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Leadership Development Plan

One of my favorite quotes is “strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” by Albert Einstein. The way I interpret that quote is that making your life be of value will be a success in and of itself. Having values and making them the priority will make you successful. My values are family, integrity, philanthropy compassion and teamwork. 

The thing I value most is my family. When my mom left my family, it fell on me as the oldest to kind of hold things together. My dad was amazing, but he worked in New Hampshire and was gone 4 days a week and I was determined to make things they best they could be for my siblings. I had a really happy childhood and it broke my heart that my youngest siblings didn't have the same. I believe that we are closer than some siblings because we had to bond together and make things happen for ourselves. Although I chose to focus on taking care of my siblings, and working rather than having a family of my own I feel like I wouldn't have it any other way. My nieces and nephews mean the world to me, and I am so lucky to be their auntie.

The important value besides family is Integrity. Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. To me integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on your values rather than on the successes or personal gains you will receive. It's about being honest even when it's difficult. Having integrity encompasses a few different values including trust, respect, authenticity and responsibility. It's the value that we should all hold in the highest regard for in other leaders and in our own personal leadership styles. 

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others. I strive to always help people. That doesn't always have to mean donating money, it can be donating time or resources. I recently offered to work on and website and social media for a local community center because that is something that I can provide that is useful and I would like to share my skills to help others when possible.  To me having integrity also means to be kind. Being kind doesn't take any money, and regardless of whether or not your kindness is well received at first it will alway be remembered.

Compassion is a sympathy for other people's distress and a having a desire to alleviate it. I believe that the world most definitely needs a little more compassion - especially lately. I try to not get too political, however it is evident that collectively as a whole our country is definitely lacking compassion. Taking the time to understand another persons point of view and remember that we are all going through different things is extremely important.

Teamwork is of huge importance in my life. The team that I work with is amazing. We could not do what we do without supporting each other and working together to get things done. Working as a team enhances creativity, increases efficiency, builds trust and teaches conflict resolution. My team is able to divvy up work for our events based on our strengths and work together to create amazing events for our community. 

My personal strengths are my artistic abilities, communication skills, positivity, reliability and commitment. My biggest strength is my artistic ability. I have an eye for certain things in design and photography and I love to create things. I have been an artist of some sort since I was a child. I took art classes from a local artist, and worked on my painting and sculpture skills. As I grew older, my creative outlets changed and I made flyers for my friends bands, and joined a crafting group, later I turned my creativity towards making digital marketing pieces for work and my brothers restaurant.

I think that my communication skills are good, although there are some areas I could use some improvement. I am an empathetic listener, I am articulate and I believe that having an open dialogue is the best way to work through just about anything.

I try to see the positive in every situation no matter how hard it is. And sometimes it is really hard. I tend to take everything to heart, and I hate failing. I know that failing makes you stronger but I really don't like to fail.

Being trustworthy and performing well are important to me, they go hand in hand with reliability. I like being the person people can turn to for help, and I am often the first person that people ask questions of. If I don't know it, I will find an answer.

I am an extremely committed worker I always give my best effort and I take what I do very seriously in that it means a lot to for us to succeed. 

My learning goals are pretty straightforward - to improve and develop. Although I feel my oral communication skills are good, I would like to improve my written communication skills and improve my self confidence. I am a little rusty when it comes to writing papers, etc. as it has been a long time since I have had to do so and I always feel like they are choppy and I am never satisfied with them. As far as my confidence goes, I used to be a lot more confident than I am now. At 41 I am still a work in progress, and I need to relearn how to be the confident woman I know I can be.

Although I have a major, I would also like to develop a career path and learn the skills needed to succeed at it. Up to now, I have always had a job, never really a career and although I love what I do, I am not sure it is what I would like to do forever. Or maybe I should say where I would like to do it forever. I would like explore some other opportunities where I can really use my creative abilities.

Once I figure out my career path, I can expand upon my career goals. For now, my goals biggest goal in this area is to obtain a degree. It will greatly help me to be able to further my career, and will open a lot more doors that are open for me now without a degree. For a long time so many people would tell me “just apply for the job you have so much to offer, who cares if they are asking for a degree”. And as well intentioned as they may have been, without a direct connection to someone, those positions were most definitely out of my reach. Most companies kick out your resume if it doesn't meet certain qualifications and those doors stay closed without ever even opening. I would also like to enhance my skill set by enrolling in creative workshops on Skillshare. While I will get a great sense for digital marketing through classes here at Bay Path, I am forever looking for inspiration online, and trying to expand what I can do. Enrolling in some workshops will help me to expand my creative capabilities.

Work life school integration is probably the hardest for me. I tend to say yes to everything that comes my way leaving little time for me. I would like to find a balance between all of my responsibilities and still have time for things that I want to do. I need to learn how to say no! It is incredibly hard for me to say no to people, I always feel like I am letting them down. I have to learn that it is ok to say no once in awhile. I also need to start looking ahead and scheduling my schoolwork more. This last six weeks were crazy between this class and work. I had a gala, a golf tournament, a motorocycle run plus 6 donor recognition events at work. Trying to coordinate those and work in school work have been tough, I think if I had done a better job of really mapping out my class I could have better managed my time.  Lastly, I would really like to be able to free up some time so that I can volunteer outside of the things I already do for work. I love being with the kids at the community center, but unfortunately there is only so much I can do at the moment with everything I have going on.

Finally my leadership development. The qualities I believe a leader should have are integrity, compassion, they should be an active listener, have empathy and be a problem solver. Three keys to leadership success that I can use most to achieve my goals are effective communication, being reliable and being persistent in trying to reach the goals I set for myself. Oftentimes, I let my goals go in order to help others, and I need to make sure that my goals and needs come first going forward.

My goals are to take advantage of opportunities that come my way - too often I put others before me and give them opportunities before myself. And build my skills as a servant leader. Before this class I didn't know what that was, but I definitely would like to embody all of the characteristics that come with being a servant leader. I am on my way but definitely have some things to work on.    

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