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Mega Career Fair2017 has been marked as one of the hallmark events in the career industry in Malaysia. The event is categorized under a few compositions which include fairs, expositions, cultural and sporting event. This event has gained an international status and has attracted many participants from different nations. It has become one of the symbolic events for Malaysia and has gained widespread recognition within the tourism marketplace. Therefore, it can be regarded as on-par with some major international events such as Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Songkran Festival in Thailand and Running Bull in Spain.

This event was organized by AIC Exhibition Sendirian Berhad (Aicone Exhibition Private Limited Company). This event was held during 16th to 17th September 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). Being held on the KLCC, Mega Career Fair holds up to a whopping of 4,834m2 square meters in size, with two halls being occupied for the event (Convex Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, 2017).

This event involves many booths, so it is separated into 2compounds. The Left side of the booth is occupied by different companies and another side of the booth is occupied by different universities. The universities that participated in the event do not limit to local universities only, there were world broad renowned universities as well. Mega Career Fair 2017 is Malaysia's only career fair with a commitment to match experienced talents with fantastic job opportunities with specialized pavilions for engineering, technology, accounting and management professionals (Eventbrite, 2017).

Section B: 1. Strength of Mega Career Fair 2017

Mega Career Fair 2017 provides a comfortable environment and setting for visitors as it is held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The Convention Centre is a fine and up-to-date place to conduct the event, taking account into the size of the halls and the grades of the facilities that are used. The ambiance of the event is proper and welcoming as they provide a proper air-conditioned environment with the glazed lightings that do not make people feel dazzled.

One of the strengths of Mega Career Fair 2017 is that they conduct interview resume review that requires the interviewees to have formal attires and resumes in a hardcopy form and a softcopy form in pen drive. Before the candidates undergo for the interview career session in the company, candidates should be obviously understandable with the career and company's objective, vision and mission they are looking for.

 Moreover, Mega Career Fair 2017 conducts Career Tips Seminar in another side corner, where the companies and associations will share their career experience or tips to visitors who attend the event. Besides, a dialogue session with industry leaders is also one of the highlights of programs in the event. Visitors or candidates have an opportunity to meet Mr. Ham, the CEO of Marketing Magazine to have a dialogue and question time whereby they could consult Mr. Ham about his success and what kind of encouragement and advice he would like to give to the fresh graduates to walk into the working industry.

The last event in Mega Career Fair 2017 is “My Lucky Day”. This activity is open to all the visitors which they are able to claim a small gift at My Lucky Day booth. The highest prize is a smart phone. The time for redemption starts on 12pm and during subsequent hours.

Section B: 2. Weakness of Mega Career Fair 2017

There are a lot of advantages in this Mega Career Fair 2017 but in the meantime, there are also disadvantages. The organizer of Mega Career Fair 2017 is lacked experience for the running and welfare of the event. Firstly, the organizer had failed to advertise the event well. The event planning department should contact all the universities to send the emails to the fellow students regarding the news and the information of the event. This is to ensure that the students, who are viewed as the main group of participants, are aware of this event.

 Moreover, in order to participate in Mega Career Fair 2017, the visitors are required to register themselves at a registration booth. Many people would choose not to attend the event to avoid the hassle during the registration process. The main problem would be the long queue involved, thus leading a waste of time for the participants. In light of this, it is viewed that the organizer ought to have a better system of registering, such as an online registration system, to facilitate the registration process.

Section C: Improvement

    We would like to suggest the Mega Career Fair to make improvement on their registration booth due to the issues that we mentioned earlier in weakness. To solve the issues of long queue, the efficient way would be the organizer should create two and above counters for visitors to make their registration in order to meet the satisfaction of service towards the visitors. In addition, we suggest the organizer could put more signboard and advertisement about the carrier fair along the way to the fair so that visitors could find the location easily. During the Mega Career Fair, there are visitors but the number of visitors does not meet to our expectations. On the other hand, the Mega Career Fair can be advertised on newspaper, poster, fliers and email through university or college students to gain more visitors that seek for job.


To conclude, this event could definitely be seen as a platform for fresh graduates to look for opportunities for a job and for students, to create awareness among them so that they are able to have a pre-exposure of the career industry. However, it is evident to note that there are also many flaws in the conduct of the event. The flaws could leave an inauspicious impression for the participants and this could possibly lead to the decreasing numbers of participants during the subsequent year. Despite this, we took on the view that the benefits of Mega Career Fair outweigh the flaws of this event. Therefore, this event should be a long-running event in Malaysia as it could benefit many different people with different qualifications and backgrounds from the society.

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