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Alysia Jones


Research Paper

05 October 2017

    Event Planning

Taking a look at the history of Event planning it was never considered a real profession. In the Dreamworks event blog it states event planning has become a very successful service in the industry. There are many ways to prove how much this profession has evolved over time. The baby boomers also had a huge impact on the industry there was plenty of celebrating to be planned for. Event planner are helpful in large businesses because there are things that need to be established in that corporations that the bosses do not have time for. Everyone are planning “over the top first birthday celebrations and amazing sweet sixteens are contributing to the rapid growth in the event planning industry”. Comparing event planing to other areas in that industry event planning is building bigger and better. All the celebrations and ceremonies that are planned are very stressful. Why not schedule a meeting with an event planner, allowing them to take a look at the work that needs to be done.

Having an Education in event planning is the best thing to do to establish a business in the industry. Taking a class in bookkeeping , business administration accounting, and management. Those courses help to maximize the business and how to keep it success. “ Such studies will start you on your way toward developing expertise”. In high school there are certain courses the event planner can take to improve and developing a new and different style. Classes in the areas of home economics, visual art, style and design, fashion, and food service will really help in the long run. Taking those certain classes can help to determine small little ideas as the invitation designs, the attendance attire, and how all the food and hors d'oeuvres will look on the plates setup.

A liberal arts curriculum include social studies  which are is economics,sociology and psychology. Having this understanding of  knowledge will help to become a brainstormer and effective problem solver. “Knowledge of the social sciences can help wedding coordinators understand why brides and grooms can become apoplectic at the very thought of what is suppose to be the happiest day of their lives”. The two things that can give insight into consumers behavior that  inform marketing efforts is economics and sociology. “Colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in event planning or hospitality management that give event planner the training they need to their job efficiently.” No matter if the planner has a degree from a college they should always have experience to show their future clients. An event planner who have three years of management experience they can apply to get their CMP. The CMP mean you are now a Certified Meeting Professional. Having this certain certification can open many doors and many chances for them to grow as an event planner and if the planner decides to own a business it will help the business become successful when they start.

Having those certain skills will really help in the long run. It will help if that person no longer want to be an event planner they can use those skills to do something else they love. They would have great communication skills so talking to people will not be a troublesome task, and having the skills of learning how to work with new people and understanding how to help them in times of need. Also being able to “ negotiate prices with suppliers and carefully manage budgets” this skills with really help in the near future.

When looking or establishing a relationship with a client there are certain traits a business owner should have. They should be creative, imaginative, and organized. The owner should be able to easily get along with so that the client can build a relationship from the time they will be working together. When working the client for the event the planner should be going to every meeting that is scheduled. The planner should be scheduling meeting with the clients and vendors. They should also develop plans, budgets, and schedules for new projects. The planner and client should also be keeping track of what they are ordering online so that everything will be coming in on time and he or she will not be in a rush. The best thing to do is order things a few months in advance. The planner should also monitoring the expense of everything and the the clients budget to make sure they are not going over the budget because they may become very upset about you not checking.

There are a lot of disadvantages of being an event planner. Some of the disadvantage is being pressured by he clients to have everything in on time and wanting everything to look its best. A disadvantage to being an event planner is that everything will not go exactly how they want it to, but as long as they have the patience and willingness to compromise then the party should turn out great at the end of the day. There is also a lot of pressure that the planners have when they first meet the clients. Being an event planner is a “high stressed job” knowing how to work under pressure and working fast enough and thinking fast enough also. The event planner want to make the best impression for the clients hoping they will stay and let them help and also recommend family and friends to the owner. The planner also have to deal with difficult hours of working. Event planners may “days off in the middle of the week or a late start in the morning”. The business owner may not run on any sleep but  three cups of coffee. It is just something they will have to get use to. The owner also has to be very persistent with getting all work done. There are deadlines that have to be meet and if they are not meet in a timely manner the client could become really upset about this. They may feel these are thing the owner should be good at and not struggling with. Many event planner my say that another disadvantage is the job being very unpredictable. They also do not know when or what their monthly income will look like. The planners may not get clients for months at a time. Nobody wants to be struggling on how they will bay their bills. It is always best to make sure you can work in different areas of the industry. Setting up conventions or meeting for a high class business can help to keep money in their pockets. Working with certain people in the industry can make them start to think if that is the best job for them.

There are many advantages to becoming an event planner getting to use creativity to your fullest advantage.An advantage of being an event planner is being able to meet new and different kinds of people, also learning how to work with those types of people in the future. Deciding how you want a certain event to look when planning. Also being able to be your own boss and not having to follow what anyone tells you to do. Not following rules or getting in as much trouble if the planner messes something up. The event planner is their own boss. The planner can also planner around themselves most of the time. When a meeting is going to be what time things are going to be done all different kind of things. It is kind of like getting the best of both world when deciding to become an event planner. The planner can make it different from any other planners ideas because he or she is thinking outside of the box. Another advantage of  being an event planner is when the planner has finished planning an event they have feel the satisfaction of completing something so important to their clients.  There are also plenty of rewards that come to owning a business deciding how and when you will work and when you want to take on another task. The event planner gets to use their mind to become more creative and show how unique they are. When the planner shows their clients how different they are it will help their clientele to grow.  They also get the experience the joyous moments people have together when celebrating a memorable moment. and some personal skills training. Also be sure to have a business background to assist in the writing of a business plan and a marketing plan.  It is also best to get as much training

It is very helpful that when starting a business be sure to have marketing business as you can.  The better you get over time the more successful your business will become. “If you work hard and keep focused you will make it”. Its best to take courses in communication which is public speaking. Taking courses in business which is marketing and computer courses.

