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The event will be held in the Hoxton Basement, an underground event space, just outside of the city district of Shoreditch. The event space features two rooms, a large and a small. The large room used to host events such as galleries or a dance space and the smaller room, used as a green room or chill out room for important guests. There are also a range of other small details which relate it to the event we will be holding such as large sliding doors and an disused Victorian lift shaft, we feel this will bring our theme together as it makes the illusion of the event feel realistic.

The décor inside the venue is minimalistic with white washed walls and a hint of industrial feel, with slight hints of exposed brickwork. This allows events to be created easier as there's nothing to take away or change about the venue, it also allows us to hang and project our chosen objects and text to the walls without a great deal of issue.

Event Concept

The Reclamation Capsule Collection launch event is an experience, which allows the consumer to understand the inspiration behind the brand, whilst viewing a futuristic take on the traditional uniform worn whilst mining.

In the larger of the two rooms available at the Hoxton Basement, we aim to engage the audience by limiting the amount of lighting and using the sounds of the mines to create the illusion of being down in the mines. Alongside this the walls will be kept bare with small amounts of information projected onto each wall. Fabric dividers will be hung from the ceiling to divide the room, allowing each model to have their own section without restricting lighting and making the area feel isolated.

In each section of the room, four models will show the clothing in both a still and a working condition. The first male and female will be presenting the clothes in a mining environment, moving items across the room to show how the outfits flow and work to the advantage of hard labour. The second male and female will show how the clothes work in an office environment, allowing the consumers to see how it would look in a board meeting and also sat at a computer. This is done to give the impression that the clothing can be worn in not one but multiple occasions.

Old pieces of mining equipment, such as boots and hard hats will be scattered around the event, in hopes to show where our inspiration came from and how we have developed an already existing and well loved job and experience into something of the future, making it available to teenagers and young adults who are moving into the office job or on the search for a managerial roll.

Key Influencers

When creating an event, one of the most important factors is gaining exposure from multiple medias such as Magazines and Social Media. We have chosen a range of bloggers and journalists, who we feel would be able to promote our brand to a large audience.

Our first blogger, Tommy Lei is an LA based blogger who has worked in the marketing and media business for as long as he can remember. His androgynous and unisex style and clothing have previously caused commotion however; this has since helped him pave the way for his newfound blogging career. (Lei, 2017)

Susanna Lau, best known for her blog, Style Bubble is one of the UK's biggest fashion blogs, being shown in a variety of magazines such as Vogue UK, Vogue Japan, Elle USA and many more. (The Business of Fashion, 2017) She is also well known for her past work as a commissioning editor for Dazed digital. She is now a freelance writer, full time blogger and enjoys going to a range of fashion related events. (Lau, 2017)

Bryan Yambao, also known as ‘Bryanboy', is a Filipino fashion blogger with an incredibly unique sense of style. He has won a plethora of awards for his blog and even has a signature pose which has inspired a photo shoot in a Fendi advertisement. Due to his rise in fame in 2007, Bryan is now front row at all the must have fashion shows such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci and enjoys posting all about the events on his blog. (McCall, 2017)

Laura Cowell also known as ‘KittyCowell' is a freelance Fashion Stylist, Editor and Blogger. When doing her styling work, she is working for clients such as Nike, ASOS, Puma and many more. Alongside her Kitty Cowell blog, she also runs the ‘UK's best unisex blog' called ‘The Unisex Mode' with her friend Jessica, where they talk about the fashion and lifestyle relating to Unisex. (Cowell, 2017)

Invites and Installation

Taking inspiration from the tin lunchboxes taken down the mines by the workers, we decided to create an invitation out of old pieces of tin, which would be slightly rusted, dented and imprinted with the name of who the invite is going to and where the event will be located. Sending out small invitations like this with small amounts of information will keep the invited press intrigued as to what the event will be.

When researching how we could get our brand out there, we took inspiration from furniture designer Faye Toogood's installation for contemporary brand Comme Des Garcon's newest fragrance launch. In which they used sculptures, which are coated in layers of industrial rubber. (Toogood, 2017) From this research we decided to create a plastic mold of a boulder, which will have a tin boxed phone placed inside, like what was used in the mines for communication. The public would then be able to pick up the phone and hear a voice message telling them about Reclamation and where they can get tickets. Above the phone will also be the name of the brand illuminated, to give our brand slight advertising whilst keeping the public unaware of what we are and intrigued enough to pick up the phone.

Event Timescale

When deciding on the details of our event, we made the choice to not open the event during London Fashion Week; this is to keep all eyes on our brand. When most people visit London Fashion Week, they tend to only visit their favourite large designers and often do not have time for new indie or unconventional brands, which is why we decided to hold the event within the 2 weeks before, to give our brand a chance to make a name for itself.

The opening day of our event will be held on the 26th of January, this is when our list of press and social media stars will be invited to see the launch. Our event invitations however, will be sent out on the 10th of November, this is to give our Bloggers and Journalists a chance to reply and reserve transportation and hotels in advance. The event itself will also run 2 days longer, until the 28th to give the rest of the public a chance to visit after picking up their tickets from the use of our installation, allowing not only the press to view but also everyday hard working people.

As stated above we will have two instillations available to the public, one, which will be kept in the capital, and the other, which will travel around the UK going to and from major cities. The moving instillation will only be kept in each city for a maximum amount of 4 days at a time; this will start on the 1st of January and continue until the 21st. The cities chosen to feature out instillation will be Birmingham, York, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Social Media Promotion

As a younger brand, we are aware of the importance that Social Media holds amongst the younger generation. This is why we have created an Instagram account for our brand, where we can post all our mining inspired photography and repost images shared via our hashtag.

As engagement is important when getting your brand heard, we wanted to incorporate the Hashtag ‘ReclamationInstallation' at each installation place. Where our consumers are able to take a picture of or with the piece and post it online, we will pick our favourite images of each city chosen and share them on our page, thus allowing people to become aware of the event and what is happening. Also linked to our social media we will have a website in which everyone will be able to read up on our brand and the history behind it.

Pricing and Where It'll Be Sold

As we felt our clothing is of high quality and is a timeless piece that our consumers would work towards and desire before buying, the price range is between £100 and £400, the lowest being for shirts and the highest for outerwear. This fits alongside our competitors such as Toast, who's price range is between £90 and £400.

Hostem is a concept fashion store, created by James Brown, located in an old factory in Redchurch Street, London. The key to success for the store, is the mixture of both luxury and indie brands, not only do they feature clothing but furniture also. James Brown has previously stated, “Modern luxury is time and experience. You remember an experience more than an item of clothing. We want to create a memory, an emotion.” (Brown, 2014)

We believe as a new brand who focus on the futuristic elements within work wear and the quality of fabrics used, that our brand fit well in the Hostem store, alongside other brands that work in similar ways and aim towards a similar price range as us.

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