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Pizza Hut is a restaurant which started with two students in Kansas, 1959 opening up a restaurant, a colleague of theirs hinted the pizza idea and they stuck with it, they started selling and contracted an arquitecht to make their restaurant unique and stand out, with a red tiled roof looking like a hat, making it innovative.

A couple of years later they did a franchise and those started blowing up, then after promoting the restaurants on TV and having a recognizable name, then it became an anonymus society before reaching 2000 restaurants and they sold the company to Yum Brands, called Tricon restaurants at the time who would take the brand to a global scale with 14000 restaurants open today. Later being called Yum! Brands.

Nowadays there is too much competition but Pizza hut has an advantage, loyalty from their customers who know what product they're getting. Many competitors like Papa Johns and Domino's pizza were on the rise and at the end of the day the thing keeping pizza hut going was their name and their cheesy crust offered in their pizzas.

Management in pizza hut refers to the agreement of managers of the different restaurants and their subordinates and how they're going to handle sales during that period of time, meeting together discussing previous gatherings and establishing goals to complete; if the managers manage to complete a successful job on time, they will get rewarded with extras or even making them employee of the week and cash back bonuses etc. It needs planning and sticking to the routine that has worked for over 50 years. In-house training is offered to the workers.

The Product offered is loved by almost any and every type of person, offering an array of products like pizza, drinks and desserts, with the outstanding growth it's hard to maintain quality, but what can you expect from fast food?

Customer satisfaction has always been key, since the beginning their objective was to offer pizza like at home away from home, treating the customers like family.

Austria is the next country in Yum's list to expand into, Italy would also be a very good option but kind of harder to compete with their local gastronomy, it would be like opening an ice store in Alaska; so Austria makes more sense. Their neighbour country, Germany has 71 Pizza huts which are sufficiently successful, there is pizza hut in over 100 countries now.

It is a German speaking alpine federation, next to Czech Republic and Germany with a population of over 8 million people; their gastronomy is not necessarily known but their prices for food aren't typically high, so a pizza delivery service would work well, especially an American brand, which is always well recognized in Europe.

For the countries size, Austria has got a very evolved globalized economy, without clear signs of corruption in the country, it's very open to exporting and importing with foreign powers, it makes up 102 percent of Austria's GDP.

Most of the people live in one of the five big cities, which are Vienna, Linz, Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck, these are the cities where we would start opening stores to start serving Austrians and have the famous red hat represent in yet a new country.

It's being run by a Social democratic party with Sebastian Kurz as their federal chancellor, who is expected to be Europe's youngest leader this November when he goes into power.

Austria consists of Criminal, Public and Private law; it has a two-chamber parliamentary system and laws must be passed by the National assembly in order to make a bill become a federal law; They joined Europe in 1995 as a dual chambered constitution.

There is a chance that we dont succeed, because of some law intervening with our routine or the simple fact of Austrians not liking pizza hut,

The Goals we have are to open 3 franchises within the 2 first years, 1 in Vienna, one in Graz and another in Salzburg which are pretty popular cities where we see potential.

It's going to be a challenge since it's a new country, partnering with Uber Eats and other local delivery services apart of having our own Austrian drivers. Then we woudl make it open to the public to open their own franchises around the country.

It is a big famous name, it has to ring a bell to the Austrians, good product, decent quality and delivered to the comfort of your home in a short time. All this is a phone call or a click away.

There are many other food delivery services, why should they buy our product? Why choose the new pizza place instead of their current go-to place? We need to convince them that our product is fresh, crispy and will satisfy their needs.

If it goes well in these initial three cities we should expand onto the other 3 big cities and eventually across all 9 Austrian states; and ideally reach the other European countries without Pizza hut's presence, like Croatia and Italy.

The places that currently serve and deliver pizza in the Austrian capital are just a few local restaurants, some from their Italian neighbours as international competition, but no sign of American competitors like Dominos or Papa Johns.

Opening a location in Vienna testing it out for the first year and see how it does and always having an eye out for threats and possible newcomers, getting the produce from local farmers rather than importing it from the US. Give jobs to locals and offer the first delivery for free.

First we would aim the promotions towards the younger crowds who will know about the restaurant and hope the WoM spreads to the other generations, having the store near Vienna's city centre, like mentioned before giving out flyers to let people know we're new in town and here to stay. A big part of the budget will go to promoting the restaurant just like these big brands that convince us that they are at the top and we should buy from them.

The same menu used in the US would be the menu here too, adding an Austrian pizza, the “Schnitzel” with typical ingredients, sold for the same price as in Germany. Gastronomy in this country is important and they stick to their local recipes, as well as trying out things from around the world, but pizza is a pretty simple thing, unless made otherwise; The Schnitzel is a typical meat plate as well as chocolate cake and some pork dishes for example.

Apart from promoting the name in social media, we can also try and get our name on the public transport, such as on the buses or the metro stops, where we would have someone giving out flyers; even on the radio.

Prices would range between 7-15 Euros depending on the size of the pizza.

The location in Vienna is planned to have a sitting down area for people to go and eat there, offering pickup and delivery of course, depending on the result, the future locations in different cities would maybe only have pickup and delivery to save in rent and maximize profit, unless we notice the people want to sit down at pizza hut.

Employees would be found locally by their franchisor offering guided practice, trained on the city of the restaurant by renting a venue or doing it directly in the restaurant to become pizza hut certified; dressed with the same uniform as the restaurants back in America and always representing the red color and red tiled roof.

Since Austria is a big beer consumer we should partner with local breweries and offer Pizza & Beer; taking advantage of Oktoberfest and doing seasonal deals.

Having an initial budget of 600.000 euros, 100.000 would go towards the marketing, to get the name out there, because what is the point of having your business there if nobody knows you're there.

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