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A. Company Overview:

  HoyaFECT, LLC. Is a start-up transfection reagent development company based in Washington D.C.

The team of life scientists, has developed a transfection reagent that is more accurate and easy to utilize than  any other current reagent in the market . Succeed on finding a transfection reagent that can met between low toxicity and transfection efficiency. Found the first reagent that can work for all different application for all cell type, no matter what is the culture condition is or the cell type. All together appear to be efficient for it cost . By combining all the attributes in one, different experimental applications can be better understood.

B. Opportunity:

    There is a large market with a need for an easy and fast transfection reagent. Millions of experiment, research and clinical trial are happened each year, and many are delayed due to the problems of technical dealing with cell transfection. Innovating a unique transfection reagent that has the ability to decrease these issue will help scientist improve their mission. Current transfection reagent has a low efficient transfection, high toxicity and limited to the application type, some must have serum, some are not.

C. Competitor:

HoyaFECT, LLC has three competitor A,B and C. competitor B is main competitor since is taking the  highest market share -35%- , their transfection reagent characterized by having a good performance working with a broad range of cells beside taking advantage of their reputation. But their weakness is that their product can't work with DNA, RNA and protein, not that much easy to transfect a cell and efficient as HoyaFECT's product. On the other hand, competitor C, have took 25% of the market share and that because of one factor only, that their reagent can work with difficult to transfect cell. Competitor A have the less threaten attribute.

  Thus, give the team of life scientists at HoyaFECT,the opportunity to market the product as cost effective, since it has all the feature that  can one of the current reagent can provide .As  HoyaFECT's transfection reagent will give an accurate result and will be affordable for lap application without spending too many for several and inaccurate reagent or for shipping fee too.

D.  Market

The global market for transfection reagents is estimated at $1.2 billion USD and it is expected to increase in the next 5 years around $4.2 Billion. This growth appears due to the advancement in the transfection reagent market which is mainly driven by factor such as: increasing of biotechnology application, R&D funding for Pharma and biotech companies, raising demand for genes synthetic and protein therapeutic and many new scientific research initiatives.

The transfection reagent market is subdivided based on product, type and application. Based on product, the market is segmented into reagent and instrument. When based on type, the market is segmented into biochemical, physical, and viral methods. For application use, the transfection reagent market is categorized into biomedical research, protein production and therapeutic delivery.

   HoyaFECT , LLC, plan to use direct marketing strategies to customer through various advertising mediums. A newsletter advertisement will be published weakly on the first page, written in a bold font, provided with a picture of the product to target Biotech Laboratories managers, Scientist & technicians, graduate students, Biopharmaceutical companies, Biotechnology companies, distributors of transfection reagents, Research institutes all will be targeted, as well as using other kind of commercialization.

E. packaging

The company is launching its first efficient transfection reagent that uniquely combined all the attribute in one. A 1ml of reagent will be packaged in a small white and blue box along with a protocol for proper instruction use. Also, the product Will be labeled to explain the expiration date, storage temperature to save the reagent for a long time.

The future appears bright for the development of transfection reagent as a solution for many scientific purposes and for the advancement in the biotech field. The team of life scientists at HoyaFECT's have one goal is to advance the transfection reagent market with a noval reagent to improve the scientific researches by lunching this innovating reagent to the market and target Biotech, biopharmaceutical companies, distributors of transfection reagents. The team of life scientists   future vision included expanding into other ideas to develop novel transfection technology and additional transfection reagents for research institute.

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