The more prepared someone is for their business when deciding to go into the event planning business make sure the owner is not afraid to show the clients all the different things the planner can do. If the person  have never thrown a huge party expect for friends and family then try to throw one for people who do not know them and get their advice on what can be better and what that person did good on. It helps to volunteer in the community to help improve the set of skills you need to make your business prosper. “The best way to explore your aptitude and interest is to jump right in.” Looking into magazines are also a good way to improve your creativity so that the owner has different ideas to show to client. Looking up many ideas can prove to how creative and different the event planner is to the client. Showing how different the event planner is to the clients will have those clients show family and friends, which will grow the clientele. Having a lot of clients will make the business very successful from the same clients coming back to them showing everyone how well the event planner put the party together. Always be sure to throw a great party or event because it will help the business in the long run.

There are certain task involved in operating a consulting business.Event planners must have great communication skills. Event planner also have to be very good at juggle multiple task at the exact same time. Planner may be in the business of planning a wedding or a birthday party but they should also be prepared to use their marketing skills to set up a convention or a meeting. Up to five years of experience in event planning is the most important thing clients look for in a planner. It is also best to know how to budget it helps to client know they can put their trust in you to not go over budget. “Clients want an unique perspective to the design process.” the clients want to see what makes the planner so different from any other planner they could have chosen. Jobs in event planning are not just skills that are easy to learn it is way more than that. It takes a lot to be under a lot of pressure by clients to get things done in a timely manner. As a small business owner they are responsible taking care of own aspects such as office management, accounting, legal, public relation, sales, marketing, and advertising. “Anything that has to be done in order to run a business”. The business owner always has to review all of the contracts. Also should have a long and short term marketing plan. The planner should have pamphlets and business cards that can be handed out while visiting somewhere. An organized portfolio should be put together to show future clients pass work and why they should chose you as their event planner. Also using and website can make it easier for clients to find and look for you. Holding business cards could get lost and they can not contact ina time of need. It also helps the event planer to reach a broader audience not just parents looking to throw a birthday party.

The median annual wage for in an “event planner was 46,840 in may 2015”. Based on the information from the source meeting and event planner that was the highest 10 percent earning more than 82,000. By the hour most event planner charge 50 to 175 dollars. Consultants often charge a fee for a certain percentage. Event planners charge at least ten percent or even twenty percent. For example an “successful,high-end wedding planner who plans forty wedding a year at $25,000 each can gross $150,000 annually”. Most consultants earn about half of that amount. “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, projected that event, meeting and convention planner could see a 10% increase in employment from 2014-2024.”, which means that the industry will continue to get bigger and better as years go on.

There are now more women in the workforce than ever before. Women make up more than half the workforce. They are more involved in wedding and birthday planning more than anything else. Women have better and busier minds that are great for the consulting profession.  The largest percentage of working women are managing the consulting business. Clients are more likely to hire professionals to coordinate their wedding.

The duties of an Event planner of having to go through training, specializing skills, things to do during the event, and things to do before the whole event.  The event planner work closely with their clients to help understand the point of an event and why the the client wants to throw to the event. They help to determine the location and what the budget is for the event. Planner have to seek help from caterers and decorating business. They have to plan meetings and make sure everyone is able to meet at a good time. But the one thing is that the client always has the final say on the location, venue, and time.

During the event there are more duties that have to taken care of. They have to watch who is coming in and out of the door. The event planners also have to be sure the that the correct equipment is coming to the event. The planner is also sure that the event is on time and schedule. When the event is all over they have to make sure gets back everything they came to the event with. So that the clients are not charged a fee for having things missing because the  planner was not paying attention.

Event planner have taken several courses and several training courses before planning their first major event. Event planner have to be well prepared so taking those courses will help to keep them prepared. They want to be sure they are doing the best they can. Taking those training classes can jumpstart their business at being successful with just the first event they plan.

When planning an event there are certain thing that can help to make the process more organized. The first step is to make sure that there are certain objectives that the planner should want to complete as the planning is happening. The event planner should be sure to help the client set a date for the event. It is the best to set a date to be sure that everything will be in on time and ready for the day of the event. They should also help the client decide where the venue will be and how to decorate the venue. Helping the client with venue decorations will show the clients how creative they are. The event planner should also be sure to keep the client in their budget. The client should never go over budget unless they allow it if you ask. If at any point the planner needs help planning the event they should always have team ready to help come up with new and different ideas. If in the certain event that is planned they should be sure to keep in contact with guest speaking so that they do not fill up their schedule on the day you asked them to speak.  Be sure to put all the pictures from the event into a portfolio that can be shown to future clients. Also having a website for easier access will help future clients who are just now seeing the work. Also recording the event is a good idea, because it will help the future clients to get an idea and the vibe of the party, which pictures can not give like a video can.

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