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ISO 9001 Management Review Meeting 2017



In attendance



In attendance


Quality Officer


Line suervisor

Operations Manager

Date, Time, Place:






Conference Room 1




Minute Taker



Documentation review, audit review and analysis, quality and environmental objective performance, analysis and customer feedback review.

Materials To Bring:

• Minutes of previous meeting

• Quality system documentation (QM and procedures).

• All internal and external audit reports.

• Quality record file (inc. customer feedback, evaluation of

 compliance, corrective action log, etc).

Meeting Objective:

Review of the Quality Management Policy system to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The review is to include the assessment of opportunities for improvement and any potential changes to the Quality Manual Sysem, including saflety, quality policy and objectives, and their alignment with business objectives and strategy.

Review Agenda:


Minutes / actions of previous meeting


ISO 9001 Certification Status


Manual, policy and procedures status


Results of internal audits – Trends, audit schedules


Customer feedback

i. Customer complaints

ii. Customer satisfaction assessments

iii. Other external party feedback


Process Performance and product / service conformity


Preventive and corrective action status


 Changes affecting the Quality Management System


Recommendations for improvement


Quality objectives


A.O.B (including key supplier performance)

Next Meeting Decision






Conference Room 1



Minute Taker






1. Minutes/ Actions from previous meeting

A previous Management Review meeting was conducted in October 2106 in line with the requirements of ISO 9001.

The minutes from the previous management review meeting were reviewed and progress noted on all actions. The following actions were noted as requiring further progression and closure:

1. Updated Quality Policy to be signed and put on display and on website.

2. A further satisfaction analysis is to be conducted for 2H 2017.

3. Evaluation of compliance to be reviewed in detail as part of Jan 17 environmental auditing (further evaluation included below).

Open / ongoing actions from previous management review meetings to be revisited  and re-assigned as necessary.

Action: Keith by 05/01/2018

2. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Certification Status

The last external audit was conducted August 2017

This audit identified only 1 minor nonconformity in relation to calibration of measuring equipment.  This was a significant improvement on the previous external audit.

The next audit has been scheduled for January 2018 and this will be an audit of the integration of ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

Subsequent to the ISO 9001 certification, the next ISO 9001 audit has been scheduled for 12/03/2018

This will need to be reviewed from a timing and audit days perspective.

Increased resources to be provided to assist with Certification.  

Staff awareness lectures to be arranged

Possibility of additional surveillance audit to be discussed.

Action: Certification body / Anna (HR) by 20/02/2018

3. Quality and Environmental Policy Manual and Procedures status

The Quality Manual was updated on 22/07/2017 and re-released as a result of completing the internal audit cycle (issue 5). The master hard copy had been re-signed and the soft-copy updated on the internal system.

All existing quality procedures were updated as a result of internal audits.

These have been re-approved and the soft copies on the system updated.

Quality procedures continue to be subjected to ongoing audit and will again be up-issued in the future where necessary.  Quality assistant will supervise all quality related opearions on the production floor ensuring adherence to SOP's.

Old hard copies of outdated documentation are to be accounted for and removed from QM folders across all departments.

‘Right first time' approact to be adopted.

Action: Julie 31/10/2017

3. (cont)

The Quality Policy was rewritten in 07/2017 to include additional requirements. This was reviewed and found to generally meet the requirements of the standards. It was noted however that a copy of the signed policy was not on display in the main office and reception areas. Going forward the policy should also be published on the company web site.

External standard ISO 9001 was reviewed and found to be most recent copy (:2008).

Current manual included ISO 9001 clarification.

Updated Policy to be put on display in main reception area and on website.

Action: by 31/10/2017

Reception to print and display.

Computer dept to upload on the website.

ISO 9001 update table to be provided to company.

Action: OQC by 31/10/2017

4. Results of Internal Audits

The year-end 2017 audit schedule was reviewed and found to have been updated to reflect end status.

A 2018 audit schedule was agreed and this will prioritise operational specific auditing in Q1 09.

Prior to this, a full cycle of quality audits had been completed which included the following outcomes.

Internal Audit Review and analysis

The Internal Systems Audit noted a high compliance level which was used to record compliance with requirements not previously covered in the process audits.

An appropriate level of compliance with the ISO 9001 standard was recorded.

All audit findings are to be logged on a Corrective Action Summary Log. – this requires update to include the more recent audit findings and associated action closure.  

Corrective Action Summary Log to be updated with recent audit findings/action closure.

