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Competency Mapping in Select Sector in India


In the current competitive world, recruitment in HR process is very difficult to find the skill based person or employee to the organization. Because of changing nature in organization HRM become more critical for their survival. There is lot of need in multi skill people and also it's very difficult to develop multi skilled employee. The role of HR is to find the gap between employee and employer in the organization.  Notably, HR's used competency is the crucial tool to find the gap. This tool helps in fill the gap of employee and employer relationship by the way of assessing the training needs and to improve the performance of the employee.

Today organizations are all talking in terms of competency. When people used to talk about the skill set needs of the organization which means it's all about competitiveness. Competency may take in the form of Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and value. In current trend most of the organizations are realized that proper designed skilled competency model leads to individual and organization performance.

Competencies vary from individual to individual, Job to Job, Department to Department .Each competencies carries different weightage. Competency Mapping rates the employee skills and its helps to improve the core competence which are needed for their career development. In the recent days most of the organization has developed and achieved distinction to become global competitor only by acquiring the skills like Strategic thinking, Teamwork, Problem solving, Decision making, Leadership and Cross functional perspective.

Competency mapping in Indian Industry –Dr.V.K Jain ISSN:2278-9359

Important Assets of the Organization:

In most of the industry the employers are usually looking their employees as great assets to them. Organization are nowadays finding very difficult to retain their talented employee. Especially in the production employees are biggest assets to the companies. When they leave from the organization they taking company knowledge, skill and experience. This is the great loss to the organization. Retaining the best people is essential for the success of a company.

Money may be enough to motivate some employees, but to most employees, being appreciated and respected are just as important. Human capital investment is huge to the organization and that will pay back in increase in productiveness. So organization need to find the skill of employees and what shot of skill they need to complete their task and then they need to give proper training to the employee a well-trained employee base is ultimately a  competitive advantage to the organization.

In most of the time the new hiring fall down the expectation of industry because of fit issues, rather than technical competency model offer a proven method to significantly improving hiring process.

Competency Useful To Organization; How

o To create strategy, vision mission and culture of the organization.

o To generate systematic performance appraisal system and job satisfaction and employee relationship.

o Increase the effective training modules.

o Better understanding of Roles and responsibilities.

o To create action plan.

o Make change management process work more efficiently.

Some of the Research Review about competency in Industry:

Power sector:

- In the power sector the study carried out with a view of measuring the competency level of employees. The competency   assessment focused on six behavioral segments namely, Knowledge, communication, development of people, team orientation, achievement orientation and client orientation. These six competencies were used to the employee development and to find the level of skilled employee and these competencies will help the organization to find the training needs of employees.

- Competency mapping in the power sector helps to identify the talent and skill level of the employees. The power sector being a major industry should be given consideration as it plays a vital role.

- In the power sector has to be measured and identified in order to develop to power sector and enable the employees to develop the talent and skills in the required area.


( COMPETENCY MAPPING OF EMPLOYEES IN THE POWER SECTOR WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO CHENNAI MRS. B. R. CELIA; MR. M. KARTHICK International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Vol.2 Issue 1, January 2012, ISSN 2231 5780)

Education Sector:

- The competency mapping of faculty or departmental/organizational skill gap analysis with the appropriate learning objects is crucial in order to develop the correct learning paths and consequently the appropriate competencies of faculties in educational institutions.

- The knowledge and skills possessed by experts-individuals who are considered to be competence management experts. The ability to reproduce an expert's knowledge allows wide distribution of this expertise available at a reasonable cost.

- The objective of the study is to develop an expert knowledge based system for competence management of the technical educational institutions. the various stages of expert system development are (i) task analysis (ii) knowledge acquisition (iii) prototype development (iv)expansion and refinement and (v) verification and validation.

(A Competency Mapping for Educational Institution:Expert System Approach Pooja Tripathi Int. J. of Computer and Communication Technology, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2010)

Hotel Industry:

- The hotel industry follows the footsteps in the use of competencies in HRM , as this industry is people focused and labor intensive. to explore the competency of the employees in hotel industry as well as qualifications according to hotel divisions: General Management; Marketing & Sales; Rooms Division; F&B; and Cooking. The findings will help hoteliers in the future to understand the job requirements for each department in a hotel.

- Identifying the deficiencies in required competencies of the employees working in the hotel industry and providing suitable suggestions to enhance the same.

- The stud result shows that Most of hotels throw the opportunities to their employees to express their opinions with their boss when in disagreement and the hotels spelled out in detail clearly about job requirements and instruction to their employees.

(Competency Mapping in Hotels with Reference to Jammu Kashmir  Mr.Zulfiqar Murtaza Journal of Exclusive Management Science – March 2015 -Vol 4 Issue 3 - ISSN 2277 – 5684)


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