• View transaction history

Commercial bank of Ceylon also engages with mobile banking by introducing SMS banking. It helps customers keep track of their finances and a host of other services. And also it has a facility of mobile app. If the customer is an Android or Apple iOS user, they can access “Combank Online Banking” facility conveniently through their device. E-passbook helps customer to get the transactions and balances of their account only by touch their phones.

Furthermore commercial bank has introduced their customers a card less ATM system. Dialog Ez cash customers and Mobitel m cash customers can withdraw cash from Commercial bank card less ATMs.

The “Remittance Card” will bring those who are faraway, closer to you whilst adding more value to the funds sent to Sri Lanka. And also e-exchange facility is there in Commercial bank which is convenient, low cost, online money transfer that is made available through a vast network in over 50 countries worldwide.

In order to gain and sustain competitive advantage organizations in banking sector industry, incorporating with various strategies as discussed above.

• The features of online banking

• The design and layout of the web sites

• Mobile and social media integration

All the above strategies help both the people's bank and commercial bank in achieving competitive advantage over competitors.

Provide high customer support in online applications help customers do their banking activities on time. Through that banks can increase attention towards them and achieve competitive advantage. In order to save time and money people will like to move online transactions. So with the trend banks can achieve competitive advantage through e-commerce applications.

1. What impact has electronic commerce had on your chosen industry sector?

Electronic commerce is nowadays not a new thing and it has spread all over the world and all over the businesses. Sri Lankan banking sector is highly competitive and they should adjust new technology with the trend. Almost all the banking activities are nowadays done by electronically. New technology is already having a profound impact on the banking sector industry both locally and internationally.

With the implementation of automated teller machines (ATMs) people can access to their bank account 24 hours seven days a week. In order to give the best to customers the local banking sector has embarked on massive investments in the development of internet banking products and services. Some of the main advantages of online banking are both the consumer and the bank are,

• Lower transaction costs

• It is very convenient and customer friendly

• Twenty four hour access from anywhere in the world

• Targeting international customers

E-commerce products and services are methods used by banking organizations to carry out their transactions without necessarily coming in to physical contact with their clients. These services include automated teller machines (ATMs), electronic funds transfer (ETF), mobile banking, online banking, and electronic data interchange (EDI) and telecommunication services.

Credit card is one of the few remarkable innovations introduced successfully by banks in the last decades.

1. Outline what you have learned from completing this assignment.

E-commerce is a transaction of buying and selling through online. This assignment is about e-commerce applications that are used in banking sector for achieving competitive advantage. Today's banking field is more competitive and for their survival technology improvement is very much important in grab customer attention. I could learn how banks in Sri Lanka handling E-commerce applications (web sites) and provide a better service to customers through it. This assignment is actually helped me to critically evaluate and understand how much important e-commerce in doing day today banking activities and also helped me to examine the strategies that are used in developing a web site to achieve competitive advantage for their survival.

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