Action: John by 31/10/2017

5. Customer Feedback

i) Customer complaints …

It was noted in previous meetings that not all significant customer issues were always recorded on the complaints system

Customer feedback (complaints/satisfaction) to be monitored via general surveys as documented below.

ii) Customer Feedback surveys and results

Customer feedback was outsourced and monitiored by a specialist local Company who duly noted our need for a “higher focus on waste management in relation to the environment”.

They also found our Customer communication process and feedback positive.

In addition to the satisfaction monitoring method outlined above, positive customer feedback continues to be logged.

In general, a good level of customer satisfaction continues to be perceived with the service and products provided by the company.

Reminder circulated to all departments regarding the importance of capturing complaints within the management system.

Positive customer feedbacl to continue to be logged within the mamagement system.  

Possiblility for use as customer testomonials on website.

Action: HR Dept by 14/01/18

6. Process Performance and Product / Service Conformity

Key realisation and support processes continue to be noted as:

a.  Enquiry management, order win and contract review.

   b. Waste collection services/material recycling


   c. Staffing levels were reviewed and efforts to  retain key staff discussed.  

The performance of the above processes were deemed to be satisfactory as noted through workforce, customer feedback and internal / external audits

Audit compliance data analysis was conducted for the first 12 audits completed in 2H 2017 / Q1 2017 – details of this are included in section 4 above. Subsequent analysis will be conducted at the end of 2018 and compliance levels compared.

Report to be requested from HR

Audit findings to be reviewed going forward and analysed to ensure continued process compliance and possible improvments.


Action: Ongoing

7. Preventive and Corrective Actions

Internal and Expernal Audits of Quality Reports and Customer Feedback continue to identify Corrective Actions.  

The Corrective Action Summary Log (CASL) which was updated in 2016 has been found to improve compliance and efficiencies during 2017.  The implementation of Corrective Action (CA), Preventative Action (PA) and Possible Improvement (PI) logs was noted to have increased transparency.

CA and PA are captured by Audit and Quality reports and trend analysis reported.

Updates relating to changes in leglislation and/or Regulations worldwide are monitored and issued to all departments via E-mail alert/posters and training workshops.  Documentation of all notifications and training is logged on individual worker file.

Workplace heath and safelty

Customer Feedback continiues to be identified

Generic risk assessments have been documented for each key operational activity, including associated COSHH assessments as required. There is also a plan to produce a work instruction handbook which will include policies and certs etc. This is to be rolled out.

Health & Safety support is also provided through external consultancy.

Increased use of Quality and Feedback reports.

8. Changes Affecting Management System

The scope of the management system is documented and available for review in the manual as follows:

“Materials recycling and associated services”.

Ongoing review

9. Recommend-ations for Improvement

Recommendations for improvement are generally those identified in the manual and / or by internal audit.

Further exploration of mean to improve to be discussed at department level

Department heads to table at individual department meetings.

10. Quality Objectives

Quality objectives, targets and performance.

Performance was rated based on the quality objective and target scale as documented. Results were logged and noted.

No issues arose.  Possibe improvements to be discussed on an ongoing basis.


11. A.O.B


Customer Base

Cyber Security

Dependence on a single supplier for two main ingredients was raised as  a cause for concern.

Reliance on repeat customer orders

Repeat customer orders noted as essential however new markets should be sought to lessen risk of exposure in fluctuation economy.  See also point 6.a

Increase in cyber theft globally was discussed.  System security to be reviewed with Computor Dept

No further business noted – review concluded at 16:45 on 25/10/2017

Review of existing Supplier list.  Investigation of possible new suppliers. Supplier qualification survey to be reviewed and sent to potential contractors.

New customer base to be explored.  Discussions with sale representatives arranged with head of sales/marketing

Action: Daniel 02/11/2107

Review of electronic security/ password generation etc to be undertaken

Action:  Julie, immediate.

Summary of Review Outputs (Ref: Q&EM, 5.6)

• Improvements to the QMS and associated processes

• Required audits – Scheduled and facilitated as per regulation

• Resource needs – Line managers to moniter and report to department heads

• Metrics targets – reviewed and monitored in ine with ISO 9001 and ICH Q10

• Improvements in Customer satisfaction and service delivery – Outsourced satisifaction surveys to be maintained

• New Supplier requirements  - Approach to sourcing and adding new suppliers will be investigated ensuring an appropriate standard of material is ensured.

Next Meeting – 10/2018

Signed: ………………………………………. Signed: ……………………………………………

MD Management Representative

Date: ……………………….. Date: ………………………….

Absent members will be sent a copy of the minutes of this meeting and be given an opportunity to review and comment. Any comments, changes or input from absent members will be incorporated into the final minutes or issued as an addendum